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  1. Happily the old man gifted the lovely ,kind child with a massive long have gift and handed over to his son as quick as a lion the child was surprised that he hah a horse he played and played and stoped and had a break

  2. Gracefully and happily the wrinkled man walked down the hallway as happy as could be with a rectangle,blue and pink box in his arms.Gently he placed the box in his sons arms.

    Suddenly,the little kid opened the box and surprisingly he found a toy which he has wished for his whole life.It is long with a face at one end.It was a hobby horse.Estactily,he played all around the piano,smiling with his cheeks a little wrinkled.

  3. The young boy was overjoyed to be at home on his birthday.Surprised,the boy’s dad had given him a long rectangle box. The box was a bright blue ( His favourite colour). He sat on his knees as the present was given to him it was a wooden horse .He had always wanted one.He said that if he gets a grandchild he would give it to him.

  4. As happy as he could the boy open the gift not knowing what he will get.The grand dad was filled with joy to pass his wooden horse head
    which he got then he was small.The boy clenched his gift wondering what he got.

    • The boy was excited but shocked to find out what was in that present, the man had gifted his horse from his old generation which has been passed on, the smile in the boys face was like an lion happy to see his prey.

  5. The surprised, little boy was down on the floor because his kind, loving father was about to give him a present as large as a broom stick. However this present was way more amazing and fun than a broom stick. His amazing and wonderful father had given him the toy hours that he had wanted for ages.

  6. Happily,the old man gifted the young boy as the boy glanced at the old man with a smile on his face.A bright blue box containing a wonderful toy that the old man had when he was a child.Without hesitation,the little boy opened the present and was delighted.The old man who was as old as dinosaurs was passing it on.This cycle could go on for generations!A wooden horse it was.And the boy’s eyes glistened like a rich blue ocean as the boy stated his final words,
    “Thank you.”.

  7. In hopes that his grandson would like it, he carefully handed the long, narrow gift box into his small hands. The boy was speechless, although he didn’t even know what could possibly be in there. The man smiled and let out a small sigh of relief as soon as he saw his grandson take the toy horse and hop onto it, pretending to be a young cowboy. The little boy enjoyed his gift so much, he thought he would never get off of it. Once he finally got off of the long, wooden toy horse, he jumped up onto the seat his grandfather was sitting on while he was playing the piano.
    Happily, the boy finished the song off with one last note on the piano. Soon after that, they smiled at each other and peacefully carried on with their lives.

  8. the young boy crouched down showing discipline to his farther he was handed the gift carefully wrapped in ribbon and paper he was astonished to find his father giving him a gift he could not believe a single second of his life he was the happiest man on Earth he loved every moment of his life the curiosity every second was the best moment to live.

  9. The young boy sat on the floor has his grandad kindly gave him a present that his father gave him when he was a little boy and the background was dark and they only colours their cloths which were dark blue ,lite blue and brown

  10. Hopefully🙂, his father👨 gave the child 👱a present. Quickly, the child👱 opened the vibrant present to find a lovely wooded horses🐴. Slowly, the boy 👱got on the wooded hoses and he was hop all around his house🏠.

  11. Pationatley the boy was handed the gift by his wonderful father. The boy thought what has he done to deserve this. Curiously the boy took the gift wondering what was inside of it. He was very eager to see what it was, he couldn’t wait any longer so he took the gift and opened it. As he opened the box a beautiful horse popped out. His eyes were in shock the, vibrant box was torn apart by the eager boy. “What a great surprise he though but why was it given to me” His dad happily explained that his father gave this to him when his best friend died and this is what i remembered him by. This present is to show how much I love you. The little boy was very joyful and started hopping around on top of the wonderful horse.

  12. suprisingly , his father gave him a gigantic, exciting gift and he opened it excitingly and it was a perfect toy horsy . he loved it so much that he couldn’t stop playing with it unless his father said so, he even played with it every week and every day.

  13. Passionately,the excited boy was handed a gift from his father .Curiosity filled the air when the boy was eager to open the bright,blue box.Just as the boy opened the box he could feel a pleasant thought coming to him.As he opened the box a small,wooden horse popped out.The little boy was full of joy and started to bounce around with the horse feeling ever so good.When he reached to his father he put the horse down and jumped onto the seat.
    By malaikah

  14. Eventually the young boy had waited so long for this moment as he nealed on the floor gradually holding up his arms towards his father he was all captive inside hoping for what he had been wishing for since then.The dad presented and told him stay strong he carefully unwrapped the present it was drum roll please a wooden horse he started to play on it everyday.

    From Fatima

  15. Excited, receiving, happy, gift. Receiving happily. The boy, who was happy, had received a large, blue box containing a gift.As the boy received the gift, he had been happier than ever.

  16. Amazingly and happily, the little boy recieved a large gift from his family, he couldn’t believe it. Quickly, the boy opened his gift joyfully. Inside the large box there was a brown, wooden horse he skipped and played with his toy horse all day, he loved it.

  17. Once in the dull, busy streets of London in a house there was a boy and his father where sitting on the floor.”Here son, this is for you.”told a man to a little boy.A little boy was shocked to see a present in front lf him.He opended it and saw what he wanted, it was a… hobby horse.
    “Wow, thank you for this father.”Shocked said the boy.

    Ever day, the young boy would play with his hobby hose enjoying it for hiurs abd hours.Like a cheetah going fast every day.

  18. Happily, there loved a little boy his farther who was really kind gave him a large present it had stripe colours all other it in excitement the child wooped in excitement to… He ripped the present his eyes was glued to the present it was a toy horse in his heart he was very amazed he was playing with it for long time

  19. Happily, his father handed the child a massive rectangular present. Slowly,the child opened the vibrant present to find a lovely wooden horse. Quickly, the child got up and started to hop around with it al day long.

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