Year 5 Literacy Homework

Hi Year 5,
During this week of planning and writing of your adventure stories, I want you to be thinking about these questions, as well as sharing your ideas with each other.
What is your villain like? What have they done to cause your adventurers to need to risk their lives?
Who are your adventurers?  Are they typical adventurers? What makes them special?
What problems will your adventurers face on the way to solving the problem?
In the Hobbit, Tolkien says of Bilbo: “well you will see if he gained anything in the end”. What do your adventurers gain out of their adventure? Do all of them benefit or just some?
Have a think and use these questions to help you think through your writing.
Be creative and have fun,
Mrs Mahtani

39 thoughts on “Year 5 Literacy Homework

  1. My villain is cruel and cold-hearted.The villain has killed qso many people in a lifetime and some people want reveng. My adventurous are Tom and Tim.They have special sword .They will come against 6 trolls and one 3 headed dog.Tom and Tim befit.

  2. My villain is scary.My villain is also steals things.The villain has stolen treasure from the house.My adventurers are Zorg,Josh,Cyle.They have a distinctive feature and are strong.The problems they face are falling down a hole and get stuck in a net.

  3. My villain is intimidating, bloodcurdling and hair-raising. The adventurers risk their lives to take revenge on our villain because he has killed the king who everyone liked as he was sympathetic,
    affectionate and philanthropic. My adventurers are Oliver and Victor. They are typical adventurers. They are special because they can turn invisible. When they are journeying they face a problem of fire surrounding them. they learnt whatever you do you get back.

  4. My villain is called scarecrow and he has been killing people and is bombing certain countries.He is on a rampage of killing people and he is very dangerous
    he is been using a strong,powerful weapon to destroy the world but there is a hero called rashford and martial who are going to try to save the world.

  5. My villain is half human and half tiger.He had taken the Queen’s golden trophe.My adventurers were Zane And Cole.No mine are not typical.Zane is special because he has super vision to see where people are.My adventurers will face quick sand which they’ll have to get out of.Another problem is they’ll have to cross a river which is very wide.Cole will now not be homeless and he will live with his brother.

  6. My villain is very mean person he is selfish. The people need to risk there lives because there is hat and that hat provides water without the hat there is a drought so that’s why they need to risk there adventures are going to the swamp of deaf and ever free forest.

  7. My villain is greedy and likes taking stuff from everyone. He has no family and like living in the dark. The villain has took peoples money and gold and he caused lots of trouble killing people and stealing things from them. The adventurous are Hero and William. William betrays Hero. They are typical adventurous because it they don’t kill him he will become the king of the Kingdom and the people in the kingdom don’t want that to happen. The special thing about them is that they have really good weapons and are strong. The problem they will be facing throughout the journey is that they will see a two headed snake whch will block there way. After they kill the villain they will gain and Hero will become king of the kingdom.

  8. Continuing…
    5.My adventurers will face many problem which lead them to risk.They include :
    1.Starvation, Hunger and exhaustion.
    2.Wild beast crawling around the Everast forest at night.
    3.The creaky bridge which might fall in the river any minute
    4.The cursed were the snakes of death live.
    5.And finally the Cave of Doom were Gorge lives.

  9. My villain is called the unknown assassin he is a malicious murder who doesn’t care who you are. the reason why the adventures want to go on the adventure is because the assassin killed max’s parents. My adventures are called Max and Jack. They aren’t typical adventures they are just teenagers. The thing that is special about these two character is that are both good with weapons and really strong. A problem that they face on the journey is that they have to get there horses across the river. The thing have improved on the adventure is there teamwork.

  10. 1)in class I chose a character called Zeus. Zeus lives in America and he is really rich.Zeus has came to England because he had seen the Queens picture with lots of gold. He found this in the newspaper and he traveled to England everyone knows Zeus as a criminal so he dressed up as a old lady so no one will notice it is actually the worlds number one criminal. If you catch Zeus you will achieve £ 5000000000000000000 pound so everyone is trying to look for the sneaky Zeus.Zeus is really selfish and just cares about his self and he begs everyone for lots and lots of money but he is so rich and he still asks for more NAUGHTY ZEUS.

    2)Zeus has risked his life because the Queen wakes up she will notice that her gold has gone so she will send her agents who are Cole and Jay. Cole and Jay are England`s best agents and they will stop Zeus from becoming powerful and rich and we do not want this to happen.Zeus might day so he is risking his life just to be rich and wealthy.

    3)My adventures are special because they have lots of action and it is going to be the worlds best story. they have lots of killing and at the end Jay and Cole kill Zeus so he has died and it has some comedy in to.

  11. My evil villain is called Night girl .My villan is going to steal my money from the bank and make people paying her but if they don’t she kill them .My adventures are mystery man and mystery boy the fight Night girl bad crime.They have different habitats and different special talent.At the end the adventure do gain something and they find themselves the villain Night girl .They will find themselves that they are running out of a path and they will have to swing across.

  12. My villain is a thief called Jacky Killer. Jacky Killer has stolen the princess’s jewellery and ruby that value a lot. The heroe’s names is called Drake and he goes on a quest to kill the thief and bring back the stolen goods. It is a very typical quest because their carriage gets broken on the way and nobody even tells them how he looks like. The princess Elaina and Drake fell in love and Drake needed to help so they risked their lives. My charcters are:princess,Drake and villain. Drake is important because when he was small he donated his kidney. On the way to the journey their carriage breaks down and they do not know how the villain looks like. On this adventure they gain loads because Drake and the princess get married and the village is improved and is better from now on. All of them have Ben benefitted from this quest.

  13. My villains name is Shadowella,she has black hair and pitch black eyes her lips are as black as the night sky,she wears a leather suite with a black leather colar.She has spreader shadows and darkness in voice wood and it is spreading to voice ville so my heroe Blaire has to travel to the mountains were shadowella lives and show her the meaning of darkness and light and how they are a special part of this world and help her realise why she needs to stop the shadows from spreading to the town and her heart birthmark helps her this special power of love and reasoning and that is how she finds out she Is special and she has to face high mountains,thorn bushes,gust of winds and poisonous snakes and she even had to escape from a giant shadow beast shadowella had sent as a trap for her and more time for the shadows and darkness to spread to her beloved town.

  14. My villan is a really horrible man because he killed 9000000 million people bombed 3 countries Sweden,Norway and Ukraine.Bomed a palace and 3 massive schools.
    My vilian is named Hector the horrible he became evi because some people bombed his gold palace.

  15. My villan is cunning and very sly ,all he wants is power an money.Their parents died when they went to battle this man and they want to avenge there death.My adventures are Adam and Hasan who are brothers.They are special because when they were baby’s my villan tried to kill them but he got defeated.The problems my characters will face on their journey are heavy traffic and Adam getting captured.They gained people to like them and they got prized money and weapons .All of my characters gained and got a lot of prizes.

  16. My villan is called hector and my hector is evil he has stolen things all around the world. My villan has stolen the crown and he is trying to steal the mansion next so lighting has to get the crown back from a horrible cave which has 2 annoying dragons who fight a lot and never let anyone into there cave. My adventuress has a scar which kinda makes her a special person and she doesn’t have any super powers but she has karate skills. The problems are that she gets really tired of going and she has cut her leg from a bush and also she has no water so she is really thirsty. They gain a lot of respect. There is only one adventurer and she is benefitted but her friend are really jealous of her so her friend is not benefitted.

  17. In my story my villain is called red blood and he is red , he has red eyes because he is very mean and gruesome and he lives in a dark cave and nobody ever goes inside because it is very smelly. My villain has made a horrid messy by destroying the houses in Africa and my hero and her friends have to defeat the horrid dragon because they always want to save the world so they always get prizes by the presidant . My adventures are my hero Krystal diamond and some of her friends rose and Arthur and they all have special abilities .They are special because they are always saving the day because of there ability . My hero gains a prize because she always helps everyone to be safe in there city.

  18. My villan is herobrine a poor man who was bullied all his life and now he is getting revenge on the people by either harming people or destroying houses.The thing they have done to make the adventures risk their life is that they steal his little sister.My adventurers are young twelve year old children which are not usually adventurers.They are special because they have kneel age of how to craft stuff and protect them self.The problems will be finding the way and beating the villan who isn’t on his own. The only person who gains something is the main character who gets his baby sister back.

  19. My villain is very bad and he wants everyone to die and he wants everything to himself. His name is The Killer . He has potions with him all the time so he can potion people so they can get The Killer what he wants . He has killed over 10,000 people. Everyone is scared about this villain .

    My villain. 😝

  20. My villan’s name is Zoro and he takes a risk of getting arrested.
    To get arrested he kiddnapped a little boy,whose name was Meme.He injects special but illegal medicine into people’s bodies.The people who go on an adventure are the police because they need to capture the scary terrifying villan named Zoro.The adventureses face a life risk of getting kidnapped by a scientist ,who has many more experiments.

  21. My villan is called the evil scientist and he is really mean.he hasn’t really dun something to risk someone’s adventure is a girl called bella and bella turns into an evil monster called wedgie girl.they are special because they ball have powers.bella can’t change the way because she is controlled by the evil scientist.i think that the adventurers will learn a lesson by not listening to strangers and to not do experiments on people they don’t know.

  22. In my story, my villain ‘s name is Dark shadow ande he likes to waste people’s electricity and he uses different types of blade to cut electricity wires.My character were a black hoodie , he has a scar on his forehead and he wears black trousers.Dark Shadow became a villain because someone murdered his Mother and Father . He is causing a lot of trouble , and people are angry for him, wasting other people electricity so they want to find where he is but they don’t know where his secret lair is. Dark Shadow has taken the Kings great,great grandma’s necklace and it has passed on in the family ,which was a valiable necklace. Now Dark Shadow is trying to get in the King’s palace so that Dark Shadow can waste his electricity . The thing which makes Dark Shadow special is that he can do tricks with blades. On the journey , Dark Shadow gets someone who can kill the King and his name is Trayer , Trayer used to help his Mother and Father but then he murdered his own parents . Later on the hero super vision comes and he knows where th King was because he had vision so he rescued the King and the King gave him a reward.

  23. My villain is a wizard,who has a gnarled,twisted face,on which a blue-black beard hangs on. He has a zigzagged,black hat with white,strange writing on it. Also, he always clutches a thick,strong staff with a ball on top. That ball has swirling clouds of black and white in it. In a pouch, tied across his thin robes is an old-looking book embroidered with gold,which has all sorts of weird spells.

    My villain has caused my adventurers to risk their lives,because he stole a precious gem which gave his books more spells,and unfortunately it’s turning everything black and white. If it reaches up to the end of Middle Earth (the place where my adventure story is set) everybody,except the wizard,will turn to black and white figures of stone.

    One of my adventurers is called Brandon. He was an adventurer who had solved many quests and was very famous in his land,but his land was demolished and crushed by the wizard. He doesn’t have any unique features,but he does have some special talents :sword-fighting and balancing.

    My second adventurer is called Cyan. He was a rich person,but now he escaped to the village. Homeless and poor with no family,almost everything he owned was devastated by the wizard. He doesn’t have any unique features,but he does have a special talent of hiding.

    They met many problems including the magical, unbreakable border outside the Magical Forest and the talking,walking fire which asked arduous riddles so you couldn’t get out of the forest. There also were forest trolls to face,who were very strong and of course,they had to defeat the wizard.

    Everyone was benefited,because the wizard couldn’t trouble them,since he was dead.

  24. My villain loves shiny jewles and he steals them from lots of kings and queens. He is tall and all ways dresses in all black. He has killed one of my hero’s mum and dad and her name was Skyker. He has also killed one of my other hero’s brother and her name is Krystle. My hero’s are called Skyler and Krystle. In the past Skyler’s mum and dad died and in Krystle’s past her brother died and they both super hero’s. The hero’s have to go in the woods and they get stuck in sincking mud so they use the vines to swing out. They have to also use they skills to find they way out of the woods because they got lost.

  25. my villan is a teenager and is dark,evil selfish and is careless for other people.he is very greedy.He has stolen pandoras pen and box and he has unleashed it on the city.My adventuers are Super Boy and Super Dog.Yes they are.They have super powers and they include speed,stregnth,flight and ice powers.they will face pandoras demons and shadow warriors of pandora and a powerful totem of pandora canceling their powers.They will gain justice and victory also they will gain new allies.yes they all benifit.

  26. my villan is half dragon and half shark [shagon].
    he has stolen the Queen jewels so she
    sends people to go on a quest to go and find
    the jewels and the reward is 12 million gold
    bricks . in the second week a boy called William
    went on the quest and got the reward

  27. In my story, my villain’s name is Lord Zorg, as he is a menacing half human and lion, blood sucking beast, who has immense powers. He has got two special talents, which are super vision and ultra-high sniffing skills. Also when he gets very angry he glows and all of his skin gets red and he grows into a mighty, powerful lion, since sharp razor teeth begin to appear. Lord Zorg has killed Kang’s mum and dad [One of the adventurers]. Zorg had taken Kang’s great, great grandma’s necklace which had been passed on on the family, as the necklace was very valuable. Kang decides to go on a quest to find that necklace with his friend Oliver the main character in the story, as he is poor. The thing that makes my characters special is that Oliver is strategic and Kang has claw marks on his chest, which glow when he is very angry. On the journey, they would have to face problems, i.e Cave of Doom and the broken bay bridge because in the Cave of Doom there lives a hairy, brown petrifying creature named gorg and the broken bay bridge is very creaky and ancient, which can be quite fragile. At the end of the adventure, Kang will gain his great, great grandma’s necklace and Oliver will gain the experience on going on an adventure and getting some money, as it this is beneficial for the characters.

  28. My villain is a serial killer monster,who is attacking all the lands. Also, my villain is threatening that will kill everyone and nobody will be able to stop him. He is causing a lot of trouble and many people are very frightened and don’t want to leave there homes as they can be attacked at any moment.

    My adventurer is an ordinary young boy who’s parents were killed by the serial killer monster. His name is Dan Strong and he wants to go on this adventure be use he wants revenge for what happened to his parents.

    My adventurers will approach forests that has wild animals and is very dark. Also, they will approach rivers which they will have to swim across.

    In return, the adventurers will gain victory and Dan will receive money,pride and respect for being the main person who helped defeat the monster. Also, because he was the one who planned it all.

  29. My villain is a mysterious and dangerous spirit and also a maniac. He has killed the parents of my heroes and destroyed their mansion in an enormous fire. During the fire, their parents rushed them into a secret tunnel and gave them a mysterious crystal. My heroes are twins called Orion and Mabel who, after their home was destroyed and their parents were killed, lived with their uncle ( who runs a gift shop) in his home. They come from a rich background and none of them have any powers or weapons although Mabel has a grappling hook and Orion has the unique feature of the constellation Orion on his arm from which he was named. The problems my heroes face are that flying scanners are all over the place that turn people to stone and a storm that seems impossible to pass. My adventurers gain freedom from the villain’s rule and their parents come back alive. They rebuild their home using their riches and their uncle comes to live with them. Then they all live happily ever after and celebrate.😃😃😃👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🍾🍾🍾🏡🏡🏡💷💷💷💷💎💎💎🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊

  30. My villian is very fat and goofy he doesn’t like children so he pre dents to sell I ce creams them he kidnaps the children.this characters name is John napper he got his second name from what he does but his real name is John smith. This man has kidnapped thousands of children . He does this because when he was small he use to get bullied because he was fat and ugly so he didn’t like those children so as he grew older he started hating children and he wanted to get revenge on the people who bullied him so he started kidnapping.

  31. My villain is called Hiroshama and he is very greedy because although he acts like the King broadcasting himself everywhere he still wants to be known as the King of Japan .Also,he has the force to turn everything black and white.Hiroshama is of average height and has a skinny frame and uses very bright colours to intimidate his enemies.Also,Hiroshama is very selfish because he makes his clothes bright when he doesn’t let others have the joy of having bright clothes.Hiroshama views murder as a sport and does not hesitate to toy with his food (humans before eating them).His twisted logic is undeniable and he does not desire money because he desires the power of Tokyo.Hiroshama’s secret weapon is intelligence and often calls himself the valiant hero of Tokyo.

    Hiroshama has killed all PC Ying Yang’s family when he was a toddler and captured PC Ying Yang to become a warrior.The men who killed his family were called the “Hiroshaman crew”.PC Ying Yang was trained by Hiroshama to become a warrior and Hiroshama trained PC Ying Yang as he wanted him to carry on his legacy.But PC Ying Yang escaped and the only legacy he wants to carry on his family’s.Hahn hasn’t been effected by Hiroshama .

    My adventures are Hahn and PC Ying Yang.Hahn is very depressed and thinks he is worthless because he has tried everything positive but nothing would come,he has even tried to sell himself.PC Ying Yang is a valiant hero,who is determined to defeat his worst enemies.PC Ying Yang is very calm and is rebellious no matter what comes at him.

    Hahn is very special because he has a golden eye where he can’t see but this eye can’t shoot lasers and can reverse people into there original form.PC Ying Yang is very organised because he has got everything to plan.

    My adventures will face:
    Warriors who try to kill the using starvation and exhaustion
    The land of sand where they have to face the King of lions
    The beetles cave of doom where they have to kill all the beetles
    The water where they have to destroy an electric shark
    The lonely mountains where they have to kill the greatest sword fighter in Japan

    Hahn will gain family,friends and wealth and everyone will be benefitted because everyone can see in colours for a very long time.PC Ying Yang will get an uprise in salary

  32. My villain is a tornado in the shape of a man,the villain has been terrorising villages until he gets the mystical gauntlets.My adventurers are called Lucio and Ameli.They are not typical adventurers,they are brave,intrepid heroes.They will have a few fights with:Orcs,men-fauns and tigers.They gain by strength and getting their father back.All of them gain.
    P.S:Of course not the villain👿

  33. 1.During my literacy lesson, I thought of a villain called Gorge who was half human and half lion.My villain was a evil, aggressive character who had a hard face structure and hard layers which refers to anger, hatred and violence.Also Gorge has blue eyes which he uses for staring powerfully at people.My villain is never happy meaning he has a bad-tempered and a grumpy character during his life-time.Looking at Gorge, he has a scar across his face in the shape of a arrow and has sharp teeth as sharp as knife.Also he has long ,shaggy hair the colour of yellow.He uses his hair as a secret and unknown disguise.

    2.Gorge has caused a risk and a disaster for the adventurers by stealing the most luminous and precious crown belonging to the king.This event happens at night in the Kings palace.This caused risk for adventures as they might die from thirst or hunger. Another reason it puts the adventurers to risk is that they might get lost or they might meet mythical creatures and beasts.

    3.My adventurers are called John and William . They both come from a rich background who wear and hold swords which reflect from the sun, armour, shield and many more.Both of my adventurers have a positive attitude and are intelligent, strong, confident and many more.

    4.My adventurers are typical as they don’t have anything extraordinary or unusual like magical power.

  34. My villen is like a selfish and gready beause he wants the power to him self.What they have done for the adventurers to risk there lifes is that snagon has stolen a very special object without it the whole village will be destroid.My adventuers are Bell and Bob they aren’t adventurers but they ae royal.Bell and Bob are very special because Bell is the princes and Bob is the captain of the guards.The problem they will face is getting past snagon because he is protecting the special crystal ball.

  35. My vilan is evil wizard which makes him evil.He always tryies to steal the Power If kings life wich Will make him even stronger. He also tryes to kill the Queen because he thinks when she is dead he can steal it easily but he is wrong he doesnt know about the 3 Best friends who always helps the queen.My adventures are three Best friend whi try to cath the wizard and not let him steal the Power from Queen.There adventure is to the Ice Palice in which the Evil wizard lives.Magic makes them Special and that they are the queens soldiers.The problem they Will face Will be the snakes whuch Will be made by the wizard.

  36. In my story my villain is a very powerful warrior who takes revenge on one of the hearts in the story. He is as sly as a snake watching out for his prey. Mira( the villain) has mind controlled Lyod the strongest warrior on the planet. He retrieved his staf which can control anyone, he uses it on Lyod, however he has been training someon named Kai and he has gone to find Lyod on the distant mountain.
    My adventurer is Kai but he meets someone on the way. Mine is quite typical. My hero is special because he can unleash power when he’s angry. He has to go through a quick sand field and a forest full of man eating plants. They gain nothing because the point is that there love there world and will do anything to save it. They be fit by becoming stronger.💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  37. My villain is medeaval because she can move in various ways like she can disappear and she can fly. My villain is half human half snake.The villain has stolen the kings crown which means that dave and lloyd are going to have to risk their lives to go on this adventure. Yes it is a typical adventure because if they don’t go on the adventure gorge the villain will have the power from the crown. The problem that dave and Lloyd will have to face is trying to make sure gorge won’t catch them steeling the crown . Once the characters get the crown they will gain at the front stage a speech that the king will say In front of the whole crowd that these are our role model.

  38. My villain has cat features to embrace his personality . The adventurers are Katniss Everdeen and police officer K.K.
    The problems that they face will be that the police officer is not confident climbing so slipped on a rock. Also, people are through arows towards them and Katniss nerly gets hit in the head with it.It benifits because the hole world was in danger but then Katniss comes and saves everyone from Catador .

  39. my villan is like a scary person wich has killed 10’000 peapole.she has caused a lot of troubel by trying to hurt them and to kill them aswell.the adventures they have been on is a jungle place.they are also tropical adventures to. there once was a girl which wanted evreyone dead.her enermey was this strong looking man.they was all in a jungel full of trees.she wanted evreyone to be killed.

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