70 thoughts on “*Year 5’s Super Scientists*

  1. When we added a combination of salt in the lemonade a little bit of bubble starting to rise up and erupt. This happend because when we added salt there was acid.when we added oil to the the lemonade the oil sat on top of the lemonade . Some of the bubbles starting rising.Also the oil had more viscosity and it didn’t mix together. Before doing the experiment , I predicted that oil will go straight down however the oil sat at the top of the lemonade. My prediction was Incorrect. When I saw the liquids carefully the were bubbles rising but they didn’t go pass the oil because the oil has alot of viscosity. There were some bubbles which sat on top of the oil. When we added food colouring it went through the oil and sat at the bottom. The food colouring expanded and it was lot harder see. The droplets started going up slowing at the beginning. When we added salt the droplets sarted fizzing.

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