Year 5 – Spring 2 Portfolios

Year 5, you have come back to school with an outstanding attitude towards your learning. Fantastic progress has been made this half term. We’ve had the opportunity to have a Hobbit day in school, create and design some fantastic models/maps in art and had the chance to visit the canal basin linked to our rivers unit in Topic. Below are short videos to showcase our learning. What have you enjoyed about this half term? Have a fantastic break, stay safe and we hope to see you back in Summer 1.   Mrs Khan, Mrs Diaz, Mrs Edwards & Mrs Habib





14 thoughts on “Year 5 – Spring 2 Portfolios

  1. In English I enjoyed the hobbit day.
    In maths I enjoyed it when we were learning about how to make a mixed fraction and a improper fraction to be the same.
    In topic I enjoyed the trip.
    In science I enjoyed learning the different classes of animals.

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