Year 5 Autumn 2 Reading Challenges

Hi Year 5,

This half term  we have been learning about the Victorians in topic.  We would like you to use your inference skills to interpret some pictures of Queen Victoria. Some of you will also need to complete a researching task as part of your reading challenge. ALL RESEARCH MUST BE WRITTEN IN YOUR OWN WORDS! Answer the questions in full and present your information in full sentences.

A starting point for your research:

Firstly, look at these pictures of Queen Victoria:

Autumn 2 Reading Challenge

BRONZE: What can you tell me about Queen Victoria from looking at these images? Look for some other images of her on the internet. What else can you work out about her? What was she like as a Queen?

SILVER: Are these primary or secondary sources of information? What do they tell you about Queen Victoria? Do some additional research into Queen Victoria. What kind of Queen was she? Does this support or disprove what you originally thought from looking at the pictures?

GOLD: Are these pictures primary or secondary sources of information? Does this make them more or less reliable? Why? What kind of Queen was she? Find some more information on Queen Victoria. Does this support or disprove what you originally thought from looking at the pictures? In what way?

69 thoughts on “Year 5 Autumn 2 Reading Challenges

  1. I think victoria was a strict & bossy queen because in the photos she dose not look Happy
    Ithink theese pictures a primary sources if camras were expensive she can get one of them and it was grey so in our days they would most lightly put coulor on :-) victoria looks very bossy and strict
    Luckly dr.Banardo stoped victoria from making us WORK and helping over 1000 peaple his proper full name was dr.Tohmas john banardo he given os a good education and stoped victoria :-)

  2. The Queen Victoria is really strict to her subjects.
    Victoria died on 1905.
    She became queen at the age of 18.
    She was not very kind.
    She looked like she had never ever smiled in her life

  3. It seems to me that she was very strict and boring queen. She was about to give orders and instruction to her staff members. You can tell that Queen Victoria was not warm and friendly. She looks a powerful women and crown and hair style exhibits that she is a disciplined Queen.

    This information is primary source of information as it is based on some old photographs. They tell that Queen Victoria was a strict but fair Queen of her time. After her birth in 1819, she became Queen when she was just 18 years of age in 1837. As per my research, her reign lasted for more than 60 years. In 1877 she became ‘Empress of India’. My research disapprove the facts I assumed from looking her photo. This is because Queen Victoria was happy and lively person, she loved signing, painting and drawing. She also made Britain the most powerful country in the world.

  4. Bronze:

    After observing these two pictures,I realized that they were taken in black and white instead of being painted that’s because a man called Alaxander Wolcott created the camera in 1840.The queen looks serious in my opinion which tells me that she is a queen that does not tolerate bad behaviour in her country.Also,Queen Victoria almost never smile.In my opinion,Queen Victoria is a Despicable Queen and I don’t like her.


    I believe that the pictures are a secondary source of information because the picture was taken in the Victorian era and the picture was put up in the net in the modern times.She is a selfish queen because she cares for her self.I think the bad information about her supports what i originally thought about her because i hate her :(

  5. BRONZE:
    I infer that Queen Victoria was quite boring and didn’t bother about anything.She also wore a few jewellery such as necklaces,earrings and a small crown.And she wore a long onepiece dress.

    Queen Victoria was born on 1819 and died on 1901.

  6. The queen is very clean.She also likes her children and the people to be clean.When she was young her mum wasn’t very rich.Infact she was very poor.

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