34 thoughts on “Year 5-More dilemmas and debating

  1. I would put up posters around the school to say there is a missing twenty pounds and the person will know that have lost twenty pounds.

  2. I would give the £20.00 note to lost property ; it doesn’t belong to me.If no-one owned up for it after a couple of weeks , I would divide it and give £5.00 each to a different charity.

  3. I would tall the teachers to check the cameras , if they can’t see the person clearly I would tall every one in the whole school . I can’t tell every one all together so I would wait in till it’s time for the assemblies if know body owns up in the assemblie I would give it to the pet shelter or I would give it to charity .

  4. I would first ask everyone in the school and parents if it is their’s. If they come and claim it, I would go to the head teacher to ask for proof. I would do this because if it is not their’s they are stealing someone’s else money.

    If no one comes and it is not theirs I would give it to good charity.

    :) :) :)

  5. I would keep the money because £20 is a lot of pounds. I could spend it on my family and friends. Also I don’t know who dropped it. I found it so I should keep it because the person who dropped it should be more careful. No one came to claim it so I’m going to keep it.

  6. First I would go round asking the teachers If it didn’t belong to any of the teachers I would ask the children. If the children said it was theirs I would ask Mrs Frankish to check the cameras to see who it belonged to. If that person didn’t want there money I would give it to the homeless shelter.

  7. I would take it to the office and say that I found it where it was and they would do a bing bong and hopefully they will come and collect there money.

    If they weren’t here I would keep it and I will give a 10 pound note and keep the ten pound for myself and spend it on something I neeed or for my family .

  8. I would make an advert so who ever had the money dropped it they would come ask for it back. If the owner didn’t own up then the money we could give it to charity but luckily we found the owner and she was very pleased.

  9. If I had found £20 I would straight away to the office because the person who has lost might be worried about it.so if I had it £20 I would do that.

    • I should give it to the office so the person that was finding the money would get the £20 back so there happy.

      Good News… We found the money and it was one of the cleaner I hope that cleaner tried had and was happy that she got it back.

  10. I would give it to charity because:
    1. It isn’t mine.
    2. I picked it up from the floor.
    This money is not mine so if I take it then it would be stealing and stealing is very bad.

  11. I would leave the £20 there so the persons who left there £20 they will relies there money has been missing.If I take it I would be a thief and I would take it to the office and tell everyone.

  12. I would ask everyone do you know who this belongs to. If someone says its my friends or its mine i would tell the teacher to check on the cameras or they would have to give proof some how. The reason for this is that many people just take money because it is very useful in life and they can just claim it is theirs.

    At the end of the video i would agree with Halimas team . The reason for this is that Shazil’s team just said they can buy food with and said who cares it does not matter they dropped it and it was there fault. Halimas team tried to persuade them to stop doing what they are and find out whose it is.

    At the end if no one claims it would give it to charity. The reason for this is that you asked and it was no ones.

    :) :) :) :) :) :)

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