Year 5 Reading Challenge – Autumn 1

Reading Challenge – To use inference skills to write a recount on the Moon Landing

During Autumn 1, we have been learning about recounts and making them as effective as we can. You will need to carry out some research into the moon landing and then write a recount, choosing a challenge from the list below.



“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Neil Armstrong (first man on the moon)

Use the picture and quote to inform your own recount writing:

Bronze – Write a catchy headline and an introductory paragraph (using the five W’s)

Silver – Headline, introductory paragraph using journalistic language and complex sentences.

Gold – Write a newspaper report using journalistic language and include at least one quote from the time. (You will need to do some research).

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  1. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the lunar module called Eagle on the moon. The date was July 20th 1969. They stayed on the moon surface for 2 and a half hours. They collected moon rock for return to earth. This event was broadcasted on live tv all around the world. They returned to Earth and landed in the Pacific Ocean.

  2. Gold – Newspaper article The Daily times

    Neil Armstrong – The first man on the moon

    Facts about Neil Armstrong :
    Born – Aughust 5th 1930
    Death – Aughust 25th 2012
    Space missions – Gemini 8 , Apollo 11
    Children – Karen Armstrong , Eric Armstrong , Mark Armstrong

    Yesterday morning live it was reported that an astronought named Neil Armstrong had been the first person to lay their human feet on the moon . Our team got intact with the Astronought as soon as he landed on earth we were the first people to get a glimpse of the most extrodanary trip in the world.

    But maybe we are giving too much credit too Mr Armstrong as there were two more people that landed on the moon with him and their names are Buzz aldrin and Micheal Collins but the reason Neil Armstrong is being praised so much is because he was the FIRST to land on the moon and Buzz and Micheal were second and third. But aside from the numbers all three humans made an incredible memory to the society and no one will forget the three names buzzing in their heads .momments into the interview we started asking Neil Armstrong some questions which will be shared with the world the questions we asked him
    1. How did you feel whilst you were travelling in the spaceship to your destination (the moon)?
    Their Awnser was ‘ I was really pumped and ready for this mission because no one had attempted it . But on the other hand I was really stressed about the fact that anything could have gone wrong in. Space that could have delayed or postponed our mission’ .
    2. Did the trip go as planned ?
    Their Awnser was ‘ apart from our adrenaline going really high the trip was perfect it did not lack anything’. was the space food was it to a good standard ?
    Their Awnser was ‘ we did not really have a choice as we were not in a hotel we had to make do with what we had but on the whole it was edible’ .
    4. Did you get along with your spacebuds ?
    Their Awnser was ‘ in the start we were allocated to our team but we got along just fine we managed to stay calm and interact with each other throughout hard times’.
    5. Would you ever want to go through this one in a liftime experience again ?
    Their Awnser was ‘ we would be thrilled to do this again but this is serious and hard stuff it is not FUN the end result may be good but you have to work really hard to earn this joy’.

    We’d also got in touch with the family members of all three astronought and this is what Buzz aldrins familly said ‘ we were really worried if our son would make it out alive half the time I was repenting the fact that I even let him do this mission I really and magically wanted him to be back home out of danger I could not stand going through every night with my child on a leash of life .it was very scary .

    So in conclusion the trip was outstanding to the members of the team and the whole community . We are very proud of these humans and we hope to see more discoverys be made.

    Journalist – Suleman ali khan

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