Year 5 Literacy Homework

This week we have been learning about recounts and we have been looking at the video of “The Black Hole”.

Watch the video again.

You are going to write a diary entry (which is an informal recount) of this event.

You will CHOOSE whether to write from the perspective of the man OR his boss discovering him in the morning and hearing the story.


  • Introduction – what is the diary entry about?
  • Chronological order – talk through the event as it happened.
  • Clear paragraphs with a topic sentence
  • Past tense and FIRST person.
  • Powerful verbs and adjectives.
  • Facts about the story.

Your work must be at least 3 paragraphs long and should take you AT LEAST 40 minutes. You MUST go back and proof-read your work, checking punctuation, grammar and spelling.


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  1. Dear Diary,
    Something peculiar happened this evening, which left me entirely perplexed. I was all alone, in my office, finishing off the extra work I had to do. Then, unexpectedly, I noticed something unusual. Something beyond the dimensions of this world. I saw, what I believed, was a black hole.

    My tummy started to rumble, so I decided to take a quick visit downstairs to the colossal vending machine not realising that I was still holding that strange paper. The vending machine was filled with chocolates I desired, but I couldn’t buy because I was short of change. The only thing I could afford at this moment was a bottle of water. I picked up the bottle of water, but then it suddenly slipped into a black hole. The black hole left me baffled! I had not seen anything like that in my life. Nevertheless, it gave me a brilliant idea. Something sinuous yet beneficial for me in the short run. I regret my decision, as I am now sitting down, recalling my actions and regretting every move I made that day. Furthermore, what led me to where I am now was pure greediness. Being hungry for more than food, being hungry for money! That day, I made the worst decision of my life by using the black hole which revealed the true me. I wish I could turn back time, but whatever was done that day has been done and cannot be changed…

  2. Dear diary
    You will not belived what happend today well I was printing a letter a boss gave me. Then a black hole appeared out of no where so I put my cup on top of the black hole but then it went through so then I thought I should steal a chocolate bar From the vending machine so I did.

    But then I thought I should steal money from the safe so I sneaked in to the office and put my hand in the safe but then I got sucked in the black hole.The next day the boss came and saw me in the safe so he fired me and also send me to jail. My parents were so disappointed in me that they left me and did not come back to bail me out. So that was my strange day of the black hole I discovered in the printer.

  3. Dear Diary
    let me explain what happened last Tuesday

    At six thirty , I entered my workplace as I normally would . As I switched my computer on, it came to a realization point ; the extreme dirt of which my office had been left in .(WHAT IS HAPPENING? ) I knew for a fact ,I did not leave my office in such a state , SURELY the cleaners wouldn’t of took a day off .

    Perplexed and mystified I decided to explore further into my workplace . Approaching the printers , I stood … amazed , my eyes widened in disbelief, ; over one HUNDRED pieces of paper lay , scattered all over the floor surrounding the printer . It was all starting fit together and was becoming a reality – has someone came into MY workplace ? Fearful and frightened would be the complete wrong words to describe how I felt . Despite being petrified , at the same time, i was intrigued and curious , I wanted to find out the truth , the truth of who had entered MY office and wrecked it .Glaring forwards , a pile of over , what seemed to be , a thousand pounds seemed to be threw onto the floor . I shook my head .ONCE.TWICE . IT was REAL .

    Tilting my body so that I was facing my office, a sudden thump sound hit my ears ! Following this , was a muffled scream , . WHO WAS IT? WAS A WORKER BEING HELD CAPTIVE? FRANTIC and STARTLED , I gazed around hoping to see someone, some sort of living thing ; but nothing was there …

    Once again , I heard the sounds . In an act of emergency, I ran to the toilets (WAS SOMEONE IN THERE ?)I turned to the the vending machine , a path of what appeared to be ,nibbles of chocolate , led me to the vault . I stood bewildered… WHO COULD BE IN THERE ? Shaking like the wobble of jelly , I picked the key and opened the vault … AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH . The co manager of my business (Jamie Thompson) lay , nibbling money .

    Immediately, picked up the phone and dialed 999


  4. Dear Diary,
    I didn’t know what as was that black spot I prited when I nearly finisht my job.I tuk the cup and drank the water,I put it back but sudenly ir fell in the black hole it was so comfjusing.looking at the black hole,I put my hande in the black hole and tuk it out that just was ameizing.

    going to the vetinc machine, I put the blach hole on the glas and got some snikesrs!!! I had a plan and a chiki face looking at the dore. I put the black hole I said”COMON OPEN PLIZ. YES GOT IT!” let me get some money safe I used stiki caip tu put the hole on and so it’s holds. I just went wild to get the mony but then I coudn’t reach the money so I whent insiedbut I got stuk ” HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEE ” I shoted but the boss caim and I was in big masiv truble I GOT FIERD know I nead to fiend a new job thats going to be harde :(

  5. Dear diary,
    Today I found out that one of my co workers that can not be named for legall reasons double crossed me I am, ashamed to say that he he was printing a work sheet and out came a black hole, he ignored it and placed it on his desk then he checked what time it was it was 11:15 he drank the rest of his his drink and threw it onto the sheet, but he realised that his cup had disappeared he was puzzled so he went on 2 knees and stared at it.

    He stood with courage and took a deep breath and put his finger tips

    • Continued
      He jumped back with fright and then he put his hand in then his arm and pulled out his cup he realised he can get to anything now and he looked around he smiled with glee staring at the chocolate bar machine and raced to it (pause I would of stopped him with my heroic fighting skills wwwaaayyyaaa any way back to the story) he placed the paper on the machine and reached out a chocolate bar he munched on it stuffing his face with chocolate he glared at the door that led to the safe.

      He put the paper on the door and unlocked it he quickly went on his knees and put the paper on the safe and reached out some of mmmmmyyyyyy loot (money) he couldn’t reach any more he climbed in but guess what happened the paper fell now you see how greediness can lock you up It is discraceful bbbyyyeee see you tomorrow diary

  6. Dear diary

    Yesterday night at 7pm i was about to finish at the office but something strange happened. I went to collect my print out but the printer stopped working . I kicked the printer and a strange sheet of paper came out which had a black circle on it . I put the paper on my desk and then drank a glass of water , i then put the glass on the paper and it vanished.

    Out of amazement i realised i can put my hand through the paper it was like magic, looking at the vending machine, i put the paper on it an and put my hand through the paper and my hand met with the chocolate bars, i grabbed a couple of mouth watering chocolates which i always wanted to eat.

    I remembered the brown wooden door which had a lock on it and i always used to wonder what was inside. I then put the paper over the door and opened the handle. I noticed a large safe, wandering what could be inside?

    I put the paper across the safe.Suddenly my eyes stayed open for one minute and did not blink .I thought what could be inside, maybe a brilliant art portrait worth £2000.00 ,no it was even better there were notes lots and lots. I took some out but wanted more so i used the paper to get into the safe, i wanted all the money.

    I was dreaming of a new car, house, and lots more. Suddenly something happened , it went all dark, i was trapped inside. What was the best day of my life now turned into a nightmare. I tried to get out but it was impossible. It was dark and scary. I guess i will have to just wait until the morning when the boss gets in and then explain myself . I guess I have the rest of the night to plan my story, i need to make it good or i could be end up in jail.

  7. At 3:15am I came to work seeing everybody working but I heard my employees talking about the copmanys safe where all the moeny is stored.Unfortunately half the moeny was on the floor in front of the safe and a peculiar piece of paper wih a black hole.This was very worrying since that it is the companys funding.

    I ran to the safe room seeing the door open and all the money on the floor. I was suprised when I heard a knocking noise from inside the safe I opend the safe with the code and saw one of my employee inside I was very shocked and find this very weird.He states that the black hole could let him pass through things. He strated by puting the cup on the black hole and it disapeared. It went inside the macine and he took the cup out. He had an idea and stole a snicker from the vending machine using the black hole and he started eating the snicker. While eating the snicker he had an idea of stealing money from the safe using the black hole. He got half the money he got the rest by going into the safe and he got traped beacuse the black hole fell of the safe door and I found him here it servs him RIGHT!!!

    My employee is greedy and poor and can’t be named for legal reasons. I called the police and they arrested him he is now in jail.
    On the other hand when i tried this black hole thing which he told me about nothing happened ‘i find this insulting because my employ was trying to con me of company money with some bizzare story .I am happy now justice will be served .Nevertheless strange story what you think?

  8. Dear Diary

    This diary entry is about my experience in mysterious office with a black hole.

    I was tired last night and working late to finish my work into the night. Unexpectedly I was all alone in my office and I had to photocopy some of my important paper for tomorrow’s meeting. At approximately around 10.00sh, when I was doing photocopy something miraculous happened.

    Whilst I was photocopying I didn’t get what I wanted but instead I got a black hole on a sheet of paper. I really did not care about it so I put it aside. I drank a cup of water and put the cup on the black hole soon as I put the cup on the black hole it vanished. I got curious ‘oh my god’ where the cup went.

    Slowly, I started to put my hand through the black hole then I reached out to find my cup. I picked the black hole continuously and repeated myself and placed my hand through it over and over again. “I thought that this was amazing and outstanding black hole and this can go through anything”. I was amazed and then I went to the vending machine and placed the black hole on it and quickly took a chocolate bar though putting my hand in it. As I was eating my chocolate bar a cheeky grin came on my face.

    Whilst I was eating my chocolate bar I went to the room where my boss had all the money to pay salary to his employees. I then decided to place the black hole on the door of the safe and was thinking about how much money I can have. Then I put the black hole on the safe, I reached out to get all the money out. I think I got greedier and tried to enter the safe through black hole to get all the money out but unfortunately I slipped into the safe and got locked into it. I learned my lesson through this act of mine that ‘wrong deeds ends in a wrong way’.

  9. On Tuesday I had found a paper on the floor so I decided to look inside the safe,Josh was in my safe. I thought I could trust him but I guess I cannot, well I think I should of not let him out anyway because he tried to steal money.I cant believe that he did this to me. I should never trust him again. Also, he did this by purpose.

  10. Late last night at 9.00pm something peculiar and strange happened in my office. I was printing some documents and paper for my boss but the computer was acting up so I decided to press the button several times. A paper with a black hole was printed. I was so stressed. I threw my cup . I just noticed that the cup had disappeared. Where had it gone ? I glared at the black hole wondering if the cup had gone through it.Full of curiosity, /I held the paper and put my hand through it, my heart was pacing fastly.I took out the cup, relieved.
    I looked at the vending machine and sticked the paper on it hoping my idea would work.Stretching quickly trying to get chocolate , I looked around in case anyone would find me.
    Because of this , I sticked the paper on the door were the safe was kept and unlocked it.Full of happiness, I sticked the paper on the safe and started to money.While I was getting the money a smile swept across my face.I could not believe it ! I wanted more money so I went in the safe. The paper fell off. I was trapped ! What was I going to do ?
    I waited and waited until it was morning. I woke up heard a nose. It was my boss. I knocked and knocked until the boss heard me. I was fired.

  11. Dear diary,

    Yesterday evening, I was in the office doing a night shift and I was printing out something when out came a black hole. I placed the black hole to the side not knowing what it was.

    I was so thirsty so I got a glass of water and had a drink.I threw the cup to the side and noticed the cup was not in sight. Looking around I noticed the black hole and lifted it up.

    I put my hand into it thinking nothing will happen but I was wrong. What was happening? My hand went right into it and was frightened but excited at the same time.

    Staring at the sweet machine, I slowly walked towards it and held the black hole against it. Looking around I put my hand into it and pulled out a SNICKERS!

    By this time, I had gone crazy and walked to the locked door, which the safe was in because I knew that if it works on every thing else it would work on the safe.

    When the door was open, I walked into there and looked around searching for the safe. There it was leaning against the wall at the back of the room.I held the black hole up and put my hand into the the safe taking all the money I could get my hands onto but the money had disappeared. Slowly,I crawled into the safe and got locked in.

  12. Dear diary,

    At precisely 8:00, I was the only man in my office working and it was nearly time to go. I wanted to print out some paper for my work. I waited and waited… I pressed the button a few times on the printer and then kicked it so hard that a mystical black hole appeared. I wondered what it was?… I felt so confused…

    Feeling so puzzled, I had a drink of water. I just put the cup of water on the table and had a rest. Suddenly, I heard a strange voice… BUZZZZZZZZZ! I saw that the cup of water had been fallen inside the table by the mysterious black hole. I tried to put my hand through it and it was about to disappear! I felt frightened… All of a sudden, I saw the vending machine. I quickly walked to it and tried to put my hand through and guess what I found?…

    Just then I saw the door to enter the safe room! I quickly ran towards it. Then, I stuck the mysterious hole and picked some money. I continued and continued… Until I found myself trapped inside.

    The following day my boss found me trapped inside.

    OH NO! I think it’s the end of this now!!???…

    From your best mate! Bye!😕😕

  13. On Friday 8:00 pm there was a man printing something after a while a black whole comes out then he puts his drink in his desk then it goes in the blak whole then he puts his hand in side it then takes the drink out then he decides to go to the food machine then he takes a chocolate bar out then after a while he decides to go to the money room he sticks the black whole on the door then puts his hand in side it and opened it and then puts it on the money looker then takes lots of money then he goes in side it then suddenly the blak whole fallen out and then he gets locked
    What could this mean ?

  14. 28th September 2015 9:00 pm
    I was working in the dull office, same old Job same office which is quite boring if y do it everyday. Trying go get though my printing before home time.
    As usual the printer in my dull old boring office wasn’t working until just then…….
    A large black dot appeared on paper. I checked the printer it was fine. I had sip of my water and rested my cup down and suddenly I heard a Noise and my cup was gone?…
    I was puzzled so I touch the black dot on the paper and it was a dot it was a hole. My hand went right though.

    I reached in the black hole on the paper and pulled my cup straight out. I start to explore this this black hole out. I was confused. I was even able to put my hand in the machine and get some chocolate. I was feeling amused.

    Just the I seen the door to the safe door. I stuck the black hole on the safe. I stuck the black hole oh the safe, I was able to get as much money as I like and fell in.
    Arhhn I was locked inh the safe.
    What will my boss think.

  15. Dear diary,
    Last night I was the only one at work.The printer was’nt working so I kicked it and a black hole appeared.I was wondering what it was.

    I was that frustrated I needed a drink.I placed my cup on the surface of the black hole and my cup vanished.I then discovered what goes through goes in.Just at that moment, I turned to see the vending machine so I took a chocolate.

    I turned and saw the safe and decided to steal money.While I was stealing the money the black hole fell and I got trapped in.

  16. At 8pm the man who was doing some paper and it was a black hole he was drinking water and he drop it down the black hole he was going to the mashing he got a snickers after he go to the door he took the money then he got fired.

  17. Dear diary
    At 20:00 Friday evening,I was printing pages of work and the printer stopped working.I was already angry and this lead me to become infuriated.So, I kicked the printer and something unusual happened.
    There,out of the printer,came out a sheet of paper with a black hole.
    I put this to one side whilst drinking my coffee. I put the empty cup onto the sheet of paper and the cup went straight through as if it swallowed the cup.

    I was intrigued at the sight and my mind questioned me if this worked at the vending machine.So I decided to test this out.
    I walked towards candy heaven as I feasted my eyes on SNICKERS.
    My mouth dribbled as I put the paper on the window and slowly grabbed my treat.
    Snickers were in my hands and I brainstormed what else I could steal.
    I soon thought of a brilliant idea.The safe was full of money ready for me to steal.When I finished my snack I got the sheet of paper and stuck it to the door then opened it.I looked to sea if anybody was here then rushed of to the safe and kneel’d down.Then I stuck the sheet to the safe and took the money I just couldn’t stop greed and selfishness took over my body.When I was nearly done I couldn’t reach so I had to go in. Suddenly,the paper fell and I was stuck in.
    A few hours later someone found me and it was my boss…

    I was definitely in trouble :[

  18. Dear diary
    I have to tell you all about today which is mostly bad.

    Today was almost a good day however, the photocopier was acting up again. Paper came out and it gave me a giant black dot. So I took my last sip of water, and I put it on the piece of paper when it mysteriously disappeared. I put my hand obove the black dot then I put my hand through and got my cup back, I realzied that it was black hole.

    So I went towards the vending machine and I put the black hole(which the photocopier printed out) on the machine I put my hand through and I got my favourite chocolate (snickers), that’s when I was curious and the I turned very very gredy.

    Then I opened the door to the safe! I taped the black hole on the safe door and the black hole took over me and I didn’t even think about the consequence s of my actions. I wanted more money when I had most of it I wanted so much more. I reached inside however, my shoe hit the black hole I couldn’t open it and I was stuck there for the rest of the night.
    The next morning the boss heard strange noises from the safe he opened it and found me he wasn’t happy at all. He called the police because I told him I took the money. My sentence is one mouth long because I failed to take the money away.

  19. Dear diary,
    At 8:00 precise Ben did a very wicked act by trying to steal money and stealing chocolate from a vending machine! I shouldn’t have let him out from that safe. Only a selfish and greedy person would have done such a silly thing. I used to think that Ben was a sensible man and could use his so called brain before placing his hand into a black hole. I can’t believe he would do such an unintelligent deed. I don’t think I have any choice but to fire him from my company!

  20. In the morning, when I came to work I went into the keep out room ,and I found money out of the safe.I was so scared and the room was silence there was nothing broken such as the windows and the doors.So I slowly walked forward and suddenly.

    The was a loud of noise coming from the safe like HELP!HELP!. I was so frightened.After a few minutes it was silent.So I thought that it was a sound effect so I went in all the office rooms and saw if there’s sound effects on the ipads but there wasn’t.So I went back in the keep out room and the noise started again I was just so puzzled.Slowly, I opened the safe and inside the safer found…….JOHN!. I was so puzzled because John was my favourite student working.So I fired him.

  21. In the morning, I came into my office, as usual. But today was everything but the usual, I saw a pile of money stacked before me. “What is going on?” I thought. The room was in extreme silence, nothing could be heard. I stood still, feeling puzzled. I was walking round, curiously looking at the pile of money, thinking why? how? when? No lock was broken, no windows were smashed.

    All of a sudden the silence was broken, out of no where I could hear a banging sound! “What was that?” I began to stutter. I turned my head around, it was coming from the safe. I shouted at it “who’s there?” I felt like my heart was racing around the world. I carefully opened the safe and I saw one of the employee’s, Larry. I was shocked. I couldn’t stop questioning him, What are you doing in there?, I kept repeating as I rang the police. Eventually I gave him a chance to talk and he began to tell me everything. The police arrived within 5, 10 minutes. I told them what had happened and where I found Larry. They were in disbelief with the story too. Saying that even they had never heard such a thing. They took him away. All the money was returned back into the safe and the rest of the day at work was usual…. But the thought of what happened and what Larry was saying that had happened hung over my head. Nevertheless was it true? Surely not! I sat alone at my desk throughout the day thinking to myself could that of happened, could the photocopier print such a thing….

    In all my life I have never heard something like this. I still can’t believe what had happened could one of my best employee’s, one of my mostly trusted employee’s, Larry do such a thing, something as so selfish.

  22. Dear diary
    At precisely 10pm evening, my employee who was a tired man who could not be named for legal reasons was in his office waiting for important information to be printed. A black hole on a sheet of paper came out but that wasn’t what needed to be printed so he just put it on the side. Soon, he discovered that it had magical powers and used the mysterious black hole to steal food and a lot of cash that we had saved for an upgrade.

    I am shocked in fact disgusted to here this all, when I had first had been informed I said nonsense but then I realised it might be true so I looked in the camera and all these sick facts were true. The next day I had fired him and told him that I didn’t want him to ruin by company/business then I had called the police and told them everything even that he is a thieve and lunatic and that I didn’t want to see him again.

  23. Dear Diary

    I wrote this diary entry about the black hole. It was another bored day at work, precisely at 8:00, I had printed some documents until the printer stopped, I kicked it, all of a sudden it worked but something weird printed from the printer, a black hole, I was wondered what it could be. I was drank some water until my cup fell into the black hole, I glared at the black hole, I was wondered where my cup was, I put my hand in the black hole, I found my cup and took it out, I was full of curiosity when I saw this at first, all of a sudden I had a brilliant idea.

    I walked towards the vending machine, I checked if anyone was looking, I put the black hole on the vending machines glass, I slowly put my hand in the vending machine using the black hole, I took out an chocolate bar, apparently it was a snicker, I like mars. I slowly walked to the room where the safe was, I opened the door using the black hole, I put the black hole on the safe and I took all the money out of the safe but I fell in the safe. I was trapped in the safe.

    On the next morning the boss found me and fired me. I felt so guilty. I was sentenced for 1 month. The boss was very disappointed with me

  24. Dear diary,
    Late last night, I was printing on the printer, when surprisingly, it printed a black hole. I was totally baffled off why it happened, but I left it anyway.

    Just when I was going to put my cup on it, it just disappeared inside. Shocked and intrigue, I carefully got my shivering hand and reached in. Amazed, as I got my drink, I tried to put my hand through the hole. It worked. HA HA!

    Then I went to the vending machine and I placed the hole on the chocolate which I wanted, and I got it. No matter how thick the glass is, I could get it.

    The snickers were great, but just then a thought struck me. Sniggering I made myself to the safe room. After that, as quick as I could, I collected money, more and more each time. I got so stimulated that I crawled in. My foot hit the tape and the hole fell off, and I got trapped. It was pitch dark inside, and I felt very petrified indeed.

    In court I was sentenced to be in prison for a month. I had to be, because of the way I used the hole as a weapon. I did a bad deed and got punished, which was worth it.

  25. Dear diary,
    At 8.00pm a man was printing out his work. For a few seconds he was standing there. He looked really furious and annoyed. With anger the man pushed the button so many times and something glided out of the printer. What was it? The man looked at it and put it aside.

    Afterwards the man finished his drink and throwed it in the black circle. He didn’t know that he threw it into there. While looking at it mysteriously he picked up the piece of paper. He took out his cup. He put his hand through it.

    Quickly he ran to the vending machine and put the black hole there. He put his hand through and took a bar of choclate. Afterwards he ran to a door and put his hand through the black hole. He opened the door. The man ran inside and put his hand through the safe. Quickly the man took bunches of money. Near the end he put himself into the safe to check if there is any money left. The black hole fell off and the man was TRAPPED! He was banging the safe really hard.

  26. At exactly 2am an unknown man was printing in an office when he had trouble with his printing coming out. He then became angry and kicked the filing cabinet.

    Then all of a sudden his printing came out only for him to find a black hole printed out on a white piece of a paper.He looked at it with a confused expression on his face and put it next to the printer.

    He then drank a cup of water which he placed on top of the black hole to then find the cup gone. It had fallen through the hole!

    Astonished,he put his hand through the hole and pulled out his cup.This made him realise that the black hole on the sheet was special, as it allowed him to go through things.
    Just to make sure that it was real,he man put his hand in the black hole.It was real!

    The man then used the black hole to steal a snickers from the vending machine.The man became excited! He then turned towards the locked door that lead to a room that had a safe in it. He used the black hole to put his hand through the door to unlock it.He then stuck the sheet of paper to the safe and stole some money.However he could not reach
    all of the money so he climbed into the safe.Unfortunately for him the sheet of paper that had the black hole on it fell,leaving the man trapped inside the safe.

    Then on Monday the boss found him and he apologised but was fired and later sent to prison.

  27. At 8:00,my worker stole money and went into the vending machine a stole a chocolate bar. I was watching him from the cameras. He used a Black Hole to do this. He printed it out and I watched him on my cameras, and saw that he got trapped into the safe. The next day I seen him and had a conversation with him about why did he do this. I can not belive that he has do all of this and did it on purpose.

  28. Dear diary
    As I was doing my late shift at work, the printer printed out a mysterious black hole. At first I thought the printer was not working properly. I placed the paper with the black hole to the side and placed my cup on it. When I went to go grab the cup, the cup had disappeared.

    I placed my hand on the black hole and my hand went into it. It was really strange. Even though I was confused, I put my hand inside of the black hole, as I pulled it out, I found the cup that I placed on it before. To make sure it was not a trick, I picked up the piece of paper and put my hand through it again but it was not a trick, the printer had some how made a magic black hole.

    I started to feel a bit hungry so I came up with the idea of using this magic black hole to put my hand through the vending machine. I placed the paper with the black hole over the vending machine glass, placed my hand inside the hole and grabbed a Snickers bar to eat. As I was eating the Snickers, I looked at the locked door to the room that the safe was in.

    While walking over to the door, I kept thinking that I could really do with that extra money. I placed the black hole on the door, put my hand through the door and unlocked it from the other side. With the door open wide, I made my way over to the big safe. I put the black hole on the safe, reached in and grabbed some money. I got very excited. I began to grab as much money as I could carry. I could not reach anymore so I climbed into the hole. As I tried to get out, the paper with the black hole on it fell off of the safe. I was trapped with no food or water until the next morning when the boss found me.

  29. Dear Diary,

    You will not belive what happned today! As soon as I stepped into the building I was infomed by the Police that my employee has been found trapped inside my steel safe! I hurried into the lift up to my office where parties of policemen and detectives blocked my path. I pushed my way past them and ducked under the police tape. Then, my office looked so different, the only familiar thing was the beige walls.

    On one side, a trio of detectives were examining a black circle on a piece of paper. I watched them for a bit until one dectective put his hand on the circle and I got the biggest shock in my life! His hand didn’t just go on the circle but it went through it and I didn’t even see it come out the other end! I nearly screamed!

    On the other side, a team of nurses were comforting a terrified man. I recognised him imediently. My star pupil.

  30. Dear diary,
    Today has been a great day because I’ve finally got a good reason to fire Martin! This the morning when I went to work I heard banging coming from inside the safe. So I opened it and found that miserable trout inside it. He kept on babbling about “printing a black hole” but I think he’s just saying that because he didn’t get any sleep.

    I do not know how Martin got inside that safe but I do know that he was up to no good. I always knew Martin was a sly ,old fox but now I’ve got some proof, everybody agrees with me. He always had his eyes on me when I went into the safe room, then I didn’t know why he was looking at me, but now I know he was planning a way to get into the safe room. As I was saying I went out earlier to buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate Martin’s demise.

  31. Dear diary,
    At 8.00pm a man in his work printed a black whole he put the black whole on the printer as he drank he drink he put the drink on the black whole as he wanted to have a drink again he locked at the black whole and the cup wasn’t there in his self he was thinking what were the cup gone as he was thinking in his head he thort that the whole was real. He went to chocolate machine and stuck the whole on the machine and put he hand in it and got an chocolate bar . as He walked past mysterious doors he had an idea he could get an money . As the man stucked the whole on the doors he opened the doors from inside .After that,he over to the safe and stuck the whole on and looked around.The man puted his hand in the whole and started to make pile of money.He could not reach so he puted hes head throo aksidently the man knoked the paper on th floor and in hes self was thinking what could this mean. He wasn’t found uncil th nex day.hes boss was very very angry and he fierd him.

  32. dear diary
    at 8 o,clock sharp a man who should not
    not be named for legal reason has trapped him self
    in a secret safe by printed a black hole
    he had a sip of water he put his cup on the black hole
    and it went through it he put his hand through it to get
    the cup he quickly went to the vending machine and put the black hole on it and stole a chocolate bar he did same to the secret safe but the only thing different was he got stuck in it.The end

  33. At precisely 8.00pm Friday afternoon, a highly abnormal situation had of my own employees had taken out some of my money and I found him trapped in the safe.

    At first, he wanted to print out a piece of work but a black hole appeared, he curiously looked at the black hole.
    He took a quick sip of a drink and dropped it in the black he carefully took the cup out of the black hole.

    After that, he tried to put his hand into the black hole thinking he would get stuck. An idea hit his head so he
    walked towards the vending machine and use the black hole to take a snickers bar.

    once taking the snickers bar he had another idea so went to the safe not thinking about anybody else. So he used the
    black hole to take out all the money from the safe that I was personally going to give him. So he was trapped since Friday afternoon.

  34. At 8.OO my assistant had printed out a black hole which was belived to be used for steeling money and other objects. First he droped his cup down the black hole as he trembled he maneged to get it out.He stared at the choclate then thought he would steal it. After he looked at a door which led to my room then he decided to steel money from the safe he tried to get all of it out but he could’t get it all so as he crawled into the the safe he knocked the hole down. He was not unti the next day.

  35. Dear diary,
    Today something very peculiar happened today at the bank,I wanted more money so I tried to print some out.The printer was acting up,I had no idea what to do so I pressed the PRINT button a few more times.Nothing.I kicked it with a strong kick,then suddenly WHIRRR!!!! a black hole appeared out of the printer.I had a sip of my champagne and put it down.

    But it had vanished so I just peered into the darkness of the black hole.I wanted to see if it would work on human beings,I expected my hand to melt or dissolve into thin air but it was pulled through!.I panicked but it came out with the cup in my hand.I messed around with the hole,then aha a venting machine now for a real experiment!!!!!!

    I carefully placed the hole on the machine and pulled out a Snickers bar.It worked!!!I spied the money room,somehow an evil grin spread across my face.
    So I opened the handle from the inside with the help of the black hole,then…come…on!!!……….CLICK!!!!Yes! I jumped around in triumph.Right I thought lets concentrate.Now……..

    I stuck the hole on the safe,I fished out lumps of our boss’ money.Quids,tenas ,Grands you name it, all were almost out.There was the biggest at the back,so I leaned and leaned then I went too far and fell in,I nudged the hole much too far then slip! The hole fell off.I knocked,shouted and even kicked,then there was a hello at 2.00am (Bank guards stay awake most of their lives!!!!!!) The boss!!! I was filled with fear CLICK!! oh fiddle sticks!!!!!

    ACK!!!! Was all I could say.”GET UP YOU THEIF!!!!!!!!”yelled my boss.I stood up quivering.”Busteeeeeeed”said the assistant.The rest……er……too bad to say but I’m still in prison,my sentence for death is on the next fortnight.Better escape!!!!

  36. Dear diary,
    I was doing my night shift as always,my job is very Job is to print important information for my boss.the printer was very old and it wasn’t working properly so I decided to kick the printer so the important information might come out.something strange happened ! A black hole came out on a piece of plain paper,I don’t know why it happened because I never printed it.

    My time was running out , I was getting hungry,so I decided to have a long sip of soon as I put my drink down,I accidentally put it on the black hole.whoosh! There it went down the creepy black whole.i was puzzled, I never seen any thing like it.i soon found out it was a hole that goes deep down and you could put your hand through things.

    I was very hungry,luckily there was a chocolate vending machine near by.i thought that the scary black hole could be use full for this.besides it is a hole.i never had money on me so I had a try.i succeeded.yes I thought to my self I can have any think to eat now.

    I was locked in a office until I was finished my night shift.i now the black hole was a hole so I thought the black hole could help me.i tried as hard as I could.the door opened with a creak.there was a colossal safe in front of me.

    I put the black hole against the safe.i reached my hand inside.i pulled out money.i thought there wasn’t any left so I climbed in.ow no I was trapped inside.i was let out on the next day

  37. Dear diary,
    At 9:00 pm a highly abnormal situation occurred in my well known office.
    My assistant made a very bad decision…
    He was steeling my money from my big safe!well that’s not all,a snickers from the vending machine. what else would he do?.But a very happy ending happened for me because he was trapped by that stupid paper called the black hole that he used to steal the snickers and the money that he tried to steal.

    I also fired him so he doesn’t try do do anything more horrible later.

  38. dear diary, today i was so selfish at 8pm at night i was going to print my work but a black hole appear from nowhere but i drop my cup in the black hole i put my hand in the back hole. then when i got my cup back i try on the vending machine i got a chocate i look at the office and i think i was going to steling the money so i use the black hole to get inside so i went inside.I use the black hole to get the money i take many money of the safe. i could,nt made it so he crawl over to the safe. but i got trapped my boss was very angry at me for stelen the money he fired me.

  39. a man who stole money
    Late in the evening at 7 pm the police found out that a young man was in a safe stealing some money .He was drinking a cup of water then suddenly a a black hole came you think its a ordinary black hole but isn’t you can get things from it.

    Then he went to the veding machine and stuck the black hole and took a chocolate bar. He had a weird smile in his face eating his chocolate bar. It was like he wanted something.

    After finishing his yummy chocolate bar he open a door with the black hole. Then the man ran to a safe he stuck the black hole again to the safe he got lodes of money .THEN he got stuck from the safe he commuted the crime

  40. dear diary:
    At perciely 10:00 pm evening,there was a man who was printing a paper for he’s work but the printer wasn’t working then a mestiers paper with a black hole in it.
    THEN he put he’s hand in it the man used it to still a chocolate then he was tring to robed the money from the safe and he stock the paper in the safe and he was riching and riching he’s hand then he got he’s hole body in then the paper fall then he got stock. :)

  41. Dear diary
    Well,last night was a very bad day for me, shall I tell you what happened?Fine,what happened is that I was stuck in safe!If you want to find out more just read on.

    It was nearly the end of my shift,I was very sleepy,I felt I was sleepwalking.I had to do one last job just print paper because our office has been running out of paper for the last few weeks.However I never got paper I got one paper with a black hole.Vigoursly, I pressed one button on the photcopyier and kicked it several times but it was no use.

    Now here is the exciting part,I put my cup on top of the black which I didn’t even know what is was supposed to be but when I looked again my cup was gone!Desperate to get the cup back,I put my hand inside the black hole I got my cup back!

    Curious to find out more about this mysterious piece of paper I tried it again with the vending machine!YES!It actually worked!I couldn’t even believe that I had a snckers in my hand , now it was my turn to become a shooting star!But now greed and selfishness took over me and I stared at one thing, the door that leads to opportunity and wealth.Quickly I ran to the door and easily opened it without anyone notching and saw the safe.

    I was on top of the world!I am going to become the most powerful and richest man in the world! Bye bye Bill Gates , bye bye Barack Obama , now it’s my turn to shine.Ha ha ha!Faster than the speed of light I taped the black hole and quickly took money out as fast as I can.But now I thought like a child I went inside the safe and the black hole fell.I was banging on the safe as hard as I can but nobody was coming.Guess I was staying in for the night.

    Next morning the boss found me just when I was about to finish my nightmare.He can’t believe his most best and most experience worker has did such a thing like this.He thinks I should be ashamed of myself.Now I know it was the wrong thing to do and I acted like a child.I will never make this mistake again otherwise I will have another one month in prison.Guess I won’t have any KFC chicken anymore for a month.

    I won’t be writing to you for another month because I will be in prison.Hope you have a great time while I’m gone because I won’t.

    From your best buddy.

  42. dear diary,
    at 8;00 a man who should not be named for legal reasons was found in a safe who was printing a piece of work which did not work instead a black hole was printed.

    He had a cup of water which when he had finished it he put it on the black hole and it vanished.The man looked confused and he put his hand in the black hole it made a funny sound but also his hand was vanishing.

    • He was so happy because he put it on top of a vanding machine and pulled out a snickers bar and started to eat it and look around.Then he saw a room he went towards it and put the papar on the door and opened it and went in. He saw a box of money so he went to it and stuck the black hole on it and pulled all the money at the end he couldn’t get any more money out so he climed in it. The paper fell and was stuck in the box.

  43. This morning at around 5:30 a man was found in a steel safe [by his boss].people believe that he used a magical hole as a weapon to steel as the boss had a tough decision to make especially when he saw the stashes of money and the man came to a decision and fired him the man left with disappointment.

  44. Dear diary
    Today has almost a great day, this night at work the printer was acting up and a black hole was on a sheet of paper. As I took my last bit of water I dropped the cup and it fell in the black hole I put my hand through and it returned.

    I failed to take the money however I got some snicker. My sentence is one month long because I failed to steal the money. I wanted more money but imgot stuck in, my boss is very disappointed in me.

  45. The mystic black hole
    At preciely 8.00pm Friday evening,a man,who can not be named for legal reasons was printing some work.

    The printer was not working so he decided to kick it.After glided out was a black hole.The man was wondering what it was.

    Then he drank his drink and through his cup to the side.The cup vanished into fin air.where did it go?

    When the man found out the black hole had powers he used them to do stuff.After he walked over to the vanding machiene and stuck the black hole onto it.Then he got a choclate and walked over to a mystrious door.

    He stuck the black hole onto the door and opened it from the inside.After that,he walked over to the safe and stuck the black hole on the safe and looked around.

    The man put his hand in the safe and stared to make a big pile of money.He couldn’t reach all of it so he decided to crawln in.Then his foot knocked the paper and it fell.What could this mean?

    He was not found until the next day.His boss was very angry he fired him.

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