Year 5 Spring 1 Portfolios

Hi Year 5,

What a fantastic term we have had this half term. We have been learning about Spain and enhancing our mapping skills in topic, we have learnt about myths, legends and fables in our literacy lessons and we have built upon a variety of mathematical skills throughout our maths lessons, including our times tables, angle knowledge, and rounding skills.

What has been the highlight of this term for you?  




One thought on “Year 5 Spring 1 Portfolios

  1. The trumpet means the final act in fact during the whole nightmare strange slow tunes are played through out. The kill should last 6 mins(minuets)and it is done by the main mandator.they through out spikes to hurt the poor creature and make them weak.the spices are 6-8 in hides the Bulls unfavourable colour is red and they use a sheet to make them come towards them they torture him and let him die I front of your eyes bull fighting happened(started)In 2000bc a really long time ago.
    Sadly three Bulls were killed by six mandator.the good thing is they band bull fighting in Barcelona………………………………Thanks for reading

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