Year 5 metal investigation

Hi year 5,

Earlier in the year we looked at different materials. We want to see if you can apply this learning to complete an independent investigation.

This week we have looked at William Wilberforce and his links to putting a stop to slavery. According to the triangular trade, slaves were exchanged for manufactured goods from Europe. Many of these would have been made from metal and would need to survive the journey from Europe to Africa. You need to work out which metals would have been best. Which metal is the hardest?

Use the key questions to help you complete the investigation.


You need to identify which metal was the best and explain your choice.

You also need to identify which metal you think the objects are made from i.e. copper, aluminium etc

Put the objects in order and then write that order (using the name of the objects) in the blog below and explain why you have put them in that order using scientific vocabulary.


6 thoughts on “Year 5 metal investigation

  1. The paper clip was the most magnetic because the magnetic attraction between the paper clip and the magnet was strong because it was attracted to the magnet straight away.
    The paper clip cannot get scratched that quickly because it’s tiny.
    The paper clip can bend easily if you force it to then it will bend it’s not that kind of thick metal.
    By Leena,Tyrese,Armaan,Jaspreet,Kaamilah,Sana and Ameena.

  2. The scissors,spoon,sharpener,paper clip and key are magnetic.Also the hole punch is magnetic.
    The spoon is strong because it cannot be blended easily however the paper clip can be blended easily because it is weak.
    The hole puncher and the xylophone easily be scratched unlike the spoon because it’s metal is stronger.
    By Samira,Keon,Rehan,Sumaya,Sophie,Amina,Ellen

  3. The hole puncher is stronger than the keys, scisors and sharpener because hole puncher can make a hole in the paper however, the scissors can cut the paper.
    I think the keys are made out of copper as the paperclip is made out of iron. The hole puncher is made out of steel.

    By Ryan, Mohammed Loan,Saif and Amaan

  4. We think copper is the strongest because it is very magnetic.It does not bend very easily.It could be easily scratched.
    By Anthony,nidal,alina,omayah,and syra

  5. I think that the spoon is strong because it is magnetic and it doesn’t scratch easily when scratched. The spoon is steel.

    The top of the scissors is plastic and is hard to bend.This is aluminium.

    The paper clip is Tin.

    The coins are copper.

    The coins are not easy to bend but on the other hand the spoon is easy to bend.By Abdalla Siyaad Mohammed O and Ibrahim

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