Year 5 Home Learning 17.06.2021 – PSHE: Achievements

What is achievement? What do you think achievement is to your teachers? What does it mean to you?

This is what we are going to be looking at today.

tASK – Create a pic collage or poster, describe your favourite memory write how you felt and why this was a special time? Write about what you have achieved!

Keep it positive.

Have a look and screen shot from the blogs if you want.

We are going to put these together to make a digital year book for you.

Send your achievements to this sharepoint

45 thoughts on “Year 5 Home Learning 17.06.2021 – PSHE: Achievements

    • Well done Siddra, I bet you found it hard to pick one achievement to celebrate as you have had so many. Please share your top two achievements for this year.

      • My top two? Hmmmm well this is hard as I’ve gotten lots of achievements in year 5 SO FAR but I’d have to say, Number 1 would be being citizen of the week while we were working from home as it made it harder to understand some lessons and become one and Number 2 I would say ….. Having the best year 5 teachers (including 5 blues and 5 whites)

  1. What is achievement?
    Achievement is when you do something right with skill or courage.

    What do teachers think achievement is?
    Teachers say that achievement is when you do something wrong but then get better at it.

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