Year 5 Parachutes!


This week in Year 5, we have been investigating forces involved in falling. We had a brief to design the best parachute that could protect an egg from smashing.

We investigated different variables that would affect the parachute such as type of material, surface area, shape and length of string. We used this research to make a final design, which we made and tested (the video can be seen above).

I would like you, Year 5, to answer the following questions in as much detail as you can:

  1. What made the best parachute? (i.e. shorter string etc)
  2. Were you successful in creating a suitable parachute that protected the egg? Why do you think this is?
  3. You know that most of your parachutes were able to protect an egg from smashing in calm weather conditions. What else could you try and find out about your parachute?
  4. What have you most enjoyed about this week?

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  1. 1)To make the best parachute you need tissue paper,short string and fabric.The reason I chose tissue paper is because in our experiment tissue paper was the best in a circle shape.I chose short string because in our experiment short string took the slowest time to land on the ground.The fabric is used for cushioning the egg.

    2)Me and my group were successful because we cut out the same length of string and made sure we could make the best circular shape possible.

    Thank you Mrs Mahtani and Miss Bhandal for a wonderful week!

    1. What made the best parachute is shorter string and a bin bag also a
    comfortable surface bubble wrap.
    2. I was successful because me and hanaans flew gradually but did not stay strait also our egg did not crack .
    3. If on a roof it will crack or survive and use a different shape like an triangle or a dimond or others
    4. I love enjoyed everything.

    Thank you so much miss bhandal and Mrs mahtani :) :)

  3. 1. I think what made the best parachuts is the material that we used because the most effective ones were , which were able ti slow the egg down is bin bag and tishu paper.This is because the material was vet light and that means it catchedmore air and floted side to side.The bubblesrap was effective to because it stopped the egg from smasging and it was very soft.

    2. I think we made a good parachute to protect the egg because the cushening helped the most. I think because the egg was in there so the bubblesrape got damaged but not the egg.Also the shape was good becasue the bigger the surface area the more slower it will fall.

    3. I like to find out about the parachutye is if it was snowing will the snow make the parachute heavier or damage the parachute.We could finde out how goodwould be the parachoot if it had no cushening and how many eggs will break.

    4.I realy enjoyed designeing the parachute,making the parachute,testing the parachute and working together with or class and frieands.
    This was an amazing engeniering week!!!

  4. 1.The best parachute was the one that didn’t break the egg.
    I think my parachute was the best because it made the egg survive.
    2.The shape can be different like a square.
    3.i liked when we tried out the parachutes.


    What made the best parachute?
    The things that you need to make your parachutes a success is by using a big peace of tissue paper that is shape of an circle, short string, fabric, a cup and a egg. The reason you need the tissue paper to have a lot of surface area is because if it has a lot of surface area the more air resistance the slower parachute will fall to the ground. The reason I used tissue paper in are experiment is because in are previous test tissue got a lot of air resistance and gradually fell to the ground. In are investigation I used short string because in our previous investigation short string was the best and don’t think long string would ever be the best it was nearly touching the floor so there was no hope for long string. The reason we used the fabric in our experiment is because I knew it would be good for Cushing the
    egg because it was really soft.My team had a very good parachute that protected the egg from breaking when it had reached the floor. The reason I think this is because are parachute was able to catch a lot of air resistance.

    Thank you for such an EGGXTREME week miss Bhandal and Mrs Mhtani 😊😊😊😊☺😊😊😊😒😩😒😒😊☺☺😒😩😩😒☺☺😒😒😩😒😊☺☺


  6. 1) I found out, from my experiment, the best parachute was a large rectangle made of paper with short strings. It also must have bubblewrap cushioning to keep the egg from cracking and to make it stay in place. And it should have tissue paper on the top of the parachute to keep it in place.

    2) We were successful in our experiment because the egg didn’t break or fall out. However, we could have been more successful because our parachute kept flipping during the testers and with the egg it still fell quite quickly and straight.

    3) We could try our parachute in more extreme weather like hail, sleet, rain or Snow etc. We could also try it holding more heavier objects or maybe liquid. We could also try dropping it from different heights.

    4) What I have most enjoyed about this week is figuring out how to make the parachute and actually testing them. I also liked being visited by actual engineers.

  7. The thing that made the best parachute was because we used a short string which was the best when we worked out our averages.Another thing that made our parachute the best was because we used a circle shape which made the parachute have more air resistance react.This happened to the material too. We were successful in creating a suitable parachute that protected the egg.This was because we tested out the material 3 times shapes 3 times and so with the length of string.We could try our parachute at any weather conditions such as hail,snow,rain and many more to be named.we could try it at a lower distance and see weather it brakes or not. The thing that I enjoyed doing the most this week was when we tested out our parachute making it and having an engineer come and visit our school

    Thank you very much mrs Mahtani and miss Bhandal I really enjoyed this week

  8. 1)The best parachute was short string, a circle tissue paper parachute, bubble wrap and cloth to cushion the egg so it does not break

    2)Our group were successful in making a awesome parachute because it was safe for the egg because if we did not cushion the egg with bubble wrap and the cloth our egg would of broke and we did not make the best parachute we could of made.I thought most of my friends parachute would not be successful but my prediction was wrong in the whole class only one of the groups egg broke and luckily there egg broke in the cup so they did not have to clean the mess!
    3)we could try out instead of a egg we could put some liquid in the cup to see if the liquid will spill or not as well as we could try putting cereal in the cup to make it a little easy instead of liquid because liquid is easy to spill out when you drop a parachute as well instead of filling the cup up to the top we could put some liquid in instead of lots.
    4)I have enjoyed everything this week the best things I have enjoyed the best are of course dropping the parachute and doing the presentation about the parachute.Finally I have enjoyed designing our tremendous parachute
    Thanks Mrs Mahtani and miss bhandal for egg- tastic
    Week 😀😀😀😃😃😃

  9. The thing which made the best parachute was short string and tissue paper if you cut it in a circle and I think this because tissue paper is light and I think if you make it into a circle it has more surface area.I think our parachute was successful and I think this because the parachute was going right and left and that helped the egg to be protected .I think this happened because the paper was bigger than the cup. I think we could do it outside to see if the wind helps the egg to be protected from breaking.The thing I enjoyed this week was dropping our parachute from the stairs and watching if it cracks or not

  10. 1.The thing that made the best parachute was the bin bag as it had a big surface area which allowed the air resistance to come in meaning it would fall slower preventing the egg from damage. Another thing which made our parachute the best was the shape.My group chose the shape of a square.This is because in our investigation the square would fall the slowest.I knew this because it had the highest average unlike the circle, triangle, and rectangle. According to our investigation the short string was the best length for our parachute because in our investigation it made the parachute fall the slowest and it had the highest average different to the long and medium string.To protect the egg from damage our group decided to put bubble wrap as cushioning.This was really effective and made the best parachute.

    2.My group were successful because we chose a suitable material which let enough air resistance.This meant it would fall slower without breaking the egg.Also when we tested the parachute we dropped it from the same straight angle.Another thing which made us successful is that we used the same length string which made the parachute fall equally.

    3.With our parachute we could drop it from different heights and see how long it would take to land.I would want find out if my parachute would prevent the egg from damage in a rainy, windy weather condition.Also I would want to find out how much weight my parachute could hold rather than holding an egg.

    4.I enjoyed designing our parachute using our investigation which I also really enjoyed.Another thing I enjoyed was preparing and presenting the presentation about our parachute and why it is the best in our pair.One of my favourite things was writing the conclusion, answering many questions.My favourite thing was testing and dropping our parachute.

  11. 1)To make the best parachute the parachute can’t be very heavy like using a paper as your parachute because this would add to much pressure to the strings to hold the parachute up.Also,the best parachute would need to be circular because as we saw in our tests,making the parachute circular is the key to make a successful parachute and in real parachute we have seen the parachute is circular.Also,I think your parachute needs to be circular so air resistance can come from all directions.Furthermore,the best parachute needs short strings because as we saw in our investigation the long string was very unsuitable because the egg basket never fell at the same time as the parachute.Moreover,to make the best parachute,the parachute needs to have a large surface area because as we found out in a video during engineering week the larger the surface area the longer time it would take to land.In addition,to this the strings all need to be the same size because if one string is bigger than the other this means one part of the parachute will fall on dropping point before all the parachute lands so this will mean there will be some scrambled egg!Plus,we to make the best parachute can use bubble wrap to cover the cup so the egg won’t break.Finally you can stick bubble wrap onto the egg or surround it because if it somehow rolls out the cup,the bubble wrap will stop it from breaking.

    2)We weren’t successful in making our parachute because our egg broke.Also,Our parachute turned upside down so there was no way the egg would survive.We weren’t successful because our parachute dropped really fast on dropping point.I think our tests were somehow wrong.Despite all this,we were successful at keeping the egg in it’s place.We weren’t very successful because we never stuck to our plan which was to cover the cup with bubble wrap and we never had the right materials we said we needed in our plan so this could be an improvement in further tests.

    3)First of all,we could find out if our parachute works in not very calm weather conditions like in rain,in snow and many more to name.We could also find out about our parachute does the egg survive at a higher distance.Also,we could find out if our egg breaks if we make our own holder.

    4)I have enjoyed most about this week working as a team.Because it’s not everyday where we work together.I have enjoyed most doing a presentation about a engineer of our own choice.My group made a presentation about James Watt.This was fun because when we first started the week,I didn’t know anything about engineers but in 3 hours I’m doing a presentation about an engineer!

    Thank you Mrs Mahtani and Miss Bhandal for an awesome week of learning.

  12. In about 1590, as the story goes, Galileo Galilei went to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and simultaneously dropped many pairs of items, such as cannon balls, musket balls, gold, silver and wood. Each time, one object was heavier than the other, yet they otherwise had the same shape and size. They both hit the ground at the same time! Up until then, people figured that heavier objects fell faster than light objects. But Galileo determined that gravity accelerates all objects at the same rate, regardless of their mass or composition.

    Parachutes were initially used by the aviation industry for rescue purposes. Today, parachuting has become a popular recreational activity. It is, however, an activity where there is no place for error.

    The parachute’s descent depends on the material, and hence it is important that the material is light, flexible, and windproof. It has to be able to handle high altitude winds and other environmental elements. The material’s density, rigidity, and texture are the other key factors that will control the speed and provide a swing-free descent.

    The best parachutes had short strings. Also the best parachutes had the most surface area.When an object is dropped it gets faster and faster as it falls. This happens because their weight (the force of gravity) pulls them down towards the centre of the Earth.
    As they fall through the air, they also experience an upward force called air resistance (drag).

    Objects with large surface areas, such as parachutes fall more slowly because they experience more air resistance.
    Frictional forces such as air resistance, friction and drag act against the direction of motion, so tend to slow the object down.
    This fact is put to good use in the design of the parachute.
    The size of frictional forces can be reduced by streamlining the object or lubricating any moving parts.

    Our dodgy parachute wasn’t successful as the egg broke. we didnt make a suitable parachute because we didnt cover the cup with bubble wrap as we said on the plan.

    we could do futher tests with our design by finding the best surface area without the cup, strings, bubble wrap and egg.

    I have enjoyed testing out different parachutes to find the best parachute.

    • 1. What made the best parachute was the shapes like a circle because it flat also it would float and it would successful and what made the best parachute was the materials like paper it is useful because when my team did the investigation with the egg it floated and the egg was protected.
      2. We successful creating the suitable parachute because when we did the investigation we successful protecting the egg and it didn’t crack because when we did the first time without the egg it went to the side and fell to the ground and when we did the second time with the egg it successfully landed.I think this because it successfully landed with the egg and if we did use a weak materials in our parachute with the egg it would smash it and it would scramble. 3. We cold use a different strongest materials to our parachute and different strings (long string ,short strings,medium string etc) and different objects not only eggs for example: ball,teddy bear,toy.also different cups what about real cups we can use those for an investigation.Our parachute was the strongest and successfully it landed production

      • To be continued… 3. My prediction was I thought the egg was going to smash and I thought it would fall and smashed but it didn’t our parachute is perfect . 4. I enjoyed this week learning about engineer and when a lady who was an engineer talked about engineering also when we tested our parachute it was sad though we didn’t went outside to test our parachute I had a lot of fun

  13. What an egg-cellent Engineering Week Year 5! It has been a fun experience and you have learnt so much. I see some budding engineers in the making because your parachutes are amazing. In fact, they are so amazing, they saved you from cleaning up egg off the floor! Have a lovely weekend!
    Miss B :)

  14. The thing that made the best parachute was:short string,bin bag and bubble wrap.We were successful in making a parachute that was suitable for an egg(preventing from breaking)I think this because the parachute swerved left to right.We could try and float our parachute outside giving us more answers.

    The thing I have really enjoyed about this week is the way we dropped the parachute and watched our overall results and when we had a dismantled Hoover and got to put it together again.

    Thanks Mrs Mahtani!!!👾👾💎

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