41 thoughts on “Year 5 Maths Challenge

  1. Gold:I can see 8 squares
    I can see 32 triangle
    The type of triangles I can see are right angle triangle and is socialise triangle.

    Silver: There are 32 triangles.

    Bronze:There are 8 squares.

  2. Bronze: I can see 1 whole square and there are 4 squares inside it.

    Silver:I can see 16 triangles.

    Gold:i can see 40 triangles and 5 squares the shapes that I can see are issosilies and right angles.

  3. Bronze:I can see 1 big square and 4 inside that big square.
    Silver:I can see 8 green triangles and 8 yellow ones so that makes 16.
    Gold:I can see 5 squares 16 triangles and all the triangles are isosceles because the have 2 of the same lengths but 1 is different.

  4. Bronze
    When I first looked at this shape I could only see 4 squares ,but when I looked at it again,I could see 5.

    I first looked at this and knew there was a trick. I first thought there was 32 triangles , but then I spotted more and that gave me the thought there will be 36 triangles

    From Marhia :) :)

  5. BRONZE: In this unusual shape i could only see the 4 squares, until i could see the other 6 squares. It was very clever of you to hide the other squares, it was very difficult to find them.

    SILVER: I could see 32 triangles in this shape it was very tricky, to keep your place in were you were counting.

  6. Bronze:
    I can see 4 different squares in the shape, because in 4 triangles makes one Square and there are 16 triangles so that makes 4 squares

    I can also see 16 triangles because in 1 big square there is 4 triangles so 4×4=16 so I think that there are 16 triangles.

    • Bronze
      There is 4 squares

      16 triangles 8 green triangles and 8 yellow triangles
      13 squares
      16 triangles
      Isosceles triangle
      Equilateral triang

      :-) :-) :-) :-)

    I can see 9 squares
    I can see 28 triangle
    I can see 16 isosolies and I can see 12 equlactral triangle and all the squares are equlactral.

  8. This shape has 5 squares and also 16 triangles I can also see an isoceles triangle and also an equalateral triangle.Iknow this because an isoceles triangle has 2 equal sides and 2 equal angles and also an equalateral triangle has 3 equal sides and 3 equal angles and it is 60˚c

  9. silver challenge
    i can see 16 triangles.

    bronze challenge
    i can see 5 squares.

    gold challenge
    i can see 5 squares, 16 triangles, right angled triangles and isosiles triangles.

  10. I can see 10 squares i worked this out by putting two triangles together witch gives me the answer 10.I then worked out how many triangles there is and that gives me the answer 33 triangles.There are some triangles that are a right angled triangle i know this because the angle is 90°.The rest of the triangles are isosceles triangle i know this because two of the sides are equal.

  11. GOLD
    I can see 10 squares.
    I can see 33 triangles.
    The different type of triangles I can see are right angled triangles and isosolies triangles.

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