Year 4’s reading comprehension

Year 4 have been reading our fabulous cultural novel ‘Grandpa Chatterji’.
I want to test your knowledge year 4!
Let’s see if you can answer these questions by the end of week 5!

1. How is Grandpa Leicester portrayed by Neetu, Sanjay, mum and dad?

2. What questions would you like to ask the writer of the novel?

3. What wow words could you use to describe Grandpa Chatterji?

4. What do you think will happen later in the story?

5. Who is your favourite character?

6. Have you learnt anything new about the Indian culture from reading this book?

10 thoughts on “Year 4’s reading comprehension

  1. I want to know why is Grandpa Chattergi acting so nice to Grandpa Leicester and + he is so mean to everyone in the house or in the intire family? Why is Grandpa Chattergi putting to much trust in Grandpa Leicester?Why is Grandpa Leicester starting to change his problems and mean temper?Finally why is Grandpa Chattergi acting so very cheerful with everyone?

  2. 1.Grandpa Leicester portrayed Sanjay and Neetu bossy and horribly.
    2.How many days did it take to write the entire book?
    3.We can discribe grandpa Leicester kind and nice.
    4.I think Sanjay and neetu will not be scared of grandpa Leicester.
    5.My favourite character is grandpa chatterji because he is kind.
    6.I have learnt what is a bazaar it is a busy place.

  3. 1. Grandpa Leicester is portrayed by Sanjay , Neetu ,mum and dad as mean,horrible and bossy.
    2. How many days did it take the writer to write the entire book?
    3. We could describe Grandpa Chatterji as kind ,grateful and caring.
    4. I think Grandpa Leicester will be a really grateful man just like grandpa Chatterji and Sanjay, Neetu, Mum and Dad will feel really happy.
    5. My favourite character is Neetu because she is very kind and helpful.
    6. I have learnt what a bazaar is. A bazaar is like a place which has lots of shops.

  4. 1.Grandpa Lecister was portrayed by Sanjay, Neetu, Mum and Dad by distracting them.
    2. Why does the writer use said insted of other words than said?
    3. We could describe grandpa chatterji as kind-hearted , good-natured and really caring for everyone.
    4. I think they are going to have a great party with both of the grandpa’s.
    5. My favourite character is grandpa chattiji because he is sometimes funny and always be kind.
    6. I learnt that they eat delicious pakhoude.

  5. 1.) Grandpa Leicester is portrayed to be a very picky, annoying character in Neetu, Sanjay, Mum and Dad’s View.

    2.) Does Grandpa Chatterji have any secrets?

  6. Wow, I loved reading your comments Omio and Bukumi! What is the special name given to the item of clothing Grandpa Chatterji wears on his legs?…I also know he makes a delicious delicacy….what is the name? Is it a) Samosa or b) Pakora.

  7. 1.Grandpa Leicester is portrayed by Neetu,Sanjay,Mum and Dad as fussy.
    2.How much would you rate this book out of five?
    Who is your favourite character out of this story and why?
    Why did you do a story about the Indian culture?
    What was your favourite part in your story?
    3.magical,adventurous,cheerfull,joyful and happy
    4.I think grandpa leicster will come and won’t boss anybody around because he doesn’t know who grandpa chaterji is or grandpa chaterji stays in England forever.
    5.Sanjay because he wants to go to the scariest rides in the fun fair and nobody else does except for grandpa chaterji and he is a chaterbox and he is very exicted once h knew who wad grandpa chaterji
    6.Yes I have learnt that the little taxi’s in english are called rickshaw because I only knew in my launguage

  8. I have countined from 3
    4. I think that Sanjay and Neetu won’t be afraid of grandpa Lecister because they can stay with grandpa Chaterji
    5. My favourite charcter is Sanjay because he likes fast rides like I do
    6. For how much our class has read I haven’t really

  9. 1. They all think he is a very bossy man.Neetu was told how to dress by grandpa Lecister
    2.I would like to ask him If grandpa Chaterji left would Grandpa Lecister leave aswell
    3. Grandpa Chaterji is a gentle old fellow but likes to try everything new

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