Year 5: Friday 3rd: Home Learning: English

Good morning year 5,

You all have 3 tasks on Purple Mash. You need to read the chapter and answer the questions, then complete an additional task.

Haunting of Rose Cottage; first complete the task then on the blog write your comparison of the 2 characters on the blog.

Alien street: complete the task on PM and then write a review of the book in your blog commen.

River running wild: complete your purple mash task then tell us what happened in this chapter in your blog comment.

36 thoughts on “Year 5: Friday 3rd: Home Learning: English

  1. 100/10 My Thoughts About the Story
    I thought the story was very exellent because lucy and her family were aliens and lucy didn’t know that she was a alien. Then she was freinds with Ash that was a alien as well and she said thats why you like doing your clothes and ironing them

    i think the story was great because Lucy did not want to move house and at the end she realises that she is a alien too and she was surprised when they told her.

    • A good recap of the story, Luqman. Well done. Remember to use a capital letter for names and for contractions use an apostrophe for example ‘thats’ should be ‘that’s’.

  2. I have completed the task.
    Cally likes playing with her friends, however ever since they have moved to Rose Cottage, Zeph has avoided making friends. Zeph is also always inside and doing things Cally finds weird, but when it comes to Cally, she’s always somewhere outside the house.

    • What have you sent on email, Abdi? The Purple Mash tasks need to be completed and then you should post your work on the blog. There are 3 tasks you need to complete on the blog. Please complete them Abdi.

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