Year 5 Well-being day 16th March 2022

Wellbeing provides life-long advantages in health, work, relationships, and creativity. … Wellbeing improves children’s academic performance, behavior, social integration, and satisfaction. Year 5 has had a great well-being day today. Here are some of the activities we have been completing today.

Yoga – To move and achieve well-being within.

Drama – To understand what peer pressure is and how to combat it.

Which scenario should you do 1 or 2 and why?

Eco Dome – To observe what is growing in our school environment, and implement a care plan to maintain grounds.

Appreciation cards – Imagination and communication – To discuss what is appreciation and how do we show our appreciation.

Active Maths – To consolidate our understanding of fractions. We will be adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators, as well as converting mixed numbers and improper fractions.

47 thoughts on “Year 5 Well-being day 16th March 2022

  1. My favourite was the yoga and the peer presser and the gardening ,making cards because now I know how to never get peer pressured now I’m realax

  2. My favourite parts were peer pressure, yoga and the eco . I enjoyed the eco because we planted some new plants and I really enjoy gardening.
    I enjoyed yoga because it helps relax my mind . And also I enjoyed peer pressure lesson because I like drama and we got to perform in front of the class.

  3. Yesterday’s wellbeing day was so fun when we did gardening because we planted new plants. I loved everything that we did on wellbeing day.

  4. I really likes drama because we got to learn about peer pressure and we learnt to stand up for ourselves we should do scenario 2 because your parents will be worried and good friends wouldn’t ask you if you didn’t want to. I really enjoyed well being day thank you!

  5. My favourite was the Drama because I found it very interesting and acting with my group was really fun ! I think that they should do scenario 2 because their parents would be so worried and they might call the police.

  6. I really enjoyed this day
    My first favourite was the gardening (ms Elkin)🪴
    My second favourite was the smsc (ms masters)📚
    My third favourite was the maths (mr Kane )🧮
    My fourth favorite was the crafting (ms Khan )🧶
    And last but not least
    Is Yoga (ms Janjua)🧘‍♀️

  7. My favourite part of the day was the gardening because it was fun taking all the roots out and making the flower bed ready for spring and summer flowers.

  8. I enjoyed the yoga and the eco I enjoyed eco because it helps many many people and helps Co2 and the oxygen that we breath which makes it more easy for us to enjoy our well being day thank you and well done guys.

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