Year 5 Reading Challenge

Blackface is the story of a colonial hunter who goes in search of some exotic monkeys.  Shooting them for sport.

He is warned away by a tribal elder, who warns the ‘brave’ and arrogant explorer about an immortal monkey.  The explorer scoffs at the idea and sets off in search of his trophy.

The elder casts a spell over the intrepid explorer.

Watch the film to see what happens after the explorer finds and shoots a beautiful golden monkey….

BRONZE CHALLENGE: Summarize the story in your own words.

SILVER CHALLENGE: What is the explorers attitude towards the Natives? What effect does this have on him in the story?

GOLD CHALLENGE: Write a short story about the Legend of the Eternal Monkey – remember some of the legends we read earlier in the year and use a similar style.

Good luck!


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  1. One hot day a man went to the jungul and got told to find a immortelle he went and wen he was going. A man throw some dust at him but he did not realise and when the man fand the monkey he got a shotgun and killd it.Then he was ran around becose he was tuning in to a monkey.Then the trees stated to arak him and then the man who had poot the dust on him was praying at him.So when he left the monkey ran away.

  2. The man warned by an elder.He warns him about a immortal monkey.the elder puts a spell on the explore.The explore sets off and goes and tries to find a golden trophy.He was being mean to the old man.

  3. One hot sunny day a man arrived in the forest on a search to find the golden monkey. He met a man who warned the man that he is immortal and very dangerous but he just lafed and said it. So he walked on and on on the journey and found the gold monkey and pulled the trigger of the gun and shot it. The monkey hit the ground and the man went to pick him up but he was gone so he looked round and the monkey Wasnt there then the cast started working and the man shrink end and shrinked and became a monkey. He got taken in and got laid on a bed then he got a line on his head which I think was a symbol that he will stay a monkey forever. Then he remembered back

  4. Once there was a person called black face,he never believed in immortal monkeys.There was a Indian,who told him that it was dangerous.Even though black faces friend translated it,he still didn’t listen,so his friend was waiting for black face,but he couldn’t find him and he never ever came back again!!!
    Who will be the forests next victim?

  5. GOLD;
    One beautiful morning ,Black-face [an explorer] got out of his car-ready to explore.A tribe leader warned him that there was an immortal monkey and that he shouldn’t shoot it.Blackface ignored him and wet of to find the monkey.As soon as he got out his knife he spotted a beautiful golden monkey.He shot it and went to get the monkey.He went to the exact place where the monkey had fell but he couldn’t find the monkey.Blackface started to grow ugly black hair and turned into the golden monkey.

  6. Once a long time ago , in a jungle , lived very beautiful monkeys. They were specie because you wouldn’t find them every where. They had golden fur , which shone in the light.
    One day a cruel hunter came to the forest. You could tell that he hated animals. He always had bullets on him and always stood on inocent insecs!
    He posed his gun and was ready to hunt , when a old tribal Indian stooped him. He said it was useless to enter the forest and it was useless because there was a I mortal monkey in there. The hunter said nonsense but he didn’t know the Indian was very right . The hunter pushed him out the way and walked into the forest, but as he was walking the Indian threw blue dust at him . It was magic.
    When he enter the jungle strange things were happening. Noises of monkeys brought the hunter to a tree with a clear view if a golden monkey eating. The hid then got ready to shoot. All of a sudden there was a bang…The monkey was dead . The hunter walked towards it and the blue dust flew if him. He accidentally dropped his gun nut when he went to pick it up he noticed he was grow win fur. He started to run as he was running he turned into a monkey. The Indian started some black magic. He controlled nature to bring the hunter monkey to his cave. The hunter monkey arrived there exsorsted. The monkey was put under magic by the Indian. The hunters car arrived the monkey was told to leave so he ran to a corner to see what was happening. He saw him self as human saying nonsense to the Indian he noticed there was a cycle happening . He ran away and wasn’t seen again.

  7. Blackface
    Bronze challenge.

    One day an explorer came to a native town where he was expecting to find a fine-looking golden monkey. He had a helper who was his kind of translator from the native language to the English. The man was very mean and bossy he didn’t like it when people told him about danger and not to go there he did whatever he liked.
    Later he met a tribal leader who warned not to even try to kill the monkey because it was immortal. The explorer didn’t listen and carried on walking into the jungle without his helper. The tribal leader put a spell on that explorer. So that when he kills the monkey he will turn into that monkey.
    When he got into the jungle he searched for the monkey but he did not find it. When suddenly he heard the sound of a monkey so he hid behind a tree and waited for the right moment and then BOOM! tHE MONKEY WAS DEAD.HE went to get the monkey but it was not there so he searched for the monkey and then while he was searching he became furry and then he turned into the golden monkey.

    That monkey fainted and when he woke up the tribal leader cut the top of his head.


    The explorer thinks that the natives are stupid and that they believe fake and made up fairy tales but actually they are true stories.He also thinks he is more cleverer than them.

    This has an effect on him because it makes the elder leader cast a spell on him and it makes the reader or watcher think bad things about him instead of good things.


    One beautiful morning,an explorer came to the native tribe.When he got there he looked around then he saw the tribe leader .Then the tribe leader warns him not to search for the fine-looking, golden monkey because it was immortal.Then the tribe leader casted a spell on the arrogant explorer.The native then throw a blue cloud of dust,whilst he was going to the jungle.
    When he got inside the jungle he searched with his gun out and ready.Then he approached a whole load of trees but he just got his knife and cut down the trees.Then he carried on then he heard a loud monkey swiftly and quietly he ran behind a tree then he saw the monkey in the tree eating some fruit.The monkey was so beautiful and was so bright.He aimed his gun then BOOM!He shot the monkey so he went over to where the monkey was .When he got there there was nothing there, which made the explorer really upset.He searched for his trophy but he could not find it. So then he looked at his hand and he saw that his hand was getting hairy and from that moment he started jumping around crazily then his body became hairy and he became the monkey that he killed.This was the spell that once he had killed the monkey he would become THAT monkey that HE killed.Then the monkey looked at it’s reflection in a small stream and suddenly he was thrown up into the air.Then he fainted.Then when he woke up he found himself in a temple with the tribal leader then the tribal leader split that monkey’s small golden head.


  8. Bronze:
    One hot sunny day,a hunter and his helper were
    exploreing in the jungle for a monkey with
    golden fur ,but a old man warns them that the
    monkey is immortal.The hunter laughs and tells
    his helper to go and told the old man to go
    aswell.The hunter then goes to find the golden
    monkey.He finds the monkey but when he goes and
    sees its dead its not there.Sudeenly,he drops
    his gun and when hes going to grab it his hands
    and face start to become hairy and hes turning
    into the golden monkey.

    By Fiza

  9. GOLD: Millions and millions of years ago their live a monkey who’s fur was as bright as gold, it was very rare to find a golden monkey. It was the prizes of all prizes to every hunter around, unfortunately nearly all of the golden monkey in the world were being hunted and skinned to make into useless, unwanted decorations. Until one day a wise ancient tribe member had found a living golden monkey, and set an ancient spell of endless life. By doing this ancient spell, their a consequence. Unfortunately, the consequence was that if a hunter was to shoot a golden monkey, their whole body will evolve into a golden monkey themselves. On every day of the spell the golden monkey would have to return to the temple were the ancients wise man’s magic lies, so that they could regret their ways.

  10. Bronze challenge.
    One hot sunny day there was a man who came to hunt in the forest. Suddenly, an old man appears and starts to convince him not to hunt in that forest. He told him not to hunt in the forest because the monkeys in that forest were rare as they were immortal. But the hunter didn’t listen. As the hunter walked away from the old man the old man put a curse on the hunter. As he was hunting he spotted a monkey eating fruit. He walked towards it and he shot it with a gun. After killing the monkey he himself started turning in to a monkey. When he turned fully into a monkey the plants magically start throwing him about and he falls asleep. When he wakes up he is face to face with the old man in the temple. Suddenly the old man looked in his eyes and found out he was the hunter who didn’t listen to him before. So he left him in the temple and dealt with another hunter who had come to hunt monkeys.
    And the human turning into a monkey story went on and on.
    The end.

  11. Once there lived a abominable man whose name was Blackface. He arrived in a forest/jungle to look for a monkey. He wanted to kill them. His helper gave him his gun and when Blackface looked up he saw a tribal leader of the jungle. The tribal leader asked in his language ” Why have you come here for? What do you want? If you have come her to kill the monkey you can’t. He is immortal.”

    Blackface asked” Whats he burbling about?”

    The helper replied ” Har Surdu. One of the refugees of the jungle. He knows the reason why you’ve come here.”

    “And then!” Blackface said.

    “Wait, he says its useless to come here and kill the eternal monkey. He is immortal.”

    Blackface chucked. ” Immortal. An immortal monkey.”

    His helper replied. “Yes, immortal” The eldery man growled at Blackface. ” And the sardu said we should go back now.”

    Blackface said ” I no longer need you go away you coward. And you to you crazy old man. Get out of my way!”

    The eldery man stared at him walking past him and while he was walking, he sprinkled blue dust on him. Blackface coughed and turned around and saw no one was there. Therefore, he walked into the jungle.

    When he arrived, he searched for the eternal monkey. He found it and set his gun on it. He shot it and the monkey fell to the ground. ” Those who show eternity be short lasting.” Blackface said.

    As he was walking, he saw hair growing on to his hands. They started to get fatter and hair growing on his face which was a beard. He turned into a monkey. The tribal leader had taken him to his massive teepee. The tribal leader had but a blue mark between his eyes with his thumb. The man honoured him by bending down. Blackface’s helper turned outside and when the eldery man left. Blackface had found an open window and went through. Blackface looked and saw what had happened from the beginning. He had recongnised this is what the tribal leader had done at the start. He then knew why the eldery man said that. After, Blackface escaped feeling sad.

  12. Gold
    In a deep,dark forest there was a golden, beautiful monkey hanging from trees happily enjoying itself.But one day a selfish man came with a gun trying to shoot some monkeys.He was stopped by a caring elder who tried to persuade him not to defeat these living monkeys. The man refused to do such a thing . And carried on strolling through the soggy mud.As the selfish, disobedient man who is known as the blackface turned his body around the helpful man did a spell on him. Blackface stopped and gazed right at a very enchanting looking monkey. The unkind side of him thought of shooting it and he did facing his gun upwards. His body was now a monkey . And the man cast a spell on him. And he soon believed in this man.

  13. Firstly the man gets out of the car.He meets this Indian person.The Indian man tries to warn the man to not to kill the monkeys.The man didn’t listen and he walked off to kill the monkeys.While he was walking he found a monkey and he was about to kill it. He went close and the monkey wasn’t there.He looked around him but the monkey wasn’t there.So he ran and he started to look like a monkey. At the end of the story he became a monkey.

  14. bronze
    A man goes to jungls to hunt monkeys,but then be is stopped by a old man.The old man tells him not to enter the jungle but unfortunately he enters.Then he sees a monkey and shoots it.Then gas is around him while he walks.And then he realises he is turning in to a monkey.Next he faints and the old man put the monkey in a temple and shows him when he arrives.

  15. The hunter known as black face, travels to the jungle where monkeys stay. when he had reached his destination he met a tribal leader which he had addressed as a crazy old man. The tribal leader had warned him that he should not kill the monkeys because they are immortal, however he refused to listen.

    He searched for a golden monkey and at last he found one he then killed the monkey. suddenly he started to itch and hair started growing and it started to develop and went all around his body. He than found his self as a monkey. Suddenly something then grabbed him.

    as he opened his eyes he found his self surrounded with candles. He saw the trible leader and he applied something on his forehead. He then saw out the window that the nightmare was going to start again.

  16. bronze:A hunter went to a native.he new that there was a imortal monkey there.He told someone that there is a imortal monkey there. The man said a imortal monkey why do you think there is a imortal monkey.The hunter didnot listen and he went into the forest when he turnrd smoke was infrot of him.The man put smoke there.The hunter was walking around.when he was walking around he made a footprint.He was walking around then he heard a loud noise he hide behind a tree until he saw it when he saw it he shot it.It droped onto the floor.Then the hunter was getting controlled by something then lots of hair was coming onto him he was hairy then he disappeared.All of his clothes where still there then the monkey took the clothes back to him.then when e gave the the clothes to him the man bowled to him to say you are my god.


  17. Gold :
    Once there was a disobidiant man called Blackface and he really enjoyed killing monkeys as a sport. One day Blackface decided to explore the jungles and kill some monkeys. When Blackface got there he was warned by the tribe leader not to kill any monkeys because one of the monkeys was immortal! “Do not kill any monkeys,” warned the man
    “For one is immortal!” Dispite the tribe leader’s warnings Blackface carried on.
    When he got into the forest he could here a noise… a monkey! So Blackface pulled out his huge gun and… shot the poor monkey in one blow! One his way back he started to feel tired and soon dropped to the floor. He was shivering because he was very cold! Soon he slowly got up to find that… he was a monkey! He was covered in hair, from his head to his toes!
    Then he heard the tibe leader coming, and he brought the monkey to a hut with a large circle in the middle. A noise was coming from outside, it sounded like a car moving away. So the tribe chief left the monkey.

  18. Bronze:

    Blackface once met an native. The native told him that why would you go and search for a monkey. But blackface did not listen and carried on wandering to find a monkey. The native then set a spell on blackface, and when blackface killed a monkey he started to turn into a monkey himself.


    The explore attitude towards the natives was that he was not showing kindness and was doing what he wanted to do. He was not listening to the natives and taken the advice he was given by the natives. When he didn’t listen to the natives he soon got turned into a monkey himself.

  19. Bronze

    Some hunters met the native. The native wandered him that there is an very dangerous monkey. However the hunter did not believe him and said that he will see for him self if this monkey is dangerous. The native said he is also immortal. But the hunter did not care and set off. Then the native cast a spell . he grew hairy and so much hair fell on him that he died .

    :) :)

    • Bronze challenge
      Firstly blackface got off his car when he met an Indian native. The native told them that there is no point in hunting for monkeys in the jungle but blackface didn’t listen to the use full advice he was given. Blackface started walking in the forest when he saw a monkey eating grapes and he shot the monkey. After he shot the monkey he started going hairy then he turned into a monkey he then looked at his reflection in the mirror and saw that he was a monkey so he fainted. Then the Indian native that he saw earlier found him and put him in the middle of a dozen candles and when blackface woke up the Indian native put some blue powder on his forehead and looked into his eyes and when he looked into his eyes he saw that who he was.

  20. the hunters went to the jungle and met the native. the native warned him to not come to this place because there is an exotic monkey, who is immortal. He didn’t believe him and showed a rude attitude. He went to the jungle and the native cased a spell on him.He found a monkey and he shot it. He dropped his gun and grew hair and died .

  21. GOLD:
    Deep inside the bushy,emerald forest, was a golden,immortal monkey ,which would never die because it was immortal.A foolish hunter, comes to the exact same forest which the golden monkey lurked in its depths.His partner, tells him to be brave and to build confidence.Just when the hunter was about to enter the forest, a elderly man of the local village, asks what hes doing in the forests of Africa.The hunter who thinks his brave, says “I want to prove that this myth is nothing but hand full of rubbish”
    The eldely man, warns him that the feared monkey is no legend and it has been lurking inside the forests of Africa for centuries and been attacking his village.The man syas that the elderly ma nis just bluffing.As the hunter starts to approch the forest , the elderly man puts a spell on the man who had a rifle in one hand and its ammo in another.The hunter , sees a monkey and shoots it.He looks into his sniper, and sees that there is nothing there.He is left there frozen and goes at the place whare he shot the monkey he nearly fainted as there stood the monkey mad out of gold.It squeeld and the hunter sprinted through the forest as if it was a one on one race between two marathon sprintes.he looked at his hands and found out that he was starting to grow hair on his arms.He ran and he stubled.Now he found out that the man was right and he turned into a monkey.


  22. The man didn’t believe that there was a immortal monkey. He went of with his gun in his hands. The man,who told him that,had this blue pawder and he blows it. The blue pawder was the man who went of. He saw a monkey and he shot it. He went to see it and it was gone. He was tuning in to a monkey.

  23. There is a hunter he went to the jungle to kill exotic monkey then he met a strange man who said that it is useless to come to the jungle and he is immotal.But the hunter decided not to listen to him so the man casted a spell on him so he start seeing things after a few minutes he saw a monkey then he killed it but when he looked around the was nothing there.Just then his hair started to grow on his body he looked at his body and screamed with terror while he was runing wildly he got smaller and smaller then eventualy turned into a monkey.After a while the man who was immortal got hold of him the man jogged his memory when he remembered what happened.His heart started boiling with rage.The man sent him to go away when he when away he saw other people trying to hunt for exotic then his heart started boiling with rage.

  24. Gold:
    Upon the forest was an enchantible,golden monley that was very rare.
    If you shoot the magical monkey you will know what will be in store for you next.
    Legend has it that a rude,brave and unstopible explorer tried to shoot a rare monkey,there it was beyond the tall,thick trees.An old wize man warned him but as you know the explorer who was very selfish didnt listen to a word that the old man said,so the wize man cast a spell on him with a bad stink and whenhe shot the monkey it fell to ther ground. The explorer hurried to the tree and the monkey wasen’t there,no drop of blood or anything. Soon he felt something growing on his skin,then he looked into the crystal clear lake and he realized that he turned into a monkey.
    His life was a disaster and so he seeked some help from the kind hearted man.
    By Leena

  25. Silver Challenge
    The explorers attitude towards the native is bad because the native warned him about the immortal monkey but the explorer had other ideas and scoffed because he didn’t believe the native.The explorer had not believed the native but later in the story it effects him because he feels ashamed, when he looks back and sees everyone hates him as a monkey.The story is effective because it is the explorers fault for not listening to the native, so the explorer is the monkey.

  26. There is a Indiana man who is waring the man that be brave and have confident and explore the funny monkey and the explore goes off and search’s the funny monkeys.
    While he’s searching suddenly, he gets hairy and hes a funny looking monkey.

    Then the Indiana man gives the magic spell to him but it never works and something did happen wrong but what was it?
    Then he never is a human ever . Oh poor you!

    • Silver challange

      The explorers attitude towards the natives was not very nice.I know this because in the vidio the explorer just scoffed and didn’t listen the the tribe leaders warning.

      The effect it had on the explorer was very devastating for him. This is because he tried to shot t h e golden immortal monkey and in conscience for that he turned into a monkey.

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