Year 5 – Autumn 2 Review

What have you learnt this half term?

How will this support you in real-life?

What has been your favourite activity and why?

How would you rate your progress in this topic?

Can you list any Spanish words and phrases you have learnt and their English translations.

Finally, what else would you like to learn about in your Spanish lessons?

55 thoughts on “Year 5 – Autumn 2 Review

  1. 1)This half term,we have learned how to make a Spanish cafe menu and we’ve learned the names of different vegetables and fruits and phrases.
    2)If I want to go to a restaurant in Spain you can order food if your hungry to order.
    3)When we had to make Spanish numbers whoever makes the number first wins.
    4)I wouldn’t rate my progress in Spanish 3 or 4 out of 5

  2. 1.I have learnt lots of Spanish drinks cake and fruit .

    2.We this will support me in real life by if I go Spain or talk to some one who talk Spanish I would be able to interact with them.

    3. My favourite activity was when we created the menu because I enjoyed using the dictionary to find some Spanish word that I never knew.

    4.i rate my progress 4 because I need to learn a tiny more.

  3. 1)This half term I have learnt how to count properly in Spanish,in Spanish I learnt how to write a menu for a cafe and made a word bank.

    2)This will help me because if I go to Spain and go to a cafe I will know what to order.

    3)My favourite activity was when we learnt how to lay out a cafe menu because we could do it our own way.

    4)I will rate my progress a 7 because I remember lots of things.

    5)the words I learnt was cafe =coffee,te=tea,chocolate caliente=hot choclate,te verde=green tea,zumo=juice,Agra mineral=mineral water.

    You will want to learn about spanishes sports that there good at and then have a go at them.

  4. 1. In the half term, I learnt how to make a Spanish menu, I learnt a variety of food in Spanish and ordered a Spanish comic strip in order.
    2.This will support us in real life because if we go to a Spanish restaurant we will know what the names of foods in spanish so then we will know what to order.
    3.My favourite activity was when we got to make our own Spanish food vocabulary banks because we got use Spanish dictionary to find new flavours of some foods we never new.
    4.I would rate my self a 8 because I learnt lots of new Spanish words for example bocadillo which means a baguette
    Helados which means ice cream.
    5.pastel that means cake te which means tea

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