Year 5’s Mental Maths Practice Week 1

This term we are going to improve those mental Maths scores and aim for the high score 20 out of 20. Each week you will have a set of questions to answer.  I have highlighted some key vocabulary which will come up in your tests.  Some of which may be in the following week’s Mental Maths test and some to do with your learning over the past week.

Let’s see how much you can remember.  Go on try these questions:-


1 – What is the product of 7 and 6?

2 – If the length of a rectangle is 14cm and the width is 6cm what is the area of this rectangle?

3 – What would this number change to if you rounded it to the nearest 100 – 4789?

4 -Looking at this angle can you say which angle it is and explain your answer?


5 – Please write the smallest integer using these numbers – 7,4,9,2,0

6 – Write one quarter as a decimal?

7 – If the length of af an equilateral triangle is 2.5cm what is the perimeter of this triangle?

8 – What is the total of 49 to 270?

9 – How do you write 7.30 in 24 hour clock?

10 – If you had £10 and spent £6.42.  How much change would you get?


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  1. 1)42
    4) this is an obtuse angle because an obtuse angle has degrees between 90° and 180°.

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