Year 5 Cinema Trip

We have some exciting news for year 5! On Wednesday 21st November, Year 5 will be walking to the Sky Dome to watch a film – Jurassic World. This is a special treat- you will not need to pay for this. 

Children will have lunch when we get back to school but they may take a drink and small snack with them if they wish. No fizzy drinks though, thank you.

Children will be wearing normal school uniform and they will not need to bring any money with them.

The Year 5 Team

13 thoughts on “Year 5 Cinema Trip

  1. I am going to scream soooooooooooo much thanks for letting us go to the cinema Iam soooooooooo happy I,m soooooooooo going to scream thanks mrs j.frankish Ijust can,t wait foward to goooooooo whooooooooooooo

  2. I love the cinema but I already watched it but it is ok because you carry on watching the movie and then you will never forget it I,m sooooooooooo happy I feel like I’m going to scream I just can’t wait for the next few days and watch it again Whooooooooo 😜😜😎

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