Year 5 Poetry analysis

Today we looked at Michael Rosen’s poem, ‘No Breathing in Class’ and analysed the poem together. Then you looked at John Agard’s, ‘Half Caste’ in your pairs looking at general observations, language analysis and performance analysis.

Please leave your responses to your work using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Michael Rosen, No Breathing in Class video: [embedyt][/embedyt]

John Agard, Half Caste:

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  1. The poem called “Half Caste” which, was written by John Agard, uses volume , tone and pitch when he says” Excuse me standing on one leg ” and many more.The poet who reads the poems uses a variety of expression including facial expression and action.John Agard looks at the audience and pronounces the word correctly while acting the performance In front of the audience.

    Our overall impressions were that some of the group found it confusing and complicated to understand as the poet spoke loudly.Some of my group found it frightened and recommended it not for children.Also some of the group thought that it was frightening because of the word he used such as half hand ,half a head
    and half a dream.
    By Zaid, Ahlam and Sam

  2. Half Caste
    Overall impressions
    The poem is for everyone but mostly adults
    The person who says it doesn’t say it clearly
    (The subject is half caste)

    Uses onomatopoeia e.g.(paint splash down)
    Repeated language e.g.(half caste,half caste…)
    Tension e.g. (A loud booming,echoed voice)

    Tone/Pitch e.g.(high and low sounds)
    Expression e.g(hand and mouth movement)
    Volume e.g.(quiet and loud sounds)
    There is half of everything e.g.(half red,half red)

  3. xcuse me Standing on one leg. Explain yourself when you mean half cast”. He said this in avery high pitched voice, his tone changed as he kept going. Throughout the video I thought the poem might be for older children because of the scene and the video. If you where just listening to the words it will probably be fine for younger ones.

  4. Why is it good???😕
    The poem half caste is good because the man (John Agard) who made it used the tone of his voice lower after he said the word “ONE” he used a low voice.

    Overall impressions😜
    The poem used action and amazing expression and Anna thought that the poem was very scary.This is written for adults because Anna thought that it was very scary.
    A.K”It makes me feel very scared because there is lots of green goo”

    The poem has non-sense words and makes absolutely no sense.


  5. Overall impressions.
    The things that make it good are sound effects are only needed when it could be used.
    This should be written for the adults and teenagers because it is not that funny but some parts of it are.I think this is written because it shows different things about different people and to show what they do.This makes me feel a bit scared and happy because in some parts he speaks In a spooky voice and then in a normal voice and some times he shows things that are funny.

    He changes his voice for example when he says”Excuse me,standing on one leg.”I know this because normally he speaks as himself but he is speaking in a spooky voice to make it scary.He does this because it shows the expression and tone in his voice.

    Analysis of language.
    Within this,there is repetition for example he goes back and says”with the whole of your…”This shows me he says it again and again.There are rhetorical questions to think to leave clues of what he is going to do

  6. We analysed a poem called Half Caste and we thought it was emotional because people called the man half crate and he thought we. Allied him half humman .

    Also he had used differentl voices ago show he was angry in some of bit in the video. Some other bits stood out .

  7. Overall impressions
    It has facial expression
    It has similes and repetion and like what do you mean about half caste.
    A range of video/photos.
    It made use feel hurt and why people different.
    Loud tone
    Low tone

  8. What makes it good? No breathing in class

    .he used good expression.
    .he used good tone.
    .he used onomatopoeia.
    .he used a loud voice.
    .he used a loud voice

    Why was it written?
    It was written because he is trying to tell how lucky we are to have nice teachers and it is illegal to prison children under neath a school

    Who was it written for?
    It was written for children and teachers

  9. I think half caste is a very powerful poem because now half caste is not a familiar word.It makes people who say it feel guilty.You can tell that he is angry because in somewhere parts he uses a louder tone.His expressions and thoughts are good .The audience is everyone it was written to tell people not to say it .It makes me feel that nobody should repeat the word half cast

  10. Why was it written ?
    It was written to teach people a lesson in 1999 to stop people calling them half cast.

    How dose it make you feel?
    It makes me feel very upset that they have been saying that he is half human and half something else.

    What words stand out ?
    The words that stand out is half cast because people use to say it before were as now they do not.
    Who is the poem written for ?
    This poem is written for everyone because we are all equal.
    By Stephen Hawkins

  11. Curie table-Half caste:
    It makes us feel sad and scared because he showed his anger and it started turning more dramatic.
    It was written so it would show that no one is half anything.
    We think it is written for adults because children don’t understand some of the words and they don’t know what half caste means.
    He used good hand action.
    Knew when to speak loudly.
    Half blood stood out because it saying we don’t live half a life.
    Half caste also stood out because it said we are not half a human.

    • I thought this because it might scare younger children because I found it a little bit creepy myself. It then becomes less creepy at the end when he explains what Half Caste means.

      For our notes about language, we wrote that the poem is quite repetitive and the lyrics used a bit of figurative language. They also added a rethorical question.

      His performance had a big effect on the poem. We noticed that he spoke very slowly for a creepy effect.

  12. The poem my group and I anyalsed was John Agards half castle.Throuoghout the video,I saw lots of onomatopoeia including clink and crash.Furthermore,the poem had good expression because at the start the man had a loud voice to grab attention and at the end the man had a soft voice because he he already grabbed attention.

    • Continuing from last post.
      The man had good facial expression because when he was shouting he had an angry face to make it look more real and more exicting.Also,he used Show not tell by not telling what is the half cast,it dropped clues at certain points to create an image for the reader.This poem is for adults because it is very creepy and most children will get scared.At certain points,the man changes his volume of his tone for example excuse me he says excuse in a high tone however he says me in a low tone.Also,the man used action because he said standing on one leg and he was standing on one leg.On the other hand,he had no eye contact he was looking somewhere else to make it more scary.The poem also had a good background because it fitted in with the subject of the poem because they smashed a candle in the background,this makes it more scary.The poem was very confusing because he used many old English words and most words I didn’t know the meaning of.The man used repition thorughtout the poem.In the story,the man had no body launguage, the man just stood still thorughtout the poem.

    • Half caste
      The person uses effective expressions in different parts such as in the 1st part he changed his tone gradually. The person’s speech echoes to make the poem build tension. In different parts he speaks in different speeds so it will be suspense. There are rhetorical questions makes the reader inquisitive. The person has loud and clear speech.

      This poem is based on horror. He starts with an effective action,standing on 1 leg. The person feels really sad because he is half cast.

      Overall impression
      The music was a bit scary. It had an effect in language. This poet made the poem build suspense in different ways.

    • Half caste video was scary and creepy because the scene when he finished his talking at the start, when the paint hit the floor it mad me and my partner
      jump scare of the sound . The video is for artist ,because we saw the paint and sculptures in the video ,it made us think that it’s kind of artistic . But his talking was kind of puerity . He was talking like a crazy teacher that’s how it make us think it’s funny.

    • In the performance, he uses intonation throughout the poem,high and low i.e when he says half caste. The actor also does body movement when he says “excuse me standing on one leg. I am half caste”.

      In the overall impressions, the reason why the poem good is that he is creating suspense by sharing his emotions that he is half caste. The people that this is written for is for people who are actually half caste so they don’t feel left out and lonely. This poem gives me mixed emotions about it because it creates tension and suspense.

  13. Overall impressions:
    Makes his speech clear.
    It was written to tell people not to say half cast.
    Also it is like saying half human.
    It was written for everyone.

    Analysis of language:

    He made us feel guilty by the way he explained people calling him self half cast.
    If your parents are different religions.
    He spoke loudly to state what he meant and to get the audiences attention.
    There was echoes and he was repeatative


    • He had made good effect by changing the tone when he said” Excuse me I’m standing on one leg.”
      In the performance it has comedy when it says excuse me I’m standing on one leg and it adds great comedy into the performance because it is going loud to quite which builds the tension in the performance.
      It has paused when it said “Excuse me I’m standing on one leg”,Which gives us the clue with his language that the performance is going to be very funny
      I think the performance is made for children because it’s got comedy and it’s a great performance to whatch . 😀😄😀😄😀😄

  14. We analysed the poem called “Half Caste” and we thought it was emotional because people called the man half cate and he thought people we calling him a half a human.

    He also used diffrent voices to show he is angry in some parts the bits which stood out like half caste and he used life situation like pacaso and other people he also said that would there things only half as well

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