Year 5 Reading Challenge

Hi Year 5,

Your challenge is to read through this article (click on the link):

The article is on whether dams destroy rivers – you need to read it through all the way to the end (you may need to look up any words you are unfamiliar with). This is a challenging piece, but it is an opportunity to push yourself.


Identify the facts and opinions in the article.


Identify the opinions and write the alternative viewpoints for each opinion.


List the facts present and then use these to write a balanced argument about whether dams are good thing or not. You need to explain your answer, using the facts you have listed.

Give this a really good go Year 5 – you have all made some brilliant progress this year, this is an opportunity to show it off!

Good luck,

Mrs Mahtani and Miss Redhead


6 thoughts on “Year 5 Reading Challenge

  1. The sentence We can take deliberate decisions about what kind of world we want to live in that is a opinion.
    The sentence Indeed dams do change the world and it’s natural environment is a fact because it changes the environment.
    The sentence In the course of that they destroy species is a opinion because not all dams destroy species.
    The sentence in general we can that people change their environment is an opinion because it’s their environment the dams change


    The sentence ” Indeed, dams do change the world and its natural inviroment” I think that that sentence is a fact because most dams in rivers can change and they are natural invoroments.

    The sentence” Ultimately ( which means in the end ) dans change rivers. The degree to which they change and the negative impacts on humans, and nature depends on how large they are” I think that this sentence is a fact because dams can change in rivers and it may also change the negative impacts on us humans.

  3. Bronze:
    In general, we can say that
    people change their environment. Opinion

    Indeed, dams do change the
    world and its natural environment.fact

    In the course of that, they often destroy species;
    they also create species, but that is not often measured or mentioned.fact

    As an example, sedimentation as a process is the base of geology,
    many millennia old, many thousands of metres deep.fact

    “The notion that some static measure of biodiversity is good and any change is bad is not substantiated by natural history.Opinion in to fact

  4. A dam is a barrier that Impounds water or
    Under ground streams.All streams causes flood
    but Provide water like humans.

    A dam can also be used to collect water for
    humans and children

    • Sarah- again this is too late to be on the computer, children need rest to grow ad I suggest 9;30pm at the latest is the time to finish computer work and that is being generous!

  5. One of the facts is that it is many millennia old ,many thousands of metres deep. People think that need to have a debate on this. Ultimately dams change rivers .

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