Year 5 Reading Challenge

To be able to sequence the events of a story

Watch the short film, The Piano.

The narrative in this film is interesting because the events do not run in order.

What are the main events of the old man’s life? Start at the beginning of his life and sequence them up to the present day.

Record the events on a timeline in your homework book.

What are the main events of the old man’s life? Start at the beginning of his life and sequence them up to the present day.

Record the events on a timeline in your homework book. Then add some notes to your timeline to explain how and when the events appear in the film.

Write a brief synopsis of the film. You need to explain what the main events of the man’s life are and how the narrative of these events jumps from present to past.

6 thoughts on “Year 5 Reading Challenge

  1. bronze The old man stars to play the piano then the ghost of the old lady givs her a kiss and gose away. Then a young man plays whith a horse and then a kid terns up and helps the old man play the peano.

  2. I think that the story is quite sad and emotional becuase of the piono becuase piono’s are usually are used for stuff that are sad.I am sad that he went through these emotional things in his life.

  3. This is a really sad short film because it shows really sad events in the old mans lifetime.

    Firstly,it starts when the old man is playing a sad calm lonely tune on his piano after a few notes his wife appears to him and is playing with him.This is a memorable moment when he and his wife used to play on the piano together.As he remembers what has happened in the past.While he is playing the piano he gets quiet louder and a little bit quicker.Now he is remembering when he and his friend are in the war fighting and he orders his friend to shoot as he is getting his gun out ready to shoot the other army shoots his friend.This is another memorable moment when he remembers his bare friend dying in his arms.During the film it shows his grandson receiving a present from the old man
    it looks like a modern day horse and as he is playing he quickly changes from modern day to present day. Lastly he playing the piano with his grandson.

    There a many effects while the people a making the film they are:

    zooming in on the main parts
    the mood
    and the shades of color

    This is a really sad lonely film because it has really sad flashbacks during the fim

    By Aaliah

  4. In the film it has showed that the old man starts to play the piano. After , another series of events show up on screen for example: he remembers his wife and from deducing from the video she probably passed away, he still remembers the time when he was in the world war and when is friend got shot, also he remembered when he was a little boy opening up a present which was a toy riding horse. Then it goes back but the little boy changed his clothes which I suppose means that it was the old man’s grandson and he had given his toy to him as a gift maybe. The narrative of the story works it’s way backwards for example: he rides the horse at the end , his friend gets shot in the middle and around the start his wife passes away and he remembers her. This shows that the old man is telling his life story to his grandson in a different order (backwards). Also this means that if the video could be played backwards(which it can not) that should be the film in the correct order. Also these events are probably the most important part the the old mans life because his wife is important , his friend maybe is very important when he had passed away and the time of his life when he had got a present (the riding horse). But through the whole film the man is thinking and playing the piano at the same time. I think that he must feel downhearted or depressed about the people another way he could feel could be happy and sad at the same time remembering his wife kissing him in the cheek and the fact that , that cannot happen anymore.

    Thank you for reading by Haniyah :) :) :) :) :) :)

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