Year 5 Maths Challenge

victorian money

This half term we are learning about the Victorians. Can you complete a Victorian money challenge using the information you have been given?

Bronze: The chimney sweep has earnt 4 silver 6 pence for his day’s work. How much has he earnt in total? Explain how you worked out your answer.

Silver: In my purse I have 3 sovereigns  and 2 florins, how much money do I have? Explain how you worked out your answer.

Gold: Which amount of money is higher 10 shillings or 3 Guinea? Explain how you know.

Platinum: Try to find out what one Pound would buy in Victorian times, and compare to what one Pound would buy today? Is a Pound worth the same now as then? Find out what a loaf of bread would cost then and now.

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  1. 3 Guinea is higher because it is worth 21 shillings not 20shillings

    You could probably by 30 loaves or so mat because £1 = 20 shillings

    A pound was worth much more back then wow my great great grandma is still alive and she said with h one pence she could buy 10big gummy colas

  2. Platinum
    Maybe they could buy 100 loafs of bread but today we con only get 1 loaf for 1 pound.
    No a pound in the Victorian era was much much cheaper than today.
    In the Victorian era a loaf of bread unwrapped would cost a penny whe areas now it is 1 pound.

  3. In the purse there is £3.00 and 24 pence, because 3 sovereigns are 3.00 and one pound in Victorian times is 20 shillings so £3.00/60 shillings so then you have 2 florin that is 12 shillings but there is two so you had them together it makes 24 shillings. Then you add the 24 shillings to £3.00/60 shillings so that equals 3 pounds and 24p or 64 shillings.

  4. BRONZE the chimney sweep earned 24 pence because you first do
    if you want to you can highlight the numbers for the calculations you highlight 4 and 6 4×6=24

  5. Silver: In my purse I have 3 sovereigns and 2 florins, how much money do I have? Explain how you worked out your answer.

    *3 sovereigns is one pound so if I have have 3 sovereigns i’ve got 3 pounds.2 florins is 2 shillings so if you double that by 2 it is 4 shillings if i add all of that together it is £3.2p

  6. Silver challenge.

    The chimney sweeper has 24p a day I now this because a silver 6 pence is worth 6p so
    The chimney sweeper earns 4 silver and 6 pence so that means in total he earns 24p.

    Silver challenge

    In the purse there is 3.24 and 3 sovereigns which is 3 pound so 1 sovereigns is 1 pound so if you do
    1 pound x 3 pound =3 pound
    2 florins is 24p so if you add it
    3 pound + 24p = 3.24
    In her purse she has got exactly 3 pound and 24p

    Gold challenge

    Ten shilling is more money than a guinea I now this because a shilling is worth 12p and if you do
    12p x 10 = 120p
    If you convert that into pound then it is exactly 1 pound and 20p
    A guinea is 21p and if you do
    21p x 3 =63
    10 shillings =12op
    3 guinea = 63p
    10 shillings is worth more than 3 guinea

    platinum challenge

    A pound would buy a milk and peas and probably a bit of bread and tea whereas now it is easy how to earn a pound, it is only a bit but it could buy a lot of things such as more than 1 chocolate, a whole box of tea bags, more than one drink, you could get more than one crisps, you could get a bread for a pound or under and you could even get milk for a pound or under a pound

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