*Year 5’s visit to the Black Country Living Museum*

logoHi Year 5, Miss Redhead made an amazing video of our trip yesterday, but I’d also like to share the photos I took and what mine and Mrs Kendall’s groups did throughout the day.


We were given a map of the museum with many places to visit and explore. We were “Historical Detectives” for the day and asked the Victorians many questions about their lives.

Can you remember who we were following the story of? What else can you tell me about them? 


Victorian House

The first place we visited was a traditional Victorian house. We were greeted by someone who showed us around and explained what life was like living in a small Victorian house.

Can you describe the house?

How many rooms were there?

Why was the fire place important?

How are our houses different now?


Horses and Ponies

IMG_5945Whilst exploring, we had a wonderful opportunity to see (and stroke) a horse. The owner explained why horses and ponies were important to Victorians.

How did horses and ponies help the Victorians?


The Village

StreetThe village was where we saw lots of different shops and buildings.

Which shops did you see/visit?

Can you describe how one particular type of shop was different back then in comparison to now?

We also visited the Chapel. What did you learn about the Chapel?

We were told about the famous ship that was on it’s maiden voyage, until disaster struck.

What was it’s name? What happened to it?

What relevance does it have to the BCLM?


Underground Mine Experience

MineWe found out how miners worked the thick coals in about 1850. The mines were dark and dangerous, but the children were fantastic and brave as they made their way through.

Can you describe this experience?

What did we do to stay safe throughout the underground walk?

What did you learn about mining and life as a miner?


Is there anything else you would like to share about your day? A favourite moment? The most interesting part?


I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of the children, especially my group in particular for being awesome throughout the day, and even on the journey back! I had a fantastic time and I hope you did too. I know you’ve learnt a lot from the trip and I’m looking forward to seeing your answers and comments.

Well done Team Year 5

Miss Bhandal :)

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  1. I had a great experience at tge Black Country museum ; it was soo much fun . I was thoroughly entertained through every activity; my favourite being when we went to the mines – it was completely dark , you could see absolutely nothing without the flashlights . I also learnt alot about the Victorian era ; how children lived ( rich and poor ) , how people lived , the products people would of bought and the way people lived . Since the Victorian period, due to a huge revolution, life has transformed with more appropriate laws and more suitable products for sale .

    First , after we got off the coaches , we walked to Lillies home , a two bedroom bungalow . The young girl ( Lillie ) lived with her mother . Inside the house , there were only three rooms , two bedrooms and one living room . The living room was by far the largest , warmest and most comfortable of the rooms . The bedrooms were tremendously cold unlike the living room , the only room where a fire would be lot at all times .

    Next , we went to see all the different shops ; medicine , food and clothing stores . Most brands have changed since then but a few cigarette brands was washing detergents are still out to buy today ; for , instance daz and marlboro are still brands today .

    Once we got out of the shops , we went for lunch .

    Most enjoyable of all , after lunch , we went to see the mines – not that we could see anything! We were given helmets and were told nobody was allowed to take them off as it could risk injury , it’s easy to hit your head on the wall when its dark. As we walked down , it began to get more and more dark and difficult to see , it was really fun experiencing how miners would work . For each checkpoint , there was a little naration and statue describing how miners would of worked .

    Finally , we went to the chapel . A Victorian methodist church. We learnt the history of it and how it helped the poor people within the small community . Poor families would go their for food and children would be taught how to read and write .

    It ws a great experience going to the Black Country museum .

  2. In the mine it was so dark,gloomy and there were statues of the people who worked there.In the mine,there were lots of sounds effects and there was one earthquake.The most dangerous job in the mine was standing on a ladder and cutting of coal.

  3. We were following Lilian.she was not rich or poor she was in the middle of rich and poor.It was small and very warm in the main room and cold in the other rooms.there were 3 or 4 rooms.it was important because that’s were the main things happened like cooking and staying warm.there houses were small old dirty smelly and unmoderon technology. We saw a general store and a pharmacist and a sweet shop.the trip was asume and fun.

  4. In the mine it was scary I did not like it because the flash lights weren’t that good it was really dark and sometimes we had to turn the lights off it was fun and scary luckily no one was lost

  5. WE seen the chemist and another random shop that sell everything.The chemist is different because some of their medicines were horrible and now there are helping more.

    The mines were scary and it was pitch black so we couldn’t see a thing.But the trip was amazing none the less :)

  6. It was amazing!:))I liked the ponies and horses they where so cute and don’t go back of them becaus they will kick you!;( OUCH!However they used ponies and horses to pull the coal out side the mine or inside.We went also to the chapelit was huge and the chairs lookedlike the church ones.The people,who couldn’t afford medison they had to go tu the chapel also they teached how to write ,read and more.Normaly in victorian times they didin’t know how to read for E.G the medison shop uzed 4 different sibols which represent blue wind, red fire,and I think green was for grass.The medicon did eveei thing that the docters do but not lke know we have sepaatied the doctes like dendist, abulanc,eye docter and many more.However in victorien times if you were a docter you will have to do every singli thing that different docters do even weight your baby!The mosy boring thing wa we nēedit to wait 2hours at least to get to Black Country Living musiem ;( onthe other hand, it was perfect.THANK YOU FOR THIS TRIP ! :)

  7. the house was quite warm,it had 4 rooms and the fire place was important because they cooked there food on it and they needed to keep warm.the houses are different because our house is ran on electricity but they had to use gas.
    the horses are important because they helped pull coal in the mines and pull carridges.
    it was so fu n it was the most extrordinary experience proberbly ever.
    we wore helmits and had torches.
    it was very horrible because you got little lunch and you had to work for 10 hours which is not very nice because you dont get much family time.
    it was amazing i loved it , it was proberly the best thing i have ever done.
    when we were inthe mine and it was dark it was so scary, good scary i loved it aaaaaaahhhhh! i want to do it again.

  8. I enjoyed going to the black country museum! It was very fun and I enjoyed every bit. We went in the mines and a tour around sweet
    shop. The mines were extremely dark and low, as it was my favourite part in museum. We had to wear safety gear to make us safe. There were statues of people because to know how men had worked in the mines. My experience of a poor people was very interesting and fun.

    One of the parts I enjoyed was the sweet shop in the villages.
    In the villages, people would of bought there groceries, clothes,
    medicine and many more things. One of the main shops in villages
    was a sweet shop, as only rich children could only by them. In the
    Victorian, sweets were very expensive. There was variety of sweets
    such as, bonbons, toffees and boiled sweets, since you had to suck them because they were very hard. To make a red coloured sweet, you had to put in beetle blood and to make a yellow and orange coloured sweet, you have to put in saffron. Some sweets included arsenic, to make a green colour, which sadly lead to death, due to the poison. During the Victorian era, if a child dropped a sweet they would it up and eat it or they would put it back in there bag and save it for later. But if you were very generous, you would give on to a friend or one of your family members.

  9. It was awful in the mines, I couldn’t see a thing even with the torches! The thing that scared me the most was when that wall EXPLODED!!!

  10. The house was big and in the bedrooms it was cold.They were 2 rooms upstairs and 2 rooms downstairs.The fireplace was important because it kept people warm and heated up the bath.Our houses are much bigger than the Victorian ones.We also have seprate rooms where as there kitchen and the living room were in the same room.The horses and ponies helped because the pulled up the coal.The experience was good because we learnt how it felt to work in a mine.We stayed safe by wearing a hard hat.I learnt that it wasn’t a nice job and that people got hurt in the mine.The ChapleI was a Church where people sang songs and preyed.I would like to say thankyou to the teachers for takeing us on the trip.

  11. The house we visited was big it had two rooms upstairs and downstairs . The fireplace was important because it had to heat up the water in the bath. We have houses which are much more bigger and have bathrooms we also have separate rooms for the kitchen and living room.
    The shop we visited was a market. The lady on there was a strict Victorian she shouted at the boys for not letting the lady’s in first and she told them boys have to get out the shop first to help the lady’s down. The shop was very small but it had everything they needed it was made from 2 houses. People bought the house next door and knocked down the wall to make the shop bigger.

    The experience in the mine was very frightening especially when the whole floor shook it felt like the roof was going to fall down on us. It was very dark that is why the people with torches had to shine the light at their feet so we could see where they were going. Also the roof was very low so we had to crouch down.

    We even got to see how the chains were made that was a fantastic experience but it took very long to make. The man who made it wasn’t wearing gloves and he said you can get very badly hurt.

    This was a brilliant experience. Thank you so much for taking us!

  12. I had a great time at Black Country Museum! It was very fun and I enjoyed every bit of it, including the mines and the tour to the sweet shop. The mines were extremely dark and low. We wore hard hats and had torches to keep us safe. There were impressions of coal exploding by gunpowder,but I knew it was of course fake.

    We also went to the Victorian sweet shop. When I looked at them,they looked good ,but when I found out that there were poisonous metals that were used to make the colouring, I didn’t take a chance. Victorian children weren’t affected because they were so poor they only could get a sweet about once a month,so they didn’t have much.

    My experience in Black Country Museum was GREAT!

  13. the best bit about this trip was
    because I got to hold a big torch and it was very dark.
    it was a wonderful time .thank you teachers.

  14. The experience visiting the black country was excellent especially the mine. I liked the mine the most because they made someone talk through a speaker and used lights to point at stuff. My favourite part in the mine was that the people were using sound affects such bangs and bombs. I LOVED THIS TRIP THANK YOU TO ALL THE TEACHERS.😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  15. In the mine it was dark and scary . At one point in the mine ground
    Shook. I like being in mrs Khan and miss Redhead group it was
    Fun and cool.In the village the ground was not even.In the house
    There are no toilet you had to go to the toilet outside.They did not
    have bathroom indoors they had to water get water for outside and
    make a bath indoors .The baby had the bath first then girls then
    the boys then mother then the father before he gets in the bath
    it is dirty (they all share a bath!)

  16. When we went to the house there house had 4 bedrooms.the fire place was importent because it makes the house warm. The houses are different now because we have a tv and they dont.

  17. How did horses help the Victorians?
    During the Victorian era horses were extremely important and valuable as they helped rich, wealthy people to travel long, far distances.People would ride on their backs or they would sit in carriages or wagons being pulled by a horse. Also horses would pull different kinds of boats across the canal and used to carry supplies and goods.In military and underground mines, horses were used.The horses had to carry coal and different kind of stone across the steep mines.
    Which shops did you see/visit?
    Can you you describe a particular type of shop was different back then comparison to now?
    While my group walked through the Victorian roads we saw many different kind of shops like a sweet shop , chemist and many more. When I entered the sweet shop I saw many kinds of sweets which
    sugar could be sucked. In the Victorian era sweets were made mostly by the poor people with syrup ,sugar and many more.The shop I went in was called ” The suck shop”.The poor people used poisons such as metals whereas today we have colouring dye only used for cooking and food.Many children were ill ,sick and some of them even died.The poor people used rusty pans however nowadays we have modern pans.
    What did you learn in the chapel?
    We also had a chance to see/visit the chapel. The chapel was a place for praying. If poor people had any problems they would have gone to the chapel, being provided food ,clothing and many more.Ladies ankles were not to be seen while they do their speeches.There were also barricades preventing animal from entering.
    What was the ship called and what did it hit?
    The Titanic was a extremely big ship which collided with a massive iceberg making it sink in the depth of the Atlantic Ocean.Titanic sank in April 15th 1912. It was a ship which set off from Southampton, England to New York City, America.Titanic does have relevance to the late Victorian and BCLM because it refers to the incredible progress in science and technology which enabled people to build a massive, unique ship like the Titanic.
    Can you describe the mine experience?
    When I went in the mine we wore helmet protecting our heads and we held flashlights so can see in the mine. Children age 10 and down worked in mines because they could go in tiny places and holes but this soon stopped. Men would have worked for a long amount of time and would have earnt 1 pound (84 pound in the Victorian era).Some of them earnt 2 pound (168 pound in the Victorian era) if they did a very hard and talented job in the mines.People would have ate their food in the dark with one candle.Many people did different kinds of jobs.During the Victorian era there was many risks which caused death. They were flood,fire being caused by the coal,gas choking people and many more.
    Which was your favourite part?
    My favourite part was when we went to the mine it was a great experience to know and learn how the Victorians worked in the mine.

  18. When we arrived at the black country museum we first entered a middle class home which belonged to a girl and her mum.There house had to bedrooms and a backdoor which was used by doctors .

    When we left there house we went to lots of other places such as a chemist ,a church ,the butchers but my favourite part was when we were in the mine. It was dark and steep and we had to keep are heads down from hitting are head .We wore hard hats and we used flash lights . We saw models of children working and it felt terrifying having to work there.

    While we were there we found out that poor people who could not afford to buy medicines would go to the church hoping that they get enough money.The pavements were not straight and were bumpy .We went past the circus which had many rides however they were not safe because there was one ride which seemed fun but it had no seatbelt ,instead it had a rope hanging from the top which they had to hold on to while they lied down in it.The rides were made out of wood and not metal .

    The signs what showed the street names had a long wooden pole which had three labels on it ,each pointing to the direction which led to were your going. It was like we were all in a different world . There were strange lampposts which were wonky.

  19. Black country museum was a amazing we went to the mine and it was so dark. we went in this house and we touched a horse. We went in this church it was so big.

  20. we were following a person called lilian. she lived in a poor house.she was a women.it was not pretty and there were two rooms.the fire was important to keep the house warm and the water warm.our house is different because we do things in our house on different conditions and our furniture is different.

    the ponies helped in the mine to carry coal.

    we have seen the chemist,chapel,general store.
    the chemist was full of low quality medicine some helped whereas our is full of high quality medicine that cures us.
    i had learnt from the chapel that sick peo;ple went thewre and had got help.the name of the ship was the titanic it sank of disaster.it was relevant to be remembered.

    the experience of the mine wasvery scary everyone was terrified.to stay safe we wore hard hats and everyone stayed together.i learnt that people who mined for 10hours were hurt.i wold like to share thwe mine was fantastic.


  21. The Victorian house looked really different to our houses today.
    The Victorian house had a fire instead of a heating and she used a gas cooker instead of an electric cooker and the little living room was really small and it only had 4rooms and the bath was out side and their toilets are out side to.
    The Victorians had a bath in cold water because the tap was out side and it took them about 7-8 buckets of heavy cold water

    What were the horses and ponies used for ?
    The horses were used for pulling carts down the mime and they would work up to 10 hour a day. The horses were stabled up in the mine stable and have a rest to keep their strength up for the next day ahead.

    I found the mine expirence Quite scary because it was so dark and the statues looked really scary and I had to hold Mrs khans hand

  22. In the mine it was scary for me because the sound was like this BOOM!! it was the most scariest thing in my life. When we went in the mine it was all cramped when we got further the mine was immense.There was a track on the floor then it was leading is to a massive cave.

  23. 1 The house was old and a bit scary.
    2 There was 3 rooms one single one dohble and one was the warmes which was the living room.
    3 Our houses are much biger and we have more rooms.
    4 The fire place was important because if they didnt have rhe fireplace they wouldnt have any food to eat or make.
    5 The hourses and ponies helped Victorians by if they needed to go somewere and they didnt have any money or car they

    would just get a ponie or horse and ride away. (Loads of ponies and horses were inguriet.)
    6 The shops in olden times wer e more exspensiver and more older then now in there time the shoes were made if metal but now we got them made of a from a different materials.
    7 I learnt that in the chaptel if the docter woudnt come the families would just go to the chaptel and ask for any help.
    8 The experienc was a bit scary because you might hart your self.
    8. To stay safe we were following the instructions.
    9.I learnt that you would wake up at 6 at morning and go to work to work.

    My favourite moment was when we had to go underground walk it was the most scariest thing to do at firs i thout that it wount be scary but when i walked in and when we were walking through it then it was scary.THE BEST TRIP IN YEAR 5.

  24. It was a absolute pleasure to go to the Black Country Museum because lots of schools around the world don’t get this fantastic opportunity and it was great experience for me and created a brilliant image of how children lived and older and younger.

    The first place we went to was I think was Lilles house.In the house there were three rooms,one eating and making food and sitting room all in one and two bedrooms.It was very important to have a fireplace and light it up even though it is summer time because they make the food using the fireplace like warming the foods.Eveyone had to come from the back door except for the doctor and the undertaker and one more.Lillie had eleven siblings but all of them had moved away so she lived with her Mum and not her Dad because her dad was at work.In the bedrooms nobody will light a fire except if you have a cold.Children played hopscotch,skipping and even football but with a pigs liver.UGH!Our houses are different now because we have a toilet and a bucket was used as a toilet.They made money by selling sticks and the Victorian times there was very less toys so there was not much to play with.The only toy we found in the house was a teddy bear with no eyes.

    Next, on our way to the we had a great opportunity to stroke a pony.This was a great opportunity because I never stroked a horse before.If you hurt a horse you would be executed because horses were very valuable and was one of the only transport.Horses were used to hold coal on their backs.They were much better treated than the human st that day.

    We went to a shop we would call a supermarket.There were all kind of stuff.The trainers were really heavy and if you wear them it probably hard to even put your feet up!We saw smoking packets and cocaine packets and they were vey small packets.Also we saw a cutter for cutting beef or chicken and many more to name.I couldn’t believe when I heard this you can eat every part of a pig!

    Next,we went to a chemist.A chemist was used not by the rich people because they could afford money to buy a doctor.So a doctor now was basically a ache mist in the Victorian times.The chemist checks out how are you feeling for free because there was no NHS in the Victorian times so you had to pay to see a doctor and my word it would cost a lot of money!Still now there are some things that were in the Victorian times such as Vaseline but they changed the ingredients because there were some very dangerous ingredients so getting medicine was very risky.Now, a chemist is less needed than a chemist in the Vicotrian times because all a chemist does now is gives you the medicine you need.

    After that,we went to a Chapel.The Chapel was where all the poor people came if they were ill so they can pray that the illness will go away.We also got told where poor people got taught.Girls learnt how to sew because poor people didn’t have the money to buy new clothes so they had to sew they’re old clothes and boys were taught everyday life skills.The ship was called the Titanic.It hit an iceberg and it sunk and it has revel acne because in the Chapel something was made so it had to go to America for the Americans to see.

    Finally,my best part of the trip the mining part.We stayed safe by the lights that we were given but they didn’t work a little bit so we got used to the light and we followed the shadows ahead of us.Mining was a very hard job,one single mistake and you are dead.Lunch was really bad too sit one coal dirty no showers but that’s how life worked then but you got so less money when you are putting your life at risk.The drill was very loud and it was like a volcano had erupted!

    I wish the trip would start all again but I had a wonderful experience and I learnt a lot throughout the trip as well as having fun!

  25. What did you learn about the Chapel?
    People come to Chapels to solve their problems.They would stay few days in the Chapel until their problem is solved.People would help them to solve their problem.

    When ladies do speeches they would cover something on their knees because in the Victorian era people were not aloud to see ladies knees. People sing songs in Chapels.

    What did you learn about mining and life as a miner?
    Coal mines were owned by the person on whose land they were dug. The mine owners sold their coal to the factories. Some mine owners were very rich, but they paid miners low wages. They did not care about health and safety, so at first they let small children and women work underground.

    In 1842, Parliament stopped women and children under 10 years old from working underground. In 1860 the age limit for boy-miners was raised to 12, and in 1900 to 13.

    Some children pushed trucks of coal along mine tunnels. They were called ‘putters’.

    ‘Trappers’ opened and shut wooden doors to let air through the tunnels. A trapper boy sat in the dark, with just a small candle, and no-one to talk to.

    Some children started work at 2 in the morning and stayed below ground for 18 hours. Children working on the surface, sorting coal, at least saw daylight and breathed fresh air.

  26. Visiting the Black Country Museum was a great experience because we got to go walking down in the gloomy mines. We also learnt that some Victorian sweets use lead to make a red colour and arsenic used to make a green colour which could severly lead to death due to the poison in the sweet colour. We also went into a Victorian church. In the church a man told us about how there are barricades to stop animals from entering. It was a very tiring and long journey however it was a fun encounter with the museum!

  27. In the mine it was dark ,steep and small.we kept on hard hats just in case we hit our heads and big flsh lights. I was in Miss Bhandal group and I was the most awesomey ☺☺😇

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