Year 5 Blue Art Around the World Week – Turgo Bastien

Art Around the World Week – Turgo Bastien

5 Blue have had a creative week during Art Around the World Week! They have explored the work and style of Turgo Bastien, identifying themes and recreating some of his most famous works.

The children experimented with colour, mixing colours to create shades, tints and tones, and suggesting the mood represented by colour. They applied this knowledge to the creation of their own Bastien inspired work, linking symmetry and shape to their designs.

The children looked at the Geography of the Caribbean, how the islands were formed and terrain. We then studied the Windrush Generation, which the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about. We presented a journey in our Art books, showing the significance of this event and the impact on those involved. We also practised our sewing skills to create a toy or cushion inspired by the works of Bastien. 

Have a look at the video below of some of our learning.

What did you enjoy? What is the most important thing you have learnt this week?

6 thoughts on “Year 5 Blue Art Around the World Week – Turgo Bastien

  1. I have enjoyed learning about the Windrush.
    The most important thing was thing was exploring the different thing pencil eg to make the face.

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