Year 5 Maths Challenge

Challenge yourself and solve one or more of the following challenges!
Rebecca, Peter and Mohamed all buy the same food items when doing their shopping. Although you would think they all pay the same amounts for the items, you are quite mistaken! Rebecca will only shop in Tesco, Peter loves the amazing discounts Asda has to offer and Mohamed is a big Morrison’s fanatic! All items cost the same in each of the three shops when a discount has not been applied. Robinson’s fruit squash costs £1.67 in Tesco and Morrisons this week however Asda currently has 23p off this original price. Walkers multi pack of crisps costs £3.43 in Asda and Morrisons this week however Tesco currently has 72p off this original price. Bread costs £0.98 in Asda and Tescos this week however Morrisons has an offer for 2 for £1.50 so Mohamed bought two loaves! 1kg of Vegetables in Tescos this week came to £4.60, 1kg of Vegetables in Asda this week came to £3.75 and 1kg of vegetables in Morrisons was 3/4 of the price of Tesco.
Whose shopping was the cheapest and WHY?
Rosie and Imaan both shop at Tesco and buy the following items.
Milkshake £1.98
Chocolate £0.89
Potatoes £3.45
Apples £2.38
Chicken breasts £6.62
Baked beans £2.67

Rosie has a £5 voucher off her total bill. Imaan has coupons for half price Milkshake and Apples.
How much cheaper was Rosies shopping compared to Imaans?
Bilal and Serish both enjoy swimming.
Adults – £4
Children – £2.50

Bilal goes swimming with his Mother, Father and younger sister Maryam.
Serish goes swimming with her Aunt, older brother Idris, and three younger sisters.
Who has spent the most money on swimming?
What is the difference in price between Bilal and Serish?

11 thoughts on “Year 5 Maths Challenge

  1. Gold

    Fruit squash:
    Tesco 1.67-rebeca
    Morrison 23p of 1.44 mohamed
    Asda 23p of 1.44 peter
    Multi pack crips:
    Morrison 3.43 mohamed
    Asda 3.43 peter
    Tesco 72p of 2.71 rebeca

    Roise has 5£ and imaan is 4.36£ so the different is 36p between imaan and roise.

    Bilal £2.50+£4+£4+£2.50=£13
    Serish £4+£2.50+£2.50+£2.50+£2.50=£14
    Serish spent the most money on swimming
    The differnce is 1£ between them

  2. (BRONZE)

    Serish has spent the most money because she has spent £14.00 and BIlal has spent £10.50 so Serish has spent the most.
    The difference is £4.50!

    By Arzu Haydari!!

  3. Bilal-£2.50×2=£5 4×2=£8. £5+£8=£13

    Serish-£2.50×5=£12.50 £4×1=£4 £12.50+£4=£16.50

    The person who spends the most money on swimming is serish because she spent £16.50 on swimming and bilal spends £13. Serish spends £3.50 more than bilal

  4. BRONZE:)

    Bilal – £2.50 x 2=£5 £4 x 2=£8 £8 + £5=£13

    Serish – £2.50 x 5=£12.50 £12.50 + £4=£16.50

    In total Serish had the most with £16.50 but on the other hand Bilal had in total an amount of £13.00

    This is from your sincerely Zakariya Hasan :)

  5. bronze:
    Serish spent the most money on swimming.
    The difference is £1 between them.

  6. gold:

    Rebecca -Tesco

    Fruit squash :
    Tesco-1.67 – Rebecca
    Morrison -23p off-1.44 Mohamed
    Asda- 23p off-1.44 peter

    Multi pack crisp:

    Morrison 3.43 Mohamed
    Asda 3.43 peter
    Tesco 72p off-2.71 Rebecca


    Asda 0.98 Peter
    Tesco 0.98 Rebecca
    Morrison 2 for 1.50 Mohamed

    vegetable :

    Tesco – 4.60 1kg Rebcca
    Asda 3.75 lkg Peter
    Morrison 3/4 off Tesco -1.60 Mohamed

    Mohamed ‘s shopping is the cheapest
    because offered an offer Which was
    to bread for 1.50 .
    It also had the cheapest Squash,
    Vegand Crispes .

  7. BRONZE:
    Serish spent the most money because she spent 14.00 and Bilal spent 10.50.
    The difference is 3.50 bettween them.

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