Year 5 descriptive language challenge

Hi Year 5,

can you use all of your learning this year to describe the picture?

Think about:

Figurative language

Sentence openers

Different sentence structures

Amazing adjectives

Verbs and adverbs

Image result for the piano literacy shed


  1. Happily the old man gifted the lovely ,kind child with a massive long have gift and handed over to his son as quick as a lion the child was surprised that he hah a horse he played and played and stoped and had a break

  2. Gracefully and happily the wrinkled man walked down the hallway as happy as could be with a rectangle,blue and pink box in his arms.Gently he placed the box in his sons arms.

    Suddenly,the little kid opened the box and surprisingly he found a toy which he has wished for his whole life.It is long with a face at one end.It was a hobby horse.Estactily,he played all around the piano,smiling with his cheeks a little wrinkled.

  3. The young boy was overjoyed to be at home on his birthday.Surprised,the boy’s dad had given him a long rectangle box. The box was a bright blue ( His favourite colour). He sat on his knees as the present was given to him it was a wooden horse .He had always wanted one.He said that if he gets a grandchild he would give it to him.

  4. As happy as he could the boy open the gift not knowing what he will get.The grand dad was filled with joy to pass his wooden horse head
    which he got then he was small.The boy clenched his gift wondering what he got.

    • The boy was excited but shocked to find out what was in that present, the man had gifted his horse from his old generation which has been passed on, the smile in the boys face was like an lion happy to see his prey.

  5. The surprised, little boy was down on the floor because his kind, loving father was about to give him a present as large as a broom stick. However this present was way more amazing and fun than a broom stick. His amazing and wonderful father had given him the toy hours that he had wanted for ages.

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