Year 5 Engineering Week Evaluation

LO – To evaluate how effective a range of variables were in slowing down falling objects.

Evaluation and reflection are important processes within your investigation. Evaluating your investigation so far will help you to identify positives and areas for improvement.

You must answer the following questions in detail and use full sentences.

What went well during your investigation of different materials yesterday?

What did not go as well as expected?

Which material was the most effective at slowing the falling object and why?

How could you improve your design?

What changes do you need to make to your parachute and why?

What other observations did you make from your investigation that may help you improve your design?

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  1. The things that went well were that the parachute landed safely as we used the materials to create it to land.The thing that did not go very well as we expected was that when we let go it went wrong but when it landed,it landed correctly.The best material for the parachute to slowly fall was the bin bag as the air us more flowing threw the bin bag whereas if it was tissue paper there would be less because there are less wholes and in a bin bag air resistance can go threw the bin bag.We could of put more things on the parachute because it would land slowly but more afectively.We could of added different materials because we would test out different things that would work more affective lay.

  2. well I learnt that the one that had the biggest surface area would get more air resistance so we chose bin bag.Then a few days after that we got to test the parachute and it worked.

  3. we made the parachate and the bin bad to test the the parachte if it landed safeley and our parachute landed safeley with the egg and we time it was good and the we went outside and we floated on the ground and the egg did’nt crack after we went back inside and we need to wite our extention and we need to draw our parachute and we need to lable our pararachte and we need to write our parachute as well then we need to colouring our drawring thenwe need to make our parachute and we need string sellowtape papa and a bax as well then we finish our parachute then it was ready to go

  4. The matierl that was was the Blue Bag because it want to small or to big and it was worked the best !!
    When we tried it was so fun and the egg didnt break so i knew it was better than anyv other .
    Alesha Ahmed.

  5. The material that worked the best was the bin bag as it let in more air resistance which made it fall the slowest meaning the egg landed safely without breaking.
    The averages did not go as well as expected because we worked them out incorrectly.
    The bin bag was the more effective material because it had a bigger surface area letting in more air resistance which slowed down the parachute.
    We could improve our design by making the string a suitable size which isn’t too long or too short.
    We could change our parachute by keeping the shape the same, but making it bigger so there will be more air resistance and less chance of the egg breaking. This could also make the parachute fall even slower.

  6. The thing that went well was the bin bag because it had a bigger surface area meaning that there will be more air resistance so it will fall slower.
    The thing that did not go as expected was the results because we did not add the two 0 to our total witch made it wrong . The best material was the bin bag because it was the longest to fall meaning that more air resistance would enter the parachute a good parachute was is the length the size and the shape. I know this because we wrote down in our books also did a quick sketch of the parachute and the egg inside,we wrote how it was a fair test,wrote the variable,the perdition and the method and also by making the shape bigger and better and we did not tie the string probably.

    By Nana and Hanaan

  7. Our ideal parachute would be a large circle made of paper with a short piece of string. We chose these features because our experiment showed that these would make the egg fall slower therefore it has less chance of breaking. We chose that it should be large because, as our predictions predicted, if the parachute has a larger surface area it would mean that there will be more air resistance which will bring the egg down slower and prevent it from cracking. We chose our parachute to be a circle because if it is then the shape will capture the air resistance and the egg will fall slower giving it less chances of breaking. We will make it from paper because, in our investigation, we found that paper had the best results. This is the same reason we chose the short string. Our investigation could have been more reliable if we had not made it so small and made our parachute even more accurate in size.

    By Mia and Monalisa

  8. Our results show that the paper didn’t let the air in however the plastic bag had more air resistance than the A3 paper
    Lea abdi sadia Muhammedluut

  9. After experimenting many materials we have decided that we are going to use the blue carrier bag and 30cm string as this had more air resistance. Momina, Adam, Siham and Habib

  10. Today we were testing are parachutes but with paper some went good some went bad the paper was bad because it was heavy from Dawson summayah aleem and kamillah

  11. What went well yesterday with our materials yesterday was the material had a big enough surface to catch enough air resistance for the egg to fall nicely we could tell by the times they were sometimes 1.23 or 2.356 so it went really well.

  12. What went well yesterday in our investigation is that all the materials were able to float unlike on Wednesday.However,what didn’t go well is that the parachute kept on breaking and that took away a lot of time from our investigation.The best materials was the new look plastic bag as it slowed down the fall of the egg the most

  13. 1:)with this afternoons investigation we learned that the paper had less air resistance than the plastic bag this is because the paper was flat and had no holes in it so the air could not get into the parachute

  14. The things that went well in our experiment are the times and the averages because they where very accurate . The experiment with the carrier bag didn’t go as well as we planed because the air restraints did open the bag ; it did fall on the ground quite quickly. The materials all had their different times but individually the best possible one was the tissue paper and the normal paper. I think we should use the tissue paper because it opened up fully.
    The paper was the best material because it slowly went on the floor with an average of 0.93. The only thing that could one improved is the egg basket. It must have enough space for it to fall. This will make a good parachute because the egg will be able to fall in a spacious area. I think we can make our parachute bigger so the air resistance will make it open widely and it will fall very slowly.
    From Safiya, Gabi and Bukumi

  15. To conclude my results the material that went well was the green paper because it took a longer time to reach the ground which meant Air resistance reacted on the paper.The long length of string did not go as well as expected because it was too close to the ground and when we let it go no air resistance reacted on the material.we could improve our design by using different types cups and object. The material which was affective at slowing the falling object was the crate paper because the average was 1.72. Also because there was a lot of surface area for it to take long to land.We found out that the circle would be the best shape for our parachute because it was the slowest to get to the ground because there was more surface area.The observation that could improve our parachute was that we could use a short amount of strings because in our results the short string was the best . By Alishba, Ahlam and Isra

  16. 1)Yesterday,during our materials investigation,we did well on timing and keeping the test fair by holding the materials at the same height,although we did find it particularly hard hold the different materials because the materials were really big!

    2)The large paper was very hard to hold and keeping proportion of material was a challenge because,because our parachute was so big,we found it particularly to find the same proportion of a different material because of our first material,which was the bin bag was so big.Also,it was a little challenge of tying the knots at the same length.

    3)The green paper was the most effective material because from our results we could see that the green paper had the slower time out of all the materials and the average was 00:01.9666666667.Also,the fastest parachute was Crate paper because also from our results we could see that the average was 00:01.72.This is the parachute we most struggled on making.

    4)We could have improved by knotting the strings at the same length using measuring equipment so it would be a fair test.Furthermore,all our materials could have already been the same size but again the bin bag was to big,we could have cut it in two so it would be easier to make the other parachutes.

    5)The egg basket was a total nuisance because the egg baskets couldn’t hold the plays ought properly and the parachute was too weak to hold the egg,some parachutes like crate paper.

    6)We saw further observation that the small string is the best because as we could see from our results,it showed that the average was 00:01.77333333333.Also we saw the circular parachute was the best because the average was 00:01.35666666667.So the best parachute will be a circular paper parachute with small strings.

    We also found out that the more bigger the parachute the longer the time it would land.Also,we found out the triangle is the worst shape to use as a parachute as we could see from our results with an average of 00:00.77333333333.Also,the large string was the worst to use as a parachute as we could see from our results with an average of 00:01.13.So,as we could see from our results the worst parachute will be a parachute with long strings ,with a triangular parachute and the material made from bubble wrap.

    The parachute will be circular and the material will be green paper ,the string will be short.We also found out that the more higher the parachute is the more likely the egg will break.Furthermore,our predictions correct expect from the length of string,we thought the long string will be the best.On our final test we are going to add cloth into the cup and put cling film or foil or bubble wrap round the cup.

    We think the circle was the best for the parachute because although we knew in everyday life parachutes are circular because they have lots of surface area and the air resistance comes from all sides.

    The circle parachute was better than the square,triangle and rectangular parachute,we know this because from our data because the circles average had the slowest average out of all the parachutes.
    Our aim is to protect the egg with the parachute.

    By Omio and Syed

  17. Our best material was the paper however very close to it was the plastic bag. The average for the paper was 0.93 milliseconds and the plastic bag was 0.87 milliseconds. During our investigation, we had four different shapes to choose from ; the best was the rectangle with an average of 1.77 seconds. Finally we had to choose the best length of string. The best length of string was the short string.
    The best looking parachute will be a rectilinear shape with paper in a rectangle shape and a short string.

  18. 1) When we made the bin bag parachute it was hard to make however it worked after a few try’s and it worked which was good. The fabric one was a little easier than the bin bag because we only had to cut which was good.

    2). The material that went bad was the fabric it fell fast and the play dough change it shape but whe we made it was very easier to make it .The bin bag was very hard to make it .

    3). The material which was slower was the bin bag because the air got to float in the air .

    4) We can improve by chage the cube net and how we put the the sting straight and not crisiscrosss.

    5) We need a big smooth surface we need the string to be long and to be straight .

  19. The matrial that we used was good to work because it has been takin the air resistance.
    the thing that went bad was the teamwork because we could of made better parasute if we work together

  20. 1)The White bag was the best out of all of the matirelal because it was not too big or too small and also the strings were propley knotted so the parachute was secure.
    2) The strings were really bad for the other ones because they were criss crossed all around the parachute and it was not secure so if we tired the experiment it would’ve failed.
    3)We could of improve our design by not letting the strings in so many knots and not letting it go on cris crossing and not getting the bags go in the way so we are secure.
    4)So we could make another parachute and not letting the strings getting tangled up when we are doing our experiment so we are secure.
    5)We can make the strings not getting tangled and we can make it secure so we can use it in the experiment so it is secure.

    • I agree, you need to ensure that the strings do not tangle. This will help to make your final design more effective. Keep up the good work :)

  21. The tissue paper was stable because it had a large surface area and it caught enough air. It saved the egg and was slow enough because of air resistance.

    The tissue paper had knots in it for the rope. The play dough was too heavy so the rope ripped the tissue paper and fell the second time we tested it. The other materials had no air in it and fell down and play dough was in a unstable condition.

    The effective material was the tissue paper because it saved the egg and had more air resistance. The flat, large surface area caught enough air to go slowly down making sure the egg does not fall.

    I could improve my design by cello taping the rope to the parachute/design.
    I need to change the the egg cup so that the parachute/design does not rip.

    The other observations I saw as that the egg cup holder was not stable and the rope kept on getting tangled with the other rope and falling of. When the egg cup rolled around, the play dough tumbled over and fell down. Some other materials didn’t have any large surface area and couldn’t catch any air.

    From fatimah and well.

    • Well done Fatimah and Weli. You have used some scientific vocabulary in your evaluation. I am hopeful that the improvements will make your parachute more effective at slowing down the falling egg.
      Mrs Kendall :)

  22. The plastic bag went well the most because the surface area was big enough to catch enough air resistance to help the play dough to fall to the ground safely and did not turn into a different shape or fall out of the egg holder.

    What did not go well was the egg holder which was not as strong as expected. Also the tissue paper did not work very well because the tissue was to thin so it ripped from the string when you picked it up and you had to pick it up in a certain way so it did not fall apart or rip.
    The plastic bag was the most affective because it had a big enough surface to catch enough air resistance to help the play dough glide through air slowly and make it land safely and didn’t mould into a different shape or claps into piece

    We could change the amount of string we use and make more protection for the egg so it has more chance of not cracking.

  23. In our investigation we found the carrier bag worked well as it had air resistance and we also had the strings tied in the correct order.

    The egg holder which we used was not as strong as expected to hold the material and the string attached to it. Also it did not hold the play dough and kept on falling out.

    The most effective material at slowing down the falling object was the plastic bag because it had a string to hold
    it up also, it had more air resistance in the plastic bag.

    We could improve our design by adding bubble wrap to it also,we could use tissue paper because that people had tried it yesterday and it actually worked.

    We are going to make a stronger egg holder and change the length of the strings.

    We should of used the bin bag to make the better design for the parchute and it would have a good parchute for dropping the egg and it could be like an actual
    parchute like it goes down slowly.

    Adam and siham.

    • This is a detailed evaluation. You have identified areas for improvement and also the positives.
      I will be interested to see if the cube will hold the play dough more securely. Good luck with modifying your design.
      Mrs Kendall :)

  24. In are experiment we used a plastic bag to make are parachute.This worked well as the carrier bag had more air resistance and the strings were in the correct order.

    We found the bin bag difficult because the strings were in the wrong order, also the shell wasn’t as strong to hold the playdoh.

    The most effective parachute was the carrier bag because it had space for the air resistance to get through.

    We can improve next time by cutting the bin bag so the air resistance can get up the bin bag.

    In my investigation I tryed to cut the bin bag after I had done the investigation.

    • You worked extremely hard on your design yesterday. I am pleased that you have identified areas for improvement. If you work as a team, I am sure you will make an effective parachute.
      Well done for evaluating your design so far.
      Mrs Kendall :)

  25. The Material we used were strong bag because we thought it would get more air in and we were right .
    Something did not go as expected is the cousin and string because they got muddled up and the egg cup got upside down .
    The material that was most affective was the strong bag because it had air resistance and it was open so you could get enough air inside.
    We could inprove our design by using a diffrent egg holder.also we could use salatape to attach the string. the change that we need to change is the egg holder and the length of the string.Also we need to make sure the Strings were in the right places. The observation we seen was that the strings went all over the place and the bag was may be to stronge and the egg holder was not good but we are going to improve the egg holder.
    Habib and Momina

    • You have identified areas for improvement. I agree that the strings needs to be secured in the correct place. It is great that you made this observation and shows you are reflecting and evaluating as a group.
      Mrs Kendall :)

  26. The bin bag parachute kept the playdough in the egg holder.
    Nothing had went wrong during the experiment.
    The bin bag was the most successful during the experiment.
    We could improve this by using a small plastic cup instead of a egg holder.
    We could use a different material for our parachute.
    We could make the parachute bigger so it catches more air.

    • I am pleased you trial investigation was a success. Hopefully, modifying your design, in particular the egg holder, will help to make your parachute more effective.
      Mrs Kendall :)

  27. During our investigation yesterday,we found out that the plastic bag was the best material because it caught the most air and it got more air resistance to help it slow down and land safely.Also,when it landed it didn’t give much damage to the egg.

    We expected the bin bag to go well however,it didn’t and it caused the play dough to get crumple zones. Also,the bin bag didn’t catch much air therefore, it landed
    really quickly.At first we thought the bin bag would be successful but we were wrong.

    The plastic bag was most effective because it caught the most air during our experiment. We think this happened because we did this experiment inside so there wasn’t enough air for the bin bag to catch.

    We could improve this design by having a better egg holder. We think this because the egg box was unstable ,which caused the egg to fall out the box several times.

    The changes we need to give our parachute is a egg holder and the egg supporter ,which is inside the egg supporter.We need this because when the egg lands it has many crumple zones.

    We observed that the strings in our investigation were crisscrosses and not staight up how they were meant to be.

    Humaira and malaeka

    • You have evaluated your trail investigation in detail. I agree that the results would be different if we were to test the final design outside.
      Make sure you secure the strings in the right place when we modify the parachutes.
      Well done.

      Mrs Kendall :)

  28. 1:)The bin bag was the best because it had more air resistance than the bubble wrap because the surface of the bubble wrap was flat.
    2:)what didn’t go well was the egg wouldn’t stay in the egg cup and the string was to thick and kept getting tangled up when we let the parkashoot go.
    3:)The most affective materiel was the bin bag because it had more air resistant this is because the bin bag had the largest surface area.
    4:)we could improve our designs by using cups instead of a egg holder and thinner strings to the design so it is more successful.
    5:)we could change our parachute by making a bigger surface area so the air can come into the parachute.
    6:) The plastic bag was less affective than the bin bag because the bin bag had a larger surface area

    • You have evaluated your design in detail. I am hopeful that you will make the changes and that your final investigation will be a success.

      Mrs Kendall :)

  29. 1) The white bag was the best yesterday because it wasn’t to big or to small it worked just fine.
    2) The strings went out of hand because it went out of hand and it went in cris crosses .
    3)The White bag was more affective then the other matirelals because it wasn’t too big or too small it was perfect just for one egg.
    4)By making the strings go right and also we could’ve cut the bin bag in half so it can catch more air resistance so the experiment is secure.
    5) We could make the pararcuit a better by using a plastic cup because the egg shell was too small .
    6)The different bags because it can help by testing other things in case the other bag goes wrong and it is good to test a different matirelal because you can see what other parachutes are made out of.
    Harris and Alesha.

  30. What went well is that most of the materials we used for that parachutes worked and keep the egg safe.what didn’t go well is that the bin bag didn’t catch any air and for that cause it never slowed down and the crashed.Also the he egg holder did not keep the egg safe as it was too small.After several tests we have confirmed that the most successful material to use for the parachute was the plastic bag as it captured enough air to slow down the fall of the egg and was able to keep the egg th

    • Intact.Therefore the plastic bag was the best material for the parachute.we could’ve of improved our design by instead of using the whole bin bag we could of just cut out a decent sized square from the Bin bag as It will not need to catch as much air to keep the egg protected from crashing.Our crumple zone was the egg holder as it crumpled on impact as it touched the floor.

    • Fantastic. You have identified areas for improvement which will hopefully ensure your final investigation is successful.
      Well done.
      Mrs Kendall :)

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