Year 5: Tuesday 9th June: Home Learning: English

Good Morning Year 5.
Today is your fiction writing exercises. You need to do this in your book and use your best handwriting.

IN YOUR COMMENT: I would like you to comment with your story from task 4 in your comment.
We expect a paragraph, not 1 sentence.

Here is your success criteria. Which medal would you be getting?

Bronze: Full sentences, capital letters, full stops and adjectives.
Silver: Adverbs, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials.
Gold: effective figurative language, multi clause sentences with commas, uplevelled adjectives, parenthesis.
Platinum: subordinate conjunctions and relative clauses.

Remember there is a list at the bottom of the page to help you with these features if you need a reminder OR you can google the features and revide them using BBC bitesize and many other websites.

This picture is called The Wanderer. What does that word mean? What does the verb ‘wander’ mean? Look at the picture and try to imagine what he might be doing.

Look up the meaning of the word before going on. Then, make sure you use that word in at least one of your sentences.

The order you should complete the tasks:
1 – Sentence challenge
2- Question time
3- Sick Sentences (improve the sentences)
4- Story Starter: use the information to create your own story. Is his staff magic? What can it do? Why is he out there on the mountain? What else might be living out there in the mountains? Are they/Is it friendly?
5- Draw the man using his staff


102 thoughts on “Year 5: Tuesday 9th June: Home Learning: English

  1. Wanderer:

    someone who often travels from place to place, especially without any clear aim or purpose

    Sentence Challenge:

    Taking a deep breath, the man sat down on the cold moss-covered ground.It looked like it could start to snow, yet the man hoped his cloak would keep him warm. Suddenly, the man heard a voice calling from far away, and so he turned his head towards the bitter-icy wind to
    I think there is an ancient wizard under the cloak.
    How do you think people start to feel when they see this figure start to approach them?


    I think people may feel petrified and frightened because ‘The Wanderer’ looks like a shady and mysterious character and no one knows where he is from or what he is doing in the village.

    Certain people might fear him because maybe his staff is for something very dangerous and no one knows him

    In my opinion, he is called ‘wanderer’ because he looks like someone who may travel aimlessly to different places and even though he doesn’t really have a backpack to travel around with,his staff may be the only thing that will help him throughout his journeys

    He might use the staff for magic spells or for helping
    himself in difficult conditions.

    He may need to use the staff now because he seems very old and he can’t wander without his staff.

    He might have a battle with an enemy who he had wandered around to find so maybe he isn’t a wanderer because he doesn’t travel aimlessly but for a purpose.

    Why does the man want to reach the village quickly?

    I think this is because he has something important to do.

  2. Story starter
    …to the ground. The wanderer stood up on his two feet walking like a soldier . He got there before snow came and looked around . People , who were staring looked terrified and petrified. Some stood there like a stick . Darkness was falling , houses , windows and all doors locked . The staff were trying to keep up then they wandered off . Suddenly ,someone behind him took of his cloak and dust fell to the ground . Everyone was saved by the hero off the day being brave enough to take of the cloak . No one has ever done it before .
    I have done the rest of the tasks in my homework book .

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