Year 5

Hi Year 5, here are the last portfolio pages of the year showing your Literacy, Maths, Science and Topic learning.

I’d just like to say a huge congratulations on a fantastic year. Myself, Mrs Khan, Mrs Mahtani, Miss Redhead, Mrs Kendall and Mr Wilson are so proud of you and we thank you for being an amazing year group.

On a personal note to 5 Red, I’d like to say it’s been a privilege being your TA this year and you’ve made my last year at Broad Heath a memorable one…so thank you!

Good luck in year 6, and your journey after that!

Miss B :)


Summer 2

5 thoughts on “Year 5

  1. I really enjoyed all the thing we have done in summer 2. Thank you for giving us so many practical lessons was all really enjoyed it.

  2. Its been an honour working with Miss Bhandal,Mrs Mahtani,Miss Redhead and Mrs Khan. You’ve taught us new things to help us in the future so thank you, we’ve had lots of fun at the same time, you will always live in my heart.

    In a disscusion text it talks about both sides of the argument not just one. In a persuasive text it only talks about one side. A square number is a number multiplyed by it self.(5×5=25). A cubed number is number multiplyed by itself three times.(2×2×2=8)
    Thank you for a wonderful year

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