Year 5 Spain Day 2021!


A much awaited day of fun, fun, fun!
Year 5 will be hosting a Spanish Day to celebrate all the fantastic Geography learning children have been taking part in this half term. This will take place on Wednesday 1st December 2021.

We would like all children to make the effort to dress up and take part in the celebration of our learning.

If you haven’t got a costume try and make something to resemble a Spanish costume.

Girls make fans, wear your hair back. Wear a black or red dress and pretend to be a flamenco dancer.

Boys, wear high white socks and make a cape- looking like a matador. You don’t have to buy anything new – just dress up in red!

Children can wear Spanish football tops or even dress up as tourist travelling to Spain.

What have you enjoyed learning about so far?

Please write what learning activities you would enjoy completing on our themed day.


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