Year 5 Entrepreneur week

This week, Year 5 have been researching about their chosen famous entrepreneur. They have spent time researching facts about entrepreneurs such as Kobe Bryant, Tony Hawk, Karen Brady and Venus Williams.

Day 1:

Children spent time researching their chosen entrepreneur. This included finding out who they are, how they became famous and what they became famous for.

Children thought of ideas on what it is like to be an entrepreneur. What sort of things does it involve and how an entrepreneur needs to be. They researched about different old and new garden games, creating a mind map to separate their ideas into a Venn diagram. This included thinking about popular garden games and considering social distancing as well.

Day 2:

Continuing with our entrepreneur week, Year 5 have looked into Market research, finding out what it is, why it is important for entrepreneurs and businesses and how we can use it to sell a product or expand a business. Children gathered different opinions and ideas about their games, using Market research to support this. Children carried out their own questionnaires for this.

Day 3:

As part of our entrepreneur week, children created their own games, getting the resources they needed to set up and play their game. They made rule cards and instruction leaflets to help others understand how to play their game correctly and safely.

To end the day, we tested our games. Children went outside to play their games, making sure we were all social distancing. We tested to make sure our games work and that they meet social distancing. Children evaluated their game, thinking about if there is anything they need to change and how they would change it. Overall, we had lots of fun and the children were very energised. It was a great success!

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