Year 5 National Space Centre Visit

Year 5 National Space Centre visit
What a wonderful experience we have had at the National space centre. A place where we brought our learning to life, a place where we developed our Science, ICT, History and D&T skills.

We arrived with curiosity and left with sore legs, can anyone tell us why?

Below are a few pictures showcasing our day- share comments about your learning.

15 thoughts on “Year 5 National Space Centre Visit

  1. I had a amazing time I found out that some of the rocks turned out to be moon rocks I loved it at the space centre we got to learn lots of interesting facts and we got to do fun activities.

  2. I know how we all ended up with sore legs
    a) We went up and down 100 steps
    b) We walked way too much
    c) Explored every room
    I found out ( in space center) that Venetia Burney suggested the name of Pluto.
    Venetia was born on 11 July 1918 and died on the 30 APRIL 2009 ( That was on my Birthday when I was 1!!!!)

  3. I loved it because there was lots of facts on the wall and we watched something and you can not pee in space because there’s no gravity.

  4. We arrived with curiosity because we wanted to see the space centre and find out some facts,but we left with sore legs as we had to walk up loads of stairs.
    The fact that I found out was that mars goes into earth 6 times and that astonauts have to do a lot of excersise 2 hours and a half a day to keep them healthy.

  5. We arrived with curiousity as we wanted to find out what the space centre was and find out some facts.
    I found out that astronauts have to exercise 2 and a half hours a day to keep healthy.

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