*Year 5’s Superb Shape Week*

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SOLE Group’s Independent Project

Our super SOLE crew enjoyed their project this week where they had the opportunity to take charge of their own learning by deciding what to produce and how to present it. They were given many objectives to cover from different subject areas (Maths, English, Science, Art, Geography and History).

They were presented with the question “Why are planets spherical?”

Can you tell us what you did? How did you do it?

What did you find out?

What was your favourite part of this SOLE project?

What are some of the objectives you secured?

How did you cover the different subject areas?

Why are planets spherical?

Co-ordinates Challenge

Can you write the co-ordinates for the Super Mario characters and items? e.g. 9. Question Block (7,2)

Coordinates Grid Mario ChallengeMario Characters and Items Key


Well done Year 5, you’ve had an amazing week and have worked really hard. You should all be really proud of yourselves. 5 Red, your shape property post-it notes have been added to our Shape display wall so you can refer to them when we do more work on shapes later in the year.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Bhandal :)


15 thoughts on “*Year 5’s Superb Shape Week*

  1. Planets are spherical because when planets formed,the gravity pulled molten lava into the centre and made a round shape. Planets aren’t perfectly round because planets also spin too.
    My favourite part was when we pumped up the blow-up planets. I had lots of fun when the sun was pumped up,it was huge!
    A new thing I learnt was how to work out the volume of a sphere.(Volume=4/3pi()r**3.)
    It took me a bit of time to work out the volume of the planets,I was glad I had the calculator because there were answers as big as 10**15.

    I really enjoyed it!

  2. I liked shape week, as I loved every bit about shapes. Throughout this week I have learnt about geomertry. The most favourite part was when I wrote a information text about quadrilaterals.

  3. I have enjoyed shape week soo much . My highlight being working with the SOLE group to answer the question ( why are planets spherical ? ) We all had to work as a team to create a display .Unlike normal schooldays , Miss Redhead allowed us to work independently and present our work in whichever way we wanted . Each of us specialised in a certain area , making it incredibly easy to answer the question ; we made really it really colourful and creative as well as informative . During our research , as well as learning about the planets we also found out the answer to the question ; In space , the force of gravity pulled molten lava into one solid position . Once it dryed up , it became hard and more importantly was a sphere shape .

    Overall , shape week was very fun . THANKYOU for a good week !


    SUPER MARIO : 8,-8
    LUIGI : 6,9
    YOSHI : -9,-6
    DONKEY KONG : -7,5
    BOWSER : 2,4
    KOOPA : -4,-3
    GOOMBA : 2,-2
    BULLET BILL : -1,1
    STAR MAN : -9,9
    RED YOSHI EGG : -1,-8
    BLUE YOSHI EGG : 9,-2

  4. We found out that planets are spherical because of the force of gravity pulled the molten and made planets spherical.


  5. SUPER MARIO: 8,-8
    LUIGI: 6,9
    YOSHI: -9,-6
    DONKEY KONG: -7,5
    BOSWER: 2,4
    KOOPA: -4,-3
    GOOMBA: 2,-2
    BULLET BILL : -1,1
    STAR WITH EYES: -9,9
    RED YOSHI EGG: -1,-8
    BLUE YOSHI EGG: 9,-2

  6. we found out that The force of gravity, pulled this molten material inwards towards the planet’s center into the shape of a sphere. Later, when the planets cooled, they stayed spherical. Planets are not perfectly spherical because they also spin.

  7. The SOLE group made a display board showing how are planets are spherical and other related things.It was a great opportunity for my classmates and I because we had to learn how to make things without teachers help because in the future you have to do nearly everything by yourself and it gave me time to interact with all pupils and help them and also help me.We created lots of work and there was so much work we ran out of paper.Planets are spherical because gravity squeezes the planet that makes a half even to the other but they are not exactly spherical.
    Super Mario:8 -8
    Luigi: 6 9
    Yoshi: -9 -6
    Donkey Kong:-7 5
    Bowser:2 4
    Koopa:-4 -3
    Goomba:2 -2
    Bullet Bill:-1 1
    Question block:7 2
    Super Mushroom :4 -6
    Starman:-9 9
    Red Yoshi egg:-8 -1
    Yellow Yoshi egg:-2 8
    Blue Yoshi egg:9 -2
    I enjoyed shape and geometry week and I hope next week will be more fun and I can learn more.

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