Year 5 This Is Me – Same But Different!

5 Blue have been looking at disabilities today as part of ‘This is me’ week. We discussed disabilities that can be seen, and also those that are invisible. The children thought about how people with disabilities are able to continue to do every day things, and how challenges are overcome. We decided that disabled people were inspirational, and that equity plays a part in ensuring that opportunities are not only equal, but fair too. 

Watch Alesha’s story about her life with the medical condition Asthma, and answer the questions below.

  1. What is Asthma, and how does Alesha keep it under control?
  2. How do her friends support her to ensure she is included?
  3. What challenges does Alesha face?
  4. What are the causes and effects of Asthma?
  5. Research what to do in the event of someone having an asthma attack. What should you do?

6 thoughts on “Year 5 This Is Me – Same But Different!

  1. She keeps her asthma under control by not running around as much as other people.
    Her friends are supportive by playing stuff without running like knitting.
    One of her challenges is not playing outside in case she has asthma attack.
    The effects of asthma are asthma attacks if you run around to much.
    The person would immediately need to take the reliever Inhaler which is blue [Salbutamol]. Can repeat this again however if the person fails to respond to this, urgent medical help would be needed …999.
    *However Signs of a life threatening Asthma attack which would require emergency 999 call would be Being unable to talk full sentences, respiratory distress, Blue lips and confusion.

  2. Q1. She keeps her Asthma under control by not running around too much.
    Q2. They do the knitting with her so she is not doing it alone.
    Q3. One of the challenges she faces is fighting the asthma for her team.
    Q4. Some of the effects stop her to breath properly and makes her cough.
    Q5. I would get their inhaler and calm them down.

  3. 1.she control her asthma by skipping school and not running.
    2.her friends and her play slow games like clapping games.
    3.not play running games and not going out to play with her friends.
    4. Asthma attack .
    5. She has to go to the hospital or she could die

  4. 1. Asthma and how does Alesha keep it under control by not running around.
    2. She does knitting so she is included .
    3. One challenge is not getting to play outside and missing classes.
    4. The causes of asthma attack .
    5 . You should call the ambulance if someone has a asthma attack.

  5. 1. She controls it by missing a day of some things e.g PE days.
    2. Her friends played games like clapping hands and slow games that don’t include running.
    3. Not playing outside with her friends.
    4. Asthma attack.
    5. Go to the hospital and if you don’t you might die.

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