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Year 5 Topic: 1960s Adverts

You have been studying the 1960’s during Autumn 1. We have learnt about the new types of technology they had during the 60’s. Today in class we looked at some of the adverts that were shown on television. Think about how different they are to adverts today.


Task: You need to produce a 30 second script for a product from the 1960’s that could be used on the radio. Remember it needs to be a product they would have had then (not an iPad). It needs to state clearly what your product is and why it is the best.

Write your script in the comments section of the blog. If you have worked as a pair make sure you put both of your names at the end. You can draft it in your rough books first.


33 thoughts on “Year 5 Topic: 1960s Adverts

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