Year 5 – Sharing opinions about sports and hobbies in Spanish

Year 5 have worked really hard to be able to share their opinions about various sports and hobbies in Spanish. Watch this video below to see how some of them got on with their learning.

The children attempted to add sub-titles to some of their videos – next time, maybe some of you need to check your editing – but well done on trying to work independently!

After watching these videos who can remember how to say: I like, I don’t like, I hate, I love?

Can you also list at least 10 different sports and hobbies in Spanish?

Finally, can you share your opinions on some of the sports and hobbies – one for ‘like’, one for ‘dislike’, one for ‘hate’ and the final one of ‘love’. All in Spanish please!


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  1. How to say:? I like, I don’t like, I hate, I love?
    I like:Me Gusta.
    I don’t like:No Me Gusta.
    I hate:Odeo.
    I love:Encanta.
    No Me Gusta Cana.
    Me Gusta Futbol.

  2. 1. Golf=el golf
    2. Swimming = nadar
    3. Reading = Leer
    4. Dancing = bailar
    5. Football = rl futbol
    6. Skiing = el esqui
    7. Hockey = el hockey
    8. Judo = el judo
    9. Rugby = el rugby
    10 . Baseball = el Beisbol

    Me gusta rl hockey
    no me gusta el futbol
    me encanta leer
    Odio nadar

  3. 10 different sports and hobbies in Spanish?

    English Spanish
    basketball el baloncesto
    biking el ciclismo
    chess el ajedrez
    cooking la cocina
    dancing el baile
    fishing la pesca
    football el fútbol
    gardening la jardinería
    hiking el excursionismo
    hunting la caza
    jogging el footing
    a movie una película
    music la música
    reading la lectura
    sailing la vela
    skiing el esquí
    soccer el fútbol
    swimming nardar
    television la televisión
    tennis el teniss

    Me gusta nadar porqe es fantastico
    I like swimming because it’s fantastic .
    No me gusta fotbol porqe es dura
    I don’t like football because it’s hard.

  4. The word like in Spanish is Me gusta
    The word dislike in Spanish is No me gusta
    The word love in Spanish is Adoro or Encanta
    The word hate in Spanish is Odio

    1 .Golf is el golf in Spanish
    2.Baseball is el beisbol in Spanish
    3.Football is el futbol in Spanish
    4.Basketball is el baloncesto in Spanish
    5.Judo is el judo in Spanish
    6.Dancing is el baile in Spanish
    7.Swimming is el nadar or natacion in Spanish
    8.Rugby is el rugby in Spanish
    9. Skiing is el esquí in Spanish
    10.Hockey is el hockey in Spanish.

    Me gusta el gymnasia porque es interesante
    No Me gusta el golf porque es abburido
    Encanta el futbol porque es fantastica
    Odio so bailar porque es realmente abburido

  5. Can you also list at least 10 different sports and hobbies in Spanish?
    1. Golf = golf
    2. Ice skating = Sobre hielo
    3. Judo = judo
    4. Football = futbol
    5. Rugby = rugby
    6. Gymnastics = gimnasia
    7. Swimming = Nadar
    8. Running = correr
    9. Basketball = baloncesto
    10. Baseball = Beisbol

    Can you share your opinions on some of the sports and hobbies
    1. Me gusta baloncesto porque es fantastico.
    2. No me gusta golf porque es aburrido.

  6. Baloncesto , futbol, golf, nadar, asqui, cocinar, Pintar, leer, ver la tele.

    Me gusta leer por que es interesante.
    No me gusta futbol por que es aburrido.
    Me odio asqui por que es may dificil.
    Me encanta ver la tele por que es gracioso.