Year 5

Blackface is the story of a colonial hunter who goes in search of some exotic monkeys.  Shooting them for sport.

He is warned away by a tribal elder, who warns the ‘brave’ and arrogant explorer about an immortal monkey.  The explorer scoffs at the idea and sets off in search of his trophy.

The elder casts a spell over the intrepid explorer.

Watch the film to see what happens after the explorer finds and shoots a beautiful golden monkey….

BRONZE CHALLENGE: Summarize the story in your own words.

SILVER CHALLENGE: What is the explorers attitude towards the Natives? What effect does this have on him in the story?

GOLD CHALLENGE: Write a short story about the Legend of the Eternal Monkey – remember some of the legends we read earlier in the year and use a similar style.

Good luck!

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  1. Bronze
    The story was about a man who kills monkeys for sport. As he came out the man stepped on a poor snail also a tiny man came out to and the tall man snatched the gun of the little man .then an voodoo man came and talked to the little man the the little man translated It and said go back and to your country then the little man went the the tall man walked away whilst he was walking he spreaded blue dust . The he found a monkey from a short distance he shot if then as he did he started turning into a monkey then fully did also branches of the trees tangled him an the went to the voodoo home the voodoo started bawling down when the man woke and the voodoo man put the blue mark on its head (dust) as well as that he said wait then went out side to see other people and do the same last thing the monkey looked out side the looked horrified, scared

  2. When a African car arrives a man climes oit of it and stands on a small snail.An India man comes with a gun when the tall man sees the indian man with a gun he snatches the gun of him. A minute later an indian man comes and says somethinh in his language. The shorts indian man whi was holdi g the gun translated is and he said” you shouldnt of came to hunt the monkey because it is imortal” the tall man starts to laughed and said to both of the man to go away. The tall man turned and walked off the indian man spread a blue dust on the tall man and the tall man started to caugh he turned aroind and no one was there so he carried on to go hunt the monkey. When the tall man saw the monkey he piked his gun and shoot the monkey ,the monkey fell. The man ran to get the monkey and it was gone he put his hand on the grass and his hands started to grow full of black hair he screamed.While the tall man screamed the old indian man walked into rhe dom wherethe monkey was.When he fot to the dom he stroced the monkey by his chin. Then he kneeded down on his knees and prayed for the monkey whilest the monkey was having a dream about turning from a nan into a monkey and got touched by the old indian man.

    From the outside he could hear a car parking, so he rawalked slowly outside next to the car and looked who was it.As he was looking in the car who was it the monkey slowly came out of the dom and escaped.

  3. Bronze
    As the man got out of the car he stood on the poor little worm. A small Indian man was holding the gun and when he was holding the gun the tall man snatched the gun . When the Indian man was talking the small man was telling the man with the gun what the man was saying in English. Then the tall man sent the big man and the small man to go away. Then the rude man walked away. When he was walking , he was spreading blue dust . The man which was saying there was a monkey the rude man started to search for the monkey. The man went off to hunt for the monkey.

  4. Bronze
    This is a story about an explorer who goes to search for monkeys and will hunt for them and will kill them.He meets a wise tribal leader and he warns him not to kill the monkeys but the hunter does not listen.Then the wise tribal leader casts a spell on him.

    He sees a monkey and shoots the monkey.Then the hunter gradually forms into a monkey due to the spell.

    Eventually,the tribal leader took him.

  5. Bronze Challenge
    This is a story of an explorer, who goes in search of some exotic monkeys, he met a tribal leader who warns him not to hunt monkeys. However he decided not to listen to him and went into the jungle to hunt monkey.

    The old men casts a spell over the colonial hunter. The hunter was unaware of the consequences and killed the monkey. However when he walked closer to the dead monkey he could not see the monkey on the floor and then got a bit curious and then he dropped his gun. He then transformed into a monkey himself due to the magic spell of the tribal leader.

    Finally, the old wise man came and put him into a cave with candle lights and then he made the monkey a part of the tribe.

    Silver Challenge

    Explores attitude was ignorant and very immature towards the native. He was not listening to warnings given by the tribal leader. He was over confident and had irresponsible attitude. Explorer’s attitude has impacted negatively on his destiny. He had to pay a heavy cost and unfortunately he was turned into a monkey himself.

    In other words, his whole life changed from an explorer to an exotic monkey. A lesson learned from this story that one need to listen to warnings given by elder people.

  6. Bronze
    A man comes from behind the car which somebody else has brought.As another car parked next to the car the man came from,the person in the car came out of the car with a long,black gun.As he walked over towards the tall man,he asked for the gun and the small man gave it to hinlm as he requested from earlier on.

    A wise man with a massive,wooden stick walked over to the man who came from behind the car and said things to him.
    “Why did you come here?”shouted the wise man.
    “What do you want?”said the wise man
    “You can’t kill a monkey explained the old man.
    “You will get a curse from the monkey the old man roared.
    What is he babbling about as the tall man did not understand the language he was speaking.He is saying you shouldn’t be here.
    “Go away coward”yelled the tall man.
    Off he went to his car.

    As he got into the car, he said to the tall man”and you too you crazy man”
    In his car he put his indian music on at full blast.
    “Get out o my way the tall man said the the wise man who had a long stick.As he turned the other way,the other man cased a spell on him for him to turn into a minute monkey.

    He walked into the large forest and cut a couple if trees down for him to get to get to the other side of the large forest.As he got down from the rock he stepped in the mud and sank into it but he pulled himself out and rapidly ran further into the forest.

    Up on the tree,Ge could hear a strange sound and turned around towards the monkey and shot it with his long, black gun because the old man said he would be cursed by a monkey.

    As he carry on walking he starts to turn into that same monkey and ran faster than ever and started to become hairy and more hairy.Meanwhile the old,wise man walked into the dome where the monkey was.As he got I to he dome,he stroked the monkey by his chin.Then he kneeled on the floor and prayed to the monkey whilst the monkey was having dreams about turning from a nan into a monkey and getting tortured by the old man.

    From outside he could hear a car parking up a outside the dome so he walked out slowly towards the car and checked who it was.As he checked who it was the minute monkey crept out from the whole from in the dome an escaped hastily.

  7. When the man came out of the car he stepped on a tiny snail. A small man had a gun and the man snatched is off quickly. Whilst they were standing an old man was speaking in a different language. The small man translated it in English. The man told the little man to go away. He also told the old man to go away. The man turned away and started walking. When he was walking the old man spreaded blue dust. One of the men’s told him that there was a monkey. The man went of to hunt the monkey.

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