21 thoughts on “Year 5 Macbeth Performance

  1. My dad loved the performance and wanted to watch it again he said that everyone was confident and worked really hard. I agree and thought we did an amazing job.

  2. I liked the assembly because all the actors knew their lines in the Shakespearean language and the Shakespearean language was really hard.
    I showed my sisters and my brother and they said they liked the asembelly.

  3. The Performance was incredible, I was nervous when acting, but when I watched it, I noticed how well everyone did in it.Well Done!!!

  4. I think that all of us in year 5 did a great job learning their lines even though it is in Shakespearian language. we should also thank the teachers because they put all the time they have to make this performance as good as they can be.

  5. I loved the Macbeth Assembly because the intonation was very good and we spoke very clearly.It was worth it by learning the script of by heart.It was Awesome And I showed My Mom.My Mom thought it was great.I’ll Show My Dad When He Comes Back.

    I ♥ It!

  6. Wow! What a performance. Year 5 you have done a great job. I love Macbeth so was glad to hear that the performance was recorded so I could see it.. Miss Redhead and Mrs Mahtani you should be proud you have done a fantastic job and definately well done to those children who remembered there lines especially in Shakespeare language. Well done.

  7. I too am super proud. To produce quality like this is admirable. I can remember studying Macbeth at A level! Well done children and thank you staff for using IT so effectively as well. Loved your acting!!

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