Year 5: Tuesday 2nd June – Entrepreneur Week: Task 2 ‘Think it & Research it’

Warning: If you have not read the Entrepreneur Week expectations blog, or completed ‘Task 1’ Then stop right now! Click the links below, read and complete them first, before you carry on any further!

Now the fun can really begin as you are well under your way to becoming an Entrepreneur! Research and thinking is always the first step!

You now need to find out about which current garden games exist, how popular they are and how old or new they are. You may find some games which are really new, but that does not mean old games are not as fun. Timeless classics such as ‘tig’ and ‘hide and seek’ were invented years ago, but are still popular today!

You may also find out that some games require equipment and some do not, this is also okay! Remember, there are lots of different types of games!

You need to be smart with your choices, there are hundreds of games out there, and you are not going to write about allllll of them, but it is about which games are most fun, interesting, relevant (To the UK and to children) and finally, safe to play!

Task 2: Research about the different garden games that exist, their popularity and how old or new they are. Create a lovely neat table (using a ruler) to display your research.

Researching tips: Now Google will come up with lots of different things. Be SMART with your website choices, some will be more reliable than others, for example a website from a magazine company or games manufacturer is a lot more reliable than a page of people’s opinions saying ‘I love this game!!’ (For example YouTube comments)

But as a starting point for your research, here is a list of things I would type in, which you may use:

  • Most popular garden games for kids
  • Current garden games for kids without equipment
  • Garden games for kids with equipment
  • Current outdoor garden games for kids
  • Garden games for kids, old and new!
  • When different garden games were invented or discovered

An example of how you should lay your table out is below!

Challenge: Can you put the games you have found in chronological order of invention or discovery?

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  1. Garden Game: Connect 4
    Summary of Game: Each player has a set of discs and tries to make a row of 4 discs into a board.
    Equipment: Discs with different colours and a board to hold the discs.
    The game is very popular.
    The game was made in February 1974

  2. Garden Game name: Tag
    Equipment: You need 2 or more people to play tag.
    How to play: To play tag there is 2 teams, 1 is the person who is tagged, the other is the runner/runners which by their name they have to run. If someone gets tagged they are the tagger and the old tagger is now a runner.
    When was it made: 1870.

    Garden Game name: Hide and seek.
    Equipment: You need 2 or more people to play Hide And Seek.
    How to play: To play hide and seek you have 2 teams. The first team is the seeker team with only one person. The other team is the hider/hiders who have to hide in a spot. If they get found they’re out of the round and have to wait for the next round.
    When was it made: 1976.

    Garden game name: Swing
    Equipment: A swing.
    How to play: You sit on the swing and someone has to push the swing.
    When was it made: 5th Century B.C.

    Garden game name: Slide.
    Equipment: A slide.
    How to play: Climb the ladder and slide down the slide.
    When was it made: 1922.

    Garden game name: Football.
    Equipment: A football and a goal.
    How to play: There is a goalie and some shooters. Goalie has to save the ball by catching it and making sure it doesn’t go into the goal. The shooters have to try score without the goalie catching/saving it.
    When was it made: November 6, 1869.

  3. The game tag is a game made in the 1738. One person has to run around and touch people and say tag when happen person who was it ( The person who was catching people ) run away and the person he catches becomes it instead of him. Also a rule is if you cross your fingers it cannot tag you but you can only cross your fingers for five seconds so mos run with their fingers crossed whenever it gets close to them for five seconds. Another rule is that it cannot camp you also meaning wait for your five seconds to be done and then tag you and run away from the new it. The equipment needed is two or more people because this is a two or more player game. Tag is very popular in the UK because it many names in different parts of the UK e.g tig, tiggy, tips, tick, it, chasey, touch and go, and dobby. It is very famous globally too and still played by kids in this generation now like me even though it was made in 1738.

  4. The game ‘hot potato’ was made in the 1800s.Agame were you can throw any object or a potato.
    The game find the word it was made when dictionary were made so you would have a dictionary and find the word and who ever finds the word they would get a point.

  5. The game ‘hot potato’ was made in the 1800s. A game about throwing a object around if you drop it or hold it longer then the time limit then you lose

  6. Garden game name – bone and arrow
    So yo u have an arrow and you have to aim at the target 🎯 if you aim at the middle you will earn 100 points and any where else you will get lower points.
    So that is the game bone and arrow 🎯

  7. Garden game name-Hot potato
    Hot potato was invented in the 1800s. It involves passing an object around. You can only hold the object for a limited amount of time or you are out.You also can’t drop the object. This game is given this name because you sometimes drop hot things. This object can be anything but most people play with circular objects.

  8. Dominos was invented in 1100AD
    Frisbee was invented in 1957
    Chess was invented in 6th century AD
    Football was invented in 1173
    Limbo was invented in 1950
    Tag was invented in 1941
    Golf was invented in 15 century

  9. Football!
    Football was made in sound 1870. And you only need a football to play. You need two or more people to play this game and people were obsessed with football.

    My created game!
    I think a good game to play would be hide n prop is where you could have a object and you have to hide it somewhere and the other person has to find it.

    • Later on in the week you will be asked to create your own game that you could pitch on Dragons’ Den. Think about how you could make that into a marketable (a thing you can sel) game.

  10. Popular garden games include:
    Toss a ring- invented 1881
    Giant jenga- invented 1970s
    Giant dominoes- 1100 ad
    Boules- 1910
    Golf- 15th century
    Limbo- 1950
    Games with equipment:
    Football- 1869
    Golf- 15th century
    Frisbee- 1957
    Tennis- 1873
    Games without equipment:
    Tig- 1941
    Hide and seek- 1976
    Valley 123- 2005
    Duck duck goose- 1919
    What’s the time, mr wolf?- 1816
    All of these games latest to newest;
    Giant dominoes
    What’s the time, mr wolf?
    Toss a ring
    Duck duck goose
    Giant jenga ,Hide and seek
    Valley 123

    • Wow! What a long list of games. I would pick maybe 3/4 and look into them. You will need to look at what equipment you need. Use the table on the blog to help you.

  11. Ring Toss:
    Throwing One ring at a time score 5 points by making the ring touch the stake.
    It’s Very popular across the world And in The UK.
    It Was Invented in 2006

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