Year 5 and 6 Author Visit

Hi Year 5 and 6,

On Tuesday morning, we are so lucky and are having a real children’s author come to visit us!

Her name is Cathy Cassidy and she is actually from Coventry, with some of her books actually talking about growing up in Coventry just like you !

This is a link to her website in case anyone wants to find out more:

After she has a chat with us about being an author, and hopefully giving us a bit of inspiration, she will be selling and signing some of her books. She has very kindly offered us authors discount on her books so if anybody wants to buy a new book and have it signed then bring some money, we are hoping to get authors dicount so prices per book will vary up to £7. We will let you know on Tuesday what time book buying is!

I’ve read most of her books, despite them being for children and they are amazing, so engaging and fun so please bring some money and give one of them a try.

See you on Tuesday,

Miss Starkey :)


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