14 thoughts on “Year 5 Drayton Manor

  1. My favourite ride I went on was the apocolypse.This was my favourite because it went really high and you dropped and when you tried to scream you couldn’t because it was going down so fast.

  2. My favourite ride was the PANDIMONIUM because it went upside down also the Ben 10 ride-you should’ve seen my face . I loved these two rides because they were fun,quick and super fast.

  3. What was my best ride:
    My best ride was the pirate ship and definitely Malestrom it was fantastic and amazing.
    Why did I like it:
    I like the pirate ship goes so high.i sat on the eage it was great fun.i liked male storm because it goes so so so high.it was brilliant.
    When I went on the Ben 10 ride my stomach was tickling me

    Thank you to all the teachers for organising this fabulous trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. The best ride that I went on was this pirate ship that went around and around and it was really high.i liked it because it goes high and it is really fun.

  5. The best ride I went on was Splash Canyon because we bumped into rocks.Thank you to the teachers who organised the trip and thank you Mrs Frankish for giving us the oppurtunity to go to Drayton Manor Theme park.

  6. The best ride I went on was apocalypse and pandemonium.I liked them because they were fast but not that scary.Thank you do letting us go on this amazing trip thank you.When I first went apocalypse I thought it was going to go higher but then it never felt scary.When I went on pandemonium,I opened my eyes all the time but syra felt a lot scared.
    :) :)

  7. My favourite rides are the male storm, pandemonium,buffolo,ben 10, apocalype and the pirate ship. I love the MALE STORM and PANDEMONIUM the best because the pandemonium went upside down and he male storm was spinning fast.the apoclype weren’t scary even though we was standing.The pirate ship was tickling my tummy and the ben 10.

    Thank you

  8. I agree with you Miss Redhead. We had a fantastic day, good behaviour and lots of fun.

    I enjoyed the Splash Canyon because you get wet and Tyrese made me laugh saying he wants to go on the ride and doesn’t want to get wet but at the end when he was soaked he said he wanted to go on it again.

    Great video Miss Redhead and a big thank you to you as you organised this for everyone.

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