Year 5 – Spring 1 Portfolio Ms Janjua’s Group

Wow! Year 5, what a busy term it has been. In maths you found this unit difficult, from multiplying to division to fractions, but you didn’t give up. You showed perseverance and resilience by completing extra work during lunch times. I am really proud of all your efforts. Well done.

In English, you enjoyed this unit and it showed through your work. We started the term by learning about detective stories. You learnt about the features of a detective story and

then wrote your own. You enjoyed solving the crimes and learning about Sherlock Holmes, Alongside this, you learned about the famous victorian poet Edgar Poe and then wrote your own victorian poems and performed them using intonation.
A super finish to the term. Enjoy your half term break and make sure you comment on the blog and complete your homework. See you in Spring2.

Worked hard….having fun….


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  1. Well done to everyone and mrs Janjua and this term and I will miss this group if I am out or not I don’t know, but to all have a great weekend.