Year 5 area and perimeter

Good morning Year 5!

This week we have been calculating the area and perimeter of rectilinear composite shapes.

Today we have large scale composite shapes in our year 5 area.

Your challenge is to calculate the area and perimeter of these shapes.

What maths skills will you need?

What methods will you use?

Can you explain how you found the area and perimeter of one of the shapes you investigated?





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  1. You need to use calculating, reasoning, solving and team work skills.
    Formal writen methods and column methods.
    We first drew the shape.We then measured the sides.After that we solved the perimeter.Then we solved the area.We halfed the shape into to areas A and B. You then need to times one horizontal side with a verticle side in area A. Then in area B you do the same. Once you’ve got an answer for area A and area B you add them both together.

    Thank you for reading by key memmoody and ibby

  2. We calulated the perimeter by measuring the different sizes also we used our intelligence advantage.we. Did this by estimating the different sides and add them all together. We used the written method to calculate the area and the perimeter.

    By Tyrese,Armaan,Sana

  3. The skills we used are multiplacation and addition skills.the method we used is the time grid.we found out the perimeter and the area. We could perimeter by adding altogether. We founded the area by timing them altogether. Sara Sophie and Mohammed loan

  4. We need our addition skills and multiplication.
    we used formal writen method
    we started with perimeter first. The perimeter was 512cm then we did the area,the area was 3960cm2
    Amina! Siyaad,amaan

  5. The skills you need is calculating , reading , problem solving.
    We used the multiplication formal method and column addition method.

    We had a composite rectilinear shape and the perimeter was 544cm.We measured all the sides of our shape and added all the sides together with the column addition method.That gave us the perimeter.
    Then we found out the area which was12813cm .We divided the shape into 2 pieces (shape A and shape B).Then we times length by width using the multiplication formal method.Then we used the addition column method .That how we got the area and perimeter.
    By alina,jaspreet and rehan

  6. The skills that we need to use during this is number skill, calculation skils, teamwork skills and measurement skills

    The methods that we used were the adding and timesing method.

    First we separated the shape, then we measured the length of that rectangle and the width, we did this for all of the rectangles. After we timesed the length by width for each rectangle. Finally we added all of the measurements.
    For the perimeter we added all of the lengths and all of the widths together.

  7. The maths skills we used are our measuring,calculation,multiplication and addition skills.
    we used the expanded column and the compact method.We found the perimeter by adding all the measurements together and then adding the total.Then we found the area ,we multiplied length by width and we add the 2 totals together.

  8. The maths skills we will need are, calculation,measuring and observation skills.
    These are the skills that will help us solve the area and the perimeters of the composite shapes.

    We will need the writen multiplication method and the coulunm method.We will need these methods to help us solve the area and the perimeters of composite shapes.

    We found the area by multiplying the sides by each other for example 34 x 21. We found the perimeter by adding all of the sides together.

  9. The maths skills that we will be using is observation and calculation.We will be using the subtract add and times table method.We found the area by splitting the shapes into two and then measuring and timesing the length by width.We found the perimeter by measuring the sides and then adding the sides together.

  10. Our rectilinear composite shape was an add sign.we used our addition skills and multiplication skills.we used a measuring tape to measure the length of the different sides.we then used our multiplication skills to multiply sums such as 39 times 37.we then added all our answers together. Our answer was 6846 cm2.

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