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22 thoughts on “Year 5 Warwick Castle

  1. Warwick castle was very good and I liked when we went to the top of the castle and it was good when we went into the maze and it was fantastic and great.

  2. Warwick castle ( which I think was the best trip ever) was shockingly fun.
    My faviroute thing about the trip was walking up to the castle twice because we had to get down because someone was scared.

  3. Warwick castle is probably the best trip I had in year 5. My favourite bit was when we climbed up to the top of the castle .(the view was amazing) Also the stairs ,which took us to the top of the castle , was very steep and that took us very long to reach the top.

  4. Warwick Castle was interesting and really fun.My favourite part is when we were singing on the coach and when my group climbed to the top of the tower.It was amazing.

    Thank you for the exciting experience.:)

  5. It was one of the best trips we have ever been on!I really liked going up the tower!I also liked having lunch and seeing the bird!IT WAS AMAZING!!!

  6. my best part was going to the top of the tower because i loved the incredible views also the prey of mews because the birds look so big.




  7. I loved it so much and my favourite part was the time tower. I liked the trip altogether but I had a breakdown when we had got to the tower as I am severely afraid of heights.

  8. My favourite part was when I went to the the top of the tower.Thank you so much to Miss Redhead Mrs Mathni Mrs Edwards and Miss Shilton.It was such a lovely trip and everyone had a great time.
    From Hanna Khan

  9. My favourite bit was when we went up the castle to the top and it was very scary for ealyas but he did try so well done and also ME AND NADIA HELPED WITH THE IMOVIE MISS Shilton.Also we got shields and it was greate fun👻.We also sang songs on the 🚌 like the eye of the 🐯 or things like WE LOVE Y ABIR WE DO WE LOVE Y ABIR WE DO ohhhh ABIR WE LOVE Y?
    It was great fun and it was a greate learning trip.

  10. Warwick Castle was so much fun! I think my favourite activity was the bird show. However, the most scariest activity was when we went to the top of the tower. Even though I was scared of the tower ,as it was really high, this was a very fun experience. Also I am proud of myself by actually going to the top of the tower.

  11. I had so much fun today at Warwick castle the best parts were the house,going up the castle and the view from the very top of the castle.

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