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  1. Medusa was a girl in greek mythology.
    Do you think that medusa is a ugly girl.Medusa had snake hair.The snakes would move when Medusa turned things to stone.Medusa was not fond of using that eye.
    Medusa had a pale face and red cheeks.

    Medusa only takes care of her sisters, which are ugly.Medusas name used to be Athena and one day she felt in love with poseidon.

  2. Do you think Medusa was attractive and elegant?
    Well she was until the goddess Athena decided to take terrible revenge on her. Medusa used to be vain about herself and spent all day looking in the mirror. Before Athena punished her, Medusa had beautiful;blonde;wavy hair and had a beautiful fair,pale face.Her lips were claret red,which brightened up in the sunshine.Her scarlet,rosy cheeks beamed with joy in the sunlight.Her wavy, curled hair bounced up and down ,as she walked down streets in pride.

    As soon as Athena, cast her spell upon Medusa,who was once an attractive woman, grew poisonous,deadly snakes in replacement of her beautiful golden curls.The snakes that grew in her hair slithered around ,making deadly hissing sound.Her fair pale skin transformed into a green complexion.Her claret red lips dissapeared ;were replaced with a shade of vermillion.Her beautiful,cats eyes were now a powerful weapon of destruction,that she utilized effectively to turn anythink and everything to stone for eternity.She spent the rest of her life in agony;pain,as the wicked;cunning spell could not be reversed.
    Do you think if Medusa picked up a mirror and looked into it she would turn to stone for eternity?

  3. Medusa was beautiful lady with long golden hair but Medusa had a punishment for falling in love with poseidon and turned into a gorgen.

    Medusa was the daughter of the god of sea and cepto the female sea god. Medusa father which was called phorcys had red spikes all around his body and whoever looked at Medusa would instantly turn to gold

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