Year 5 Reading Challenge

Read this fable:

The Emperor’s New Clothes
A Danish folk tale
Once upon a time there was an Emperor who loved clothes! He loved clothes more than anything else! Every year on his birthday he would ask for lots of new clothes. And every year for his Christmas present he would ask for lots of new clothes. In fact all the Emperor ever wanted… was lots of new clothes!
The Emperor loved clothes so much that he had whole rooms full of them! And he loved clothes so much that he would get changed twelve times a day (Oh I feel sorry for the people that had to do his washing)!
One day, two strangers arrived at the Emperor’s palace.
“We can make you the most beautiful clothes in all the world and everyone will want clothes like yours” they said, bowing low to the Emperor.
“Ah, this is what I’ve always wished for” thought the Emperor. “To wear the most beautiful clothes in all the world.”
“You shall make me these beautiful clothes,” ordered the Emperor!
For weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks the strangers worked on the clothes and wouldn’t let anybody see what they were doing.
But the Emperor grew impatient; he wanted to see the new clothes now! So one day he demanded to see them! When the strangers showed them to him the Emperor looked all around the room. He looked high… and he looked low. But he couldn’t see the new clothes anywhere!
“Where are the new clothes I have paid you to make,” demanded the Emperor!
“But they are right here, Your Majesty,” said the first stranger. “What do you think? Aren’t they made of the most delightful material, the most sparkling colours, the most fashionable design?”
The Emperor looked around confused; he couldn’t see anything!
“I can’t see any clothes at all,” the Emperor said.
“These,” the strangers said. “These clothes are so special and rare that only the cleverest people can see them. They are too fine to be seen by stupid and ignorant people; that is the magic of these amazing new clothes!”
“Oh of course, of course” said the Emperor quickly (not wanting to appear stupid or ignorant). “They are beautiful; this is just what I’ve always wanted! I’m sure my new clothes will be greatly admired by all of my people. Can I try them on?”
“Well,” said the strangers “As you can see they’re not quite finished yet. But if you could pay us a bit more money, I’m sure we could have them ready in time for the big parade.”
The Emperor promised to pay the strangers anything they wanted if they would have the new clothes ready for the big parade. He wanted everybody in the kingdom to see them!
The day of the big parade came and the two strangers presented the Emperor with his new clothes.
“Everyone will admire you, Your Majesty. The new clothes look most wonderful,” said the strangers.
By this time the word had got out that these new clothes were so special that they could only be seen by clever people and, not wanting to appear stupid or ignorant, all the Emperor’s friends said…
“How beautiful! What colours! What style! Your new clothes are magnificent, Your Majesty!”
“Oh dear,” thought the Emperor. “All my friends can see my new clothes but I can’t. Does this mean I’m stupid and ignorant and not fit to be Emperor? I will have to pretend I can see them so that nobody thinks I’m stupid. No-one can know the truth!”
When it was time for the big parade the Emperor put on his new clothes, said “Follow me” to his friends, and marched out of his palace and onto the street.
Crowds of people lined the road and watched the Emperor and the big parade. There were knights on horseback, huge elephants with jewels and smartly dressed soldiers parading along the street. But the star attraction of the big parade were the Emperor’s new clothes! The crowds had all heard that only clever people could see the Emperor’s new clothes and, not wanting to appear stupid or ignorant, they all said:
“What a lovely outfit!” “Doesn’t he look smart!” “How lovely are the Emperor’s new clothes!”
The Emperor was very pleased that everyone was admiring his new clothes, even if he couldn’t see them himself!
Suddenly, a little voice from the crowd shouted out…
“Hang on! He’s got nothing on! The Emperor’s as naked as the day he was born!”
A hushed silence fell over the crowd and the big parade stopped… Then… Everyone suddenly burst out laughing!
“The little boy’s right,” they said. “The Emperor hasn’t got any clothes on!”
The Emperor blushed and went red. They were right… He wasn’t wearing any clothes at all!”
“Pass me a cloak,” he ordered one of his friends. “I must return to the palace and put some clothes on! I should never have trusted those strangers that only wanted to flatter me and take my money!”
From that day on, the Emperor gave the little boy an important job in his palace because he was the only person that had told the truth. And, whenever the Emperor needed advice he would always ask the little boy first.


Write a summary of the story in your own words.


Explain why the Emperor does not stop the strangers from making his clothes? What is the consequence and how does he feel?
Use evidence from the text and write a least 2 paragraphs.


Rewrite the story from another character’s perspective. How might they see the events?

16 thoughts on “Year 5 Reading Challenge

  1. There once lived selfish,cruel emperor,who wanted nothing but clothes.He changed his clothes twelve times in one day.The people of his kingdom got more and more worried as the days passed by.”The emperor is spending to much money on his clothes.Our kingdom will fail if the emperor carries on this routine.We must come up with a way to stop him.”

    The next day,there was a knock on the door.”Who is making that awful noise banging on my door?”the emperor questioned.He sent a thin,bony man to go and see,who was banging the emperor’s door.As soon as the two boys,heard the footsteps of the man, they started to shout about making the emperor some new clothes.

    As the thin,bony man stretched his skinny hand out to open the door he heard the voices of the two boys.He listened carefully until they finished talking.”I think I shall go and tell the emperor”he said.He ran towards the emperor in joy.”You won’t belive what I just heard”he cried.

    “What did you hear?”replied the emperor.

    “I heard that you are going to get some fabulous new clothes,which are invisible to a fools naked eye”said the thin man.The emperor looked so happy,it looked like he was going to burst out in joy.The fat emperor ran towards the brown,rough door.”Come in.Come in”boasted the jolly,fat emperor.He opened the door as quickly as possible.The boys ran inside.

    “So I heard I was going to get some new clothes”said the jolly emperor.

    “Yes.We have come here to enquire if you would like some clothes and by when.

    “I would like my new clothes by next week”replied the emperor.The fat and skinny boys brought the emperor his new clothes the following week.The foolish emperor snatched the bag of the boys and stood there puzzled.”There is nothing in the bag!”he bellowed in rage.

    “For you to see the clothes you need to imagine that you are wearing a glamorous outfit.Then the magic fabric will appear on you”replied the boys.The emperor held a parade in celebration of his new clothes.Everybody praised the selfish emperor as he walked passed,until he finally came to one boy.”Look the emperor is naked.”There was a long pause.Then the crowd burst out in laughter.

    “You fool!”the emperor shouted to the boy.With that the king ran off towards his palace making sure no one can see his spotty pants.From that day onwards the emperor only changed his clothes twice a day.

  2. The emporer does not stop because the two boys made the clothes invisible so he could no t see them.He loved clothes more than everything so the boys made the the clothes invisible.

    The king would now be feeling embarrassed because when everyone saw the king a boy shouted to say “the kings naked .”Thats when the king felt embarrassed.The consequences were that the boy shouted at the king

  3. Gold
    A long time ago, there lived a selfish and vain emperor, who only cared about his appearence.Everyday, he would order his servants to go and buy him new clothes.The emperor would change his clothes every hour.First, he wore a red fancy coat and then he wore a blue fancy coat.

    Nearby, there lived two bad boys, who loved lying and tricking other people.

    One day, the emperor was admiring himself in the mirror, when he heard something.
    “Oh how lovely clothes we can make!” said the strangers.
    The emperor had heard this, therefore he demanded for his servants to bring them in.
    “Hello your majesty, we hear you have a parade next week, so we thought that we could make you your clothes, but only a stupid and ignorant person cannot see them!”
    The king demanded for the clothes in 4 weeks.For weeks and weeks,the brothers worked on the clothes but wouldn’t let anyone see it.Then, the brothers gave the clothes to the king. The king looked high and low but he did not see it.
    “Where are my clothes?”asked the emperor.
    ” They are right here, in front of you!Only a fool cannot see them”said the brothers.The king could not see them but he pretended he did because he didn’t want to be known as a fool.
    “Of course I can see them with sparkling colours!”pretended the king.” I will wear them tommorow! ”
    The day came when the king stood outside naked.He was walking down when a boy shouted”The emperor is NAKED!”
    Then everyone started to laugh and he rapidly ran in his castle and never showed himself again.
    The moral is to not trust everybody!
    From Samira Ali

  4. GOLD!!!( beginning )

    Town lady’s perspective:
    Long ago in a Danish Kingdom, lived a silly old emperor.He did
    not care about anyone the only thing he cared about was
    some new shiny clothes.Every hour of the day he changed
    his clothes.

    One fine sunny,day there were two strangers they were
    shouting like town-cryers ,until I finally heard what they

    The emperor heard in amazement and went rushing on to
    His balcony and shouted”COME IN!”.The strangers came in…

  5. The emporor does not stop the strangers from makinghis clothes
    because he would really like some magic clothes.Also they were
    being very kind helpful and genarouse.

    the consuquence was to walk in the streets with no clothes on
    because he was to fond of clothes.Also a little boy saw him and shouted out to everyone that the kings got no cloths on and that
    he was naked the day he was born.Iknow this because it says in the text.

    I think that king is extreamly imbaresed because all his people
    have just seen him naked wih no clothes on.After he calmed down a bit I think he was impresed because the only person who had told the truth was the little boy.

  6. Gold

    Once upon a time there lived a king who loved clothes but there is a colossal problem about him, he so does not care about anything and anyone he only cared about new clothes.Most people are getting worried about the king if he could have the role of being a king. Literally everyday the emperor went shopping for 32 hours to buy clothes he even gave gold on the streets and theives . How worse could this emperor get. Every Christmas,new year and birthdays he would want more clothes than to see his own family.Do you even think he should be the king?
    The next day there were some to villagers who were bad brothers. One who was short fat and clumsy and the other who was tall thin sly and clever. They both head out to the palace.On the golden,ivory door had a huge,rusty wooden handle. The thin one says “you should knock on the door because you have strength but I will collapse if I’m even knocked down.” So the fat one knocked on the door and one of the best looking servant came up and said ” Are you here to make the kings new clothes?” “Uh…um YES WE ARE!” Replied the brothers in such a hurry. So they were allowed to go in, they went to the king where he sits on his throne when guests come in which is the hall room. They bowed to the king very low in honour. The vein king asked “Are you here to make my new clothes?” “Yes we are here to make you your new magic clothes.”replied the 2 brothers. “Only fools can’t see them” said the 2 brothers spitefully. The next day they came back with nothing they said fools can’t see them but it was just a lie.The king pretend to try the new clothes so people didn’t think he was a fool. He went out in the perade and the people said his clothes suited him until when a little boy shouted “the king is naked and he’s got no clothes on HAHAHA!!!!” The crowd went silence and then the villagers burst out with laughter.the rushed back to his palace and put some clothes on. The king gave the little boy a job. The boy had to check if he was wearing the right clothes.

    This teaches you a moral not to care about yourself but to care about everybody put faith in you,so don’t be selfish. By Leena

  7. GOLD!!!
    one day there lived a Emperor who was in love with clothes! he loved clothes more than anyone in his kingdom he changed his clothes every twenty minutes. one day he called his servants”servants servants go and get my clothes immediately”.

    The servants came with a golden jeweled clothes on their hands “sir there are only three clothes left” they cried.

    “Don’t just stand there go and tell the whole city go and make me some new clothes i want them done in till three days you understand!!”the Emperor shouted.The servants ran to each house to say the Emperor needed new clothes .

    When they were walking to knock on peoples houses they knocked on a small wooden door. two brothers appeared at the front door who were poor and wanted a job and asked”hello what do you want ?”

    “oh we have come to say that the emperor has ran out of clothes so it would be a great pleasure if you make the clothes for him and bring it to the kingdom after three days or you can bring it in earlier about in two days.”

    When the man went away the little boy whispered ” oh brother we shall bring fake clothes to the emperor so we can earn lots of money for our bills. The big boy nodded and smiled .

    After two days the emperor cried to the servant”look outside and see if anyone has came yet ” The man went outside to see if anyone was there the two brothers were standing still like statues.

    The man called out “oh the emperor said you may come in but where is his clothes? i can not see it if you do not have the clothes the emperor will be angrier than ever”

    “The clothes are invisible only a foolish man can not see it” the young boy lied it was really nothing the man let them in looking puzzled and shocked. The two boys faced the emperor ” here they are in this bag they are bright as gold”they yelled through the noise of servants while the hanged a plastic empty bag on their pale skin, as higher as their head.

    “this is very strange but i can not see a single thing in this plastic bag”shouted the emperor.

    “It is magic clothes and only a foolish man can not see it but you may try it on” the older brother replied the servants put the fake clothes on the emperor.

    He looked in the mirror and cried” oh these are wonderful clothes i shall wear them to the parade tomorrow morning” .He gave the boys some money and said thank you. the boys ran away and started to laugh on their way back to their house .

    The next day the emperor got change in his new clothes . the whole kingdom were excited to see the emperors new clothes when they saw his clothes they were surprised and shocked.. some of them lied and said they loved his new clothes but they really thought it was a silly choice to chose them fake clothes. they did not say anything because they did not want to hurt the Emperors feelings . until a boy cried” THE EMPEROR IS NAKED!! all the people started to laugh. The emperor started to turn red he looked at his body and ran away back to his palace.And kept on saying in his mind ehy did i trust the two strangers.


    There once lived two poor boys who was abandoned. They both decided they were going to get a job so they hurried of to the kingdom thinking they will get a job as a slave.they knocked on the illegent door. A thin and bony man opened the door and before the two brothers said anything the man said” are you coming for the job interview for a scourer who can make magic clothes”.They both said “yes” but they had a slightly problem, they did not know how to make clothes.

  9. BRONZE!!!!

    One day there was a emperor that only wanted clothes, their is two brothers that decide to flatter the emperor so that they can get some of the emperors gold and jewels. So they ran up to the castle to trick the emperor, the emperor was so flattered he let them in. They said they would make magic clothes for him, the emperor gave them gold. They pretended to make clothes, the inspector came in and checked on what how they were getting on. The brothers said how good the clothes looked, instead of saying there’s nothing their instead he flattered how beautiful the no clothes were. So he went away and didn’t say a thing, they brought the imaginary clothes to the emperor. The emperor was so stupid he put the imaginary clothes on, he went outside to flash his new clothes. But by the time he had went down the road a little boy shouted ” HA HA HA THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES ON HES… NAKED HA HA HA” and the emperor now knew he was tricked. And as soon as you could say munchy crunchy carrots he was gone as a flash.

  10. BRONZE
    One sunny day lived a man and he loved clothes. Every day he will ask for more new clothes. For Christmas he wanted more and more new clothes.He loved clothes that much that he wore 11 pair of clothes a day.that is how much he loves clothes.

    One day 2 strange people came to the empires palace. They said they could make the most beautiful clothes ever made. We will make the ones like never before and every one will bow at you sir so let us make your clothes. The empire said ok you must make me the best clothes ever. Then the 2 men said although you must pay an certain amount of money and then we can do your clothes sir.

    The empire says anything along as i have the best clothes ever. the people said no problem.

    they spent lots of weeks and days till one day the empire ordered them to show him the clothes.

    the men said OK we will show you sir.

    when they came back the empire looked high and low and side to side and then said where is it then?

    the people said this is the thing. you have to imagine. look how lovely it looks and how beautiful it looks.then the said yes i can see it now and here is the amount of money.

    next day was a parade going on the empire was going to be the main one. he thought that he should where the clothes the people gave him. when he said that he could only see it so he had to where a top and then i will were it over.

    then he thought he should were it.when he got there he sat on a special horse . Till every one said how nice he looks. but then he took his trousers of and his top and said this is what it really is everyone was saying wow. but inside they wow really laughing at him.

    Till a boy told the truth and said the king is naked there just trying to make you a fool empire. till the empire servant said the kid is right.

    the empire blushed. he look at him self and said they are right i am not wearing any clothes. pass me my clothes he cries,he went to the castle straight away.

    he thought to himself that he should of never trusted the people they were just being greedy with the money. they wanted me to look like a fool.

    then from that day on he gave the boy a special job for telling the truth. when ever he need help always asked the boy.

    :) :) :)

  11. GOLD:
    my version of the story:
    Once, in a long forgotten Danish kingdom ,lived a piggish Emperor. This Emperor wanted to stand out from others; not with personality , not with feelings , but with clothing!

    The Emperor had lots of clothes … Acutely he had tons of clothes! Vests to shirts to jackets ,all sorts. Many people tried to find out the accurate amount of clothes in the Emperor’s closet… In fact his closets!

    The whole entire kingdom wondered how many times the greedy pig changed his clothing a day . There was only one person which knew that answer , and that was the Emperor. He changed his clothes twelve times a day (Most people would have changed their clothes that many times in a week !!!)

    One day when the fashionable creature was looking at his self in his gigantic crystallised mirror , two strange looking strangers were outside of the Emperor’s palace.

    “Greetings” Said the two people
    “Rapid people should not be here” Bellowed the Emperor
    “Emperor ,we are not rapid. We can make you unique clothes.
    Easy for us were the best tailors in the world ”
    “Drop off a piece of unique clothing here in four weeks”
    Yelled the Emperor.

    Four weeks passed. The Emperor was waiting for his new clothes . Hours went , until the emperor heard two voices screaming “Special delivery”

    The horrid man jumped and ran to the two men. He looked at them and grabbed the box . The box was light . The emperor was curious . The box opened . His eyes widened .It was nothing .

    “Is this a joke” he screamed
    “What is a joke it is hear can’t you see ”

    The Emperor sighed and accepted the clothing. When he got inside he put the clothes on . The emperor did not know that the two men were horrid little men which gave him nothing! THE EMPEROR WAS NAKED !

    The piggish man ordered a parade to begin so the Emperor could show off his new clothes (more like nothing)

    When the festival began crowds were everywhere. The Emperor stood on a float which had a sign on it .The sign said “LOOK AT MY NEW CLOTHES !!!!”

    The crowd went silent . A lady covered her child’s eyes.

    All of a sudden a man screamed” Your not wearing clothes , YOUR NAKED!”


    village lady’s perspective:
    Once in a Danish kingdom lived a young lady. She had brown hair and brown eyes. She was very kind. The kind lady had a kind son he was very young.

    The kind family hated the Emperor of the Kingdome .He was a piggish and fat. All he loved was clothes . He never cared about his people and this was selfish because his people always obeyed him.

    One sunny day , when the kind family were in there home , a very moody looking man strolled towards the family’s cottage. He knocked…nothing
    He knocked again… nothing
    He knocked again…the lady opened the door.

    The unpleasant man opened a scroll and read it ” There will be a parade today at 6pm . The emperor will be showing the Kingdome a surprise . You must attend , if not you hall be forced”
    “Ill be there” said the lady very sarcastically

    The man walked away with moody look still on his face. The lady rolled her eyes and SLAMMED the door.

    At six PM the lady got her son and walked him to the parade with her . In her mind were many names which could insult the Emperor. At the parade was many floats.

    Minutes later, a gigantic float came along. Her jaws dropped … THE EMPEROR WAS NAKED
    Everyone gasped and went silent .the lady covered her child’s eyes.

    All of a sudden a man bellowed “THE EMPERORS NAKED”

    The lady ran and ran and ran until she reached her cottage. At the cottage the lady’s son asked her “what happened”
    All she could say was “Nothing”


  12. Gold:A long long time ago there once lived a vain Emperor.The Emperor absolutely loved clothes.Everyday he went shopping he bought a cupboard full of clothes and he always said “tomorrow i will buy lots and lots of new clothes just for me.

    One day two curious looking strangers came walking into the emperors palace.No noticed them until they heard the humongous castle door close,making the ground shake as it did so.The two strangers sent worry through the emperors town.People thought that they were going to steal the emperors clothes.After all there was no gold to steal as the king had spent it all on clothes.

    “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY CASTLE??!!!!!!!!!!!!” boomed the king questioningly.
    “We are here to make new clothes” said the first stranger nervously.
    “They will be the best clothes in your kingdom and we will make them” replied the second stranger more confidently.
    “Will they be ready in time for my ceremony next week?”
    questioned the emperor.
    “Yes but i must warn you the clever will see it but the stupid will not”

    A week later the strangers came back but with nothing.
    “Where are my clothes?” said the emperor quite puzzled
    “You are wearing them my lord” replied a stranger
    “Then let me walk out and show them to everyone.

    When the emperor walked all the people were clapping.This was until someone shouted “Those clothes aren’t great.He is naked. he has got no clothes on” and with that everyone burst out laughing

    The end

    By Nidal

  13. Once upon a time there lived a empoure and he loved growing plants he alway loved to plant actually he loved it more than eny thing else he even got seeds from Christmas. When he went shops he saw sourt of seed that he could grow in his garden.
    one day, he was gone to sleep and when he got up to watert he lovely plants in the moring they were all gone and the garden was full of dirty ness he was very Angry he wanted to know who did this naughty thing he was terrified. He was walking down the street and saw that thief stole my plants he ran to him and he said to him may i habe plant’s back please? No!! The are my plants no there not your being very silly nooo. The empore went to and got him and went back home and put down hos plants inside so the naughty thief don’t get it again. All along he told the turth but he didn’t understand never mind he said he might them so he can raise money for charity and then he will be
    The empore was so happy and he got loads of great presents from his families and friends because it was his birthday he was really enjoying his birthday party he loved it growing plants yayaaa.

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