Year 5: Monday 22nd June: Home Learning: English

Good Morning Year 5.
Today you have 3 tasks:
1. Purple mash reading comprehension.
2. Reading comprehension questions on your blog comment.
3. Handwriting and spelling.

Task 1

Log in to Purple Mash. Read the chapter of your book and complete the 2 online tasks I have set for your.

Task 2: Questions

Answer these questions on the blog below in full sentences.

The Haunting of Rose Cottage (Try to use the PEE technique)

Alien Street Chapter 4 (Try to use the Point Evidence Explain technique)

Magic in the Moonlight: Answer these in full sentences

Q1. What did Maria and Alex stand underneath?
Q2. What did Alex send a text telling the children to do?
Q3. What did the children call their summer show?

Task 3: Handwriting

105 thoughts on “Year 5: Monday 22nd June: Home Learning: English

  1. I have the purple mash tasks on purple mash and I have done handwriting and the questions on the blog in my homework book . I will send an email .

  2. 1. The radio had been unpacked and was wittering away in the kitchen, and there was a pan of steaming porridge for breakfast.

    2. She rolled her eyes because she thinks that her sister is being crazy that she has an imaginary friend.

    3. They tumbled because they might have been tired. It tells us they fell suddenly.

    4. Amy was friendly and welcoming to Cally because she offered to be her partner.
    Amy was not friendly and welcoming to Cally because she kept on asking her questions.

    5. Loving and caring.

  3. 1)Cally’s Mum put on the radio.
    2)She rolled her her eyes because she didn’t care.
    3)That means the girls they didn’t want to and didn’t care.
    4)They had a good relation ship.

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