Year 5: Tuesday 30th June: Home Learning: English

Task 1

Answer the questions in full sentences. Use your inference skills. Write it in your homework book or paper.

Task 2

Write a sentence using a colon. We used them a few weeks ago in SPaG but if you need a refresher have a look at this website:,answer%20or%20to%20provide%20contrast.

Write it in your homework book or paper.

Task 3

There are 3 rubbish sentences on this blog. Can you make them better? Write them in your homework book.


Now it is your turn to write the story of the girl.

Bronze: Capital letters, full stops and sentences.
Silver: expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and adverbs.
Gold: subordinate clause, relative clause and parenthesis.


Think about these:
– why is she there
– who could she be?
– does she have any powers?
– does she link to the girl from last week?
– what is her reason for being here?
– are the eyes in the dark friends or foes?

Task 5

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  1. I have completed this and found this very easy. A sentence for my upleved sentence is As they walked into the dark,scary cave they did not know if it was day or night but they did not know what was coming for them.
    I am also going to use this in my story

  2. Alexa and her companion travelled to the scorching cave.Inside it was very hot.My body was suffocated with heat .It was very hard to breathe.My companion Rody was perfectly fine he has magical powers in order to protect me.

    All of a sudden a bunch of dark red eyes came out.It was a pack of wolves.I knew this was a distraction to keep us busy for a while.I knew this was the exact time and place to earn my powers.I had to help my protector against the pack of wolves.The tight for my powers was dangerous there was only two of us against a pack of wolves.
    We had defeated the pack of wolves. My powers had reached me.My body felt very strong.Now I had enough powers to defeat Kileraz.He was strong.As soon as we were about to reach the gem,Kileraz had appeared.

    Now it was time to fight.Both our spells shot at each other.Spells were thrown.I knew the spell of memories will defeat evil. I read ” soso memory redo.Kileraz became weak and died.We had finally caught the gem.😁

  3. As the girl jumped off the stepping stones she saw red eyes staring deeply at her. She was terrified at what came at her. It was a goblin. It gave her some magic mushrooms. She could run at 100 miles per hour now and she thanked the goblin by giving him some healing powers so now he could heal people and they became friends.

  4. Task 1:
    1:The girl and her companion companion may have entered the cave because they must save the gem 💎before it gets into the hands of evil.
    2: The girl is human and her companion is a creature or an insect.
    3: There are red eyes 👀 on them.
    4: The girl and her companion are about to be attacked.
    5: The lava is coming from the ground.
    Task 2:
    The cave was burning hot: it was the lava that caused this tremendous heat.
    Task 3:
    Darkness suffocated the cave.
    Orange lava flooded the ground.
    Carefully the girl and her companion stepped across the stepping stones.

    • This is my story.
      After a lot of walking, Bella and her companion (that was her mom in the form of a black cat) entered the Cave of Doom. Inside the massive underground cave, it was dark and gloomy, and it was filled with steaming lava, which gave out the only light and a lot of heat. In front of them was a river of boiling hot lava and the only way to get through was to cross the stepping stones that went through it. Cautiously, the brave girl and her companion cat jumped energetically across the fragile stepping stones.
      Suddenly, Bella saw the yellow eyes that glowed in the dark. Black furry creatures scuttled around her. One of them came closer.
      “Hello”, he said, “Girls, you look hungry, why not try our homemade vegetable soup?”
      “Who are you and why are you in the Cave of Doom?” asked the girl confused.
      “That’s how you call it,” answered the cat “We call it the cosy cave. We come here every year in autumn and winter, with the food we collected in summer and spring. We use the heat coming out from the lava to cook our food.”
      Bella was hungry and insisted on trying out the soup. “Would you like some mom?”, Bella asked politely. The cat nodded. After a minute, Bella had devoured the soup. She thanked her new friends for the delicious meal and carried on to her journey.

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