Year 5 1960’s challenge

Hi year 5.

Mrs Mahtani and myself hope you all have a fantastic half term.

You have worked so hard on your 1960s project this half term and we hope you enjoyed the 1960’s afternoon. It was great to hear you perform to each other in our Year 5 concert.


We have one final challenge for you to complete.


This afternoon we watched Walt Disney’s Jungle Book, which was created in 1967.

Our final challenge for you is to research how animation has changed since the 1967.



Describe and compare the differences between the 1967 animation of The Jungle Book to Pixar’s Toy Story


jungle book 2toy story


Research how the animated in 1967 and compare to modern animation.



Research and explain the animation process which would have been used in the 1960s.


Have a good half term!

I am looking forward to reading your comments.

Miss Redhead :-)





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  1. Xerography- This is a dry copying process in which black or colour powder sticks to parts of the surface and is electrically charged after being exposed to light from an image of the document to be copied.
    Stereoscopic 3D- A technique that uses two photographs of the same object/image taken at different angles then are viewed together this technique creates an impression of depth and solidity.
    Surround Sound – A technique involving three or more speakers surrounding the viewver/listener to give a realistic sound effect.

  2. In the 1960’s there was alot of animation.The most famous being Walt Disney.In 1961 the animation feature film 101 Dalmation was released this was made using a method called xerography.This method replaced hand inking of each frame. It had a budget of $4,000,000.

    In the 80’s “Abra Cadabra” the first film to be produced in steroscopic 3D.It was 83 minutes long.
    In the 90’s the first fully computer animated film Toy Story was made by Disney Pixar.
    In 2010 Toy Story 3 was the first animated film to be made in 7.1 surround sound.It was awarded for 5 academy awards world-wide.
    To start with animation in 1917 El Apostol was made with cutouts in Argentina.It had 58,000 frames in total.
    In the 1920’s the first cartoon was created with sound.
    In 1930’s colour began being used in cartoons.Throughout the years,animation has improved and developed.

  3. Sliver

    In 1967, all flims used to be black and white. However, the flims that are out now are in colour. During 1967, there used to be a projecter wheel. This projector wheel was used to play flims. When people had turn on the projecter wheel, it was transfered onto the projecter. Modern days we don’t use projecters. In 1967, flims couldn’t be produced in 3D. They could only be seen in 2D. On the other hand, now flims we can watch in 3D and 2D. We can also see some flims in 4D.

    Some flims in 1967 were:
    Mad Monster Party?
    The Gnome Moblie.
    The Gentle Giant.
    Doctor Dolittle
    The Happiest Millonare.
    The Heathens of Kummerow.

    Some flims in 2014 are:
    Rio 2.
    The Nut Job.
    The Lego Movie.
    Mr Peabody & Sherman.
    The Boxtrolls.

  4. The difference is the jungle book looks like a photo and toy story looks real.
    Some more movies from the 1960s are 101 Dalmatians and the parent trap .some of the good animated movies the yellow submarine , jungle book , how the grinch stole christmas , frosty the snowman , Charlie Brown , and asterix .

  5. silver

    the difference is in the 1967 the movies used to be black and white and now they are in coulor. In the 1967 they never used computer technology but now they do. They also used to draw but hear they don’t. in our animation they use celebrity voices and now they make movies in 3d and 2d.

  6. the differences are that the picture from the 1967 is quite dull but the picture from the modern day the people who made actually took loads of care,passion and concentrated on it

  7. The jungle book iswtime 2d but nowdays they make it 3d like the toy story.It makes it look real.they would put the jungle book in the 1960s and toy story in nowtime

    • Silver:

      The 1960’s look real because the diasour is modden the potoa doesn’t have leg’s toys can’t even move .That is because toys are modden and can’t move.The difference between 1960’s and 2014 is that 2014 are a bit and 1960 was to old that time.

  8. Silver:

    The difference between 1960’s and 2014 is that 2014 are a bit different in imagination when making cartoons, toy story was a example.Toy story had talking toys and all sorts of made up things.

    But 1960’s had really exiting cartoons that they still show now because they are amazing,such as:spider man and Tom and Jerry.
    thank you for reading
    have a good half

  9. Gold
    More animations from the 1960’s are:
    January 21 – Goliath II (Disney, United States)
    February 13 – Horse Hare (Warner Bros., United States)
    February 27 – Wild Wild World (United States)
    December 12 – Lighter Than Hare (United States)

    In the 1967 there use to be diffrent animation like spiderman title was different to the title which is written now.


    The jungle book has songs which people have made whereas the toy story’s song has little bit writters.

  10. The 1960’s look real because the diasour is modden the potoa doesn’t have leg’s toys can’t even move .That is because toys are modden and can’t move human can. A between 1960’s and the cartoons.:)

  11. BRONZE
    The different between 1960’s and now are that now you can feel the emotions inside of you.But back in the old time you could bring emotions but they were not strong.The picture is also because they used to have boring pictures and there colour. If you look now it is more colorful and gives a bigger picture in your mind.


  12. The difference between the two is that the toy story one is a cartoon one and the miss and mr patato head have eyes when pateto don’t have eyes.
    The jungle book one has eyes on the bear and still do have eyes on the bears.

    I think the toy story one is not real and the jungle book on is real.

  13. The diffrents between 1960 film is that toy story has no animation
    elsewhere the jungle book is a 2014 film because it animated and humans can walk and bears can

  14. The jungle book would be used in the 1960 because toy story is not an animated film elsewhere toy story is a cartoon film and the 1960
    film make the film real but how do the characters move. The differents between 1960 and 2014 1960 toys cant move or walk but 2014 the jungle book is a cartoon.

  15. Bronze:

    The thing between the olden day film the jingle book and morden days the films more catchy names like toy story and monsters university.there are also many more differences and one is that in the olden day films they used black bold outline for characters and on the other hand we use a black thin line which is so invisible but when we look closer we can see the black outline.


    Back in the days some of the annotated films contain lots of bring pictures at the start but these flims now are so Cathy and interesting when they start to play the movie.Also by looking at the pictures it looks like the morden films take longer because people make the characters look interesting and back in time they must have rushed the films so entertainment never runs low and people are busy with all the movies that have come out.

  16. The different between the 1960s film and film now is that in the 1960s film there were only in one setting.In the 1960s film they didnot use things like clock and toy but we do

  17. The jungle book is a animated film produced
    by Walt disney productions and released
    on October 18th, 1967.The 19th animated
    feature in the Walt disney animated
    classics series, the film is noted
    for being along with the aristocrats
    (1970) the last film project to be
    approved by Walt disney himself,as
    he died in late 1966 before the film was
    Realesed.The film was inspired by
    the stories about the ferel child mowgli
    from the book of the same name by ridyard Kipling.

  18. In 1937, Disney’s innovative first full length animated feature,Snow White and the seven dwarfs was released to critical acclaim and worldwide success. In order to expand and meet the expectations of his audience, Walt saw a need to increase the size of his studio. With profits from Snow White , he made a deposit on 51.Walf was involved with designing aspects studios. The animation building was planned in a lot. Across a small street where inking was made. :D

  19. Bronze – if you compare the differences between the two Disney cartoons jungle book and toy story one of the differences would be that they are both based on different topics. Because as you know that jungle book is about animals and it looks real. But toy story , which is about moving toys looks fake and you can actually tell its fake.
    Silver- the animation films changed and became more better and brighter because the films in the 1960s are all black and white.
    Gold- there are about loads of films made in the 1960s like one hundred and one Dalmatians and more .They have made it better for like about 14 years by using different techniques and texture and they also worked together as a team to succeed and make this extradonary film .

  20. 1960’s animations are different compared to modern animation because modern animation is HD and 1960’s is not. Also the 1960’s animations mouths are not in time with the speaking and the modern animations are.

  21. There are a two more amation flims such as Alakam great and It was i who drew the little man.over the few years anamation has improved and sucseeded.

    • Bronze
      the differences between the 1967 animation of The Jungle Book to Pixar’s Toy Story looks more alive then The Jungle Book.Toy Story is a new create and The Jungle Book is a old way to make a movie.

    • Bronze

      If you look at jungle book you can see pencil lines if you look on toy story the pencil lines are really faint. Also in the jungle book it has used animals you would expect to see in the jungle and in toy story it has used animals you would expect to see in a childs toy box!

  22. The differents between them is that the 1960’s is like looks real because the animals which are monkeys and a tiger but not a bear.The films that are modden cartoons they are not real because a dinasour is not in modden a pootato does not have any legs, toys can’t move and a toy pig can’t move.That is a differents between the 1960’s cartoon and the modden cartoon.Thank you for readin it,have a good half turn miss redhead.

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